Want to change my way too common name!

My name is Matthew. In every class in school there were 2-5 Matts. My name has been in the top ten for years. Many thousands were born in my year of birth. I've been thinking about changing my name to something less common for years.

Phonetically, the full form sounds like someone hates math "Math, ew." A mat is what you wipe your feet on.

Some names I like are:






Yes I like -an endings but it's not a requirement. I don't like boring "classic" names that have been used a million times like John.

Have any comments/ suggestions?




June 16, 2012 12:27 AM

Well, first, I understand your desire not to be one of many, and if your name evokes images of disgust for you, then I think that changing it could be a very positive thing in your life. Second, I think that an important question is whether you would like to select a name that's highly plausible within your age cohort or whether that is not important to you. For example, I would assume that a Brendan is older than a Finnian. If it is important to you, a vague idea of when you were born would be very helpful.

June 17, 2012 11:40 PM

It definitely sounds like you aren't comfortable with being a Matthew/Matt so changing your name is a great idea. I'm not sure if you are around my age (30's) but I know that at least half my friends from school are married to a Matthew/Matt. It's just so common!

I think some idea of what your surname sounds like would be helpful to figure out flow.

Of the names you have listed Finnian is the only one I might find a little strange on someone who is over 20. Not because it couldn't happen, but because I know so many young Finn/Finlays.  I do like Finnian though.

I think Kieran and Brendan are really good options. I know a few Kieran and Brendans and they are likable guys.

Kellan and Nolan sound much more surnamey. Is that the angle you are going for? there is also a character on the show Revenge called Nolan. You might want to check that out if you are interested in the name. He is a nice enough character, a bit geeky though.

Other names that could work (without knowing what your surname is): Max, William, Cameron, Leo, Lachlan.

June 18, 2012 9:57 PM

That's a tough one!  Do you want a name that still fits with your actual age? I agree w. another commenter that "Brendan" reads older than, say, "Kellan" -- I'd expect a "Brendan" to be between 30-50ish, and a "Kellan" 20s-40s, and a "Kieran" no older than 35.  "Nolan" is uncommon but I find it timeless.

By hwar
June 25, 2012 8:33 PM

Have you thought about keeping your legal name and using another variant?  Matthew is used in so many cultures, there are a TON of options, some of which sound more like Matthew and others less so. You could even take a look at your family history and choose a Matthew "nickname" that represents your family's heritage. My top picks would be Mateo/Matteo or Thijs, but there are some other interesting options out there!

From Behind the Name:

Matia (Basque), Matthaios, Matthias (Biblical Greek), Mattityahu (Biblical Hebrew), Mattheus, Matthias (Biblical Latin), Mateu (Catalan), Matej, Mateo, Mate, Matija, Matko, Mato (Croatian), Matouš, Matěj (Czech), Mads (Danish), Matthias, Matthijs, Thijs, Ties (Dutch), Matias, Matti (Finnish), Mathieu, Matthieu, Mathias, Mathis, Matthias (French), Matthäus, Mathias, Mathis, Matthias, Mattias (German), Matthias (Greek), Makaio (Hawaiian), Mattithyahu, Mattityahu (Hebrew), Máté, Mátyás (Hungarian), Maitiú (Irish), Matteo, Mattia (Italian), Matas (Lithuanian), Matej (Macedonian), Matteus, Mats (Norwegian), Mateusz, Maciej (Polish), Mateus, Matias (Portuguese), Matheus (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Matfey, Matvei, Matvey, Motya (Russian), Mathias, Matthias (Scandinavian), Mateja, Matija (Serbian), Matúš, Matej (Slovak), Matej, Matevž, Matic, Matija, Matjaž, Tjaž (Slovene), Mateo, Matías (Spanish), Matteus, Mats, Mattias (Swedish)