What Do YOU Picture When You Hear the Name…

Here's how the game's going to work:

If you want to participate, you have to add a name that when you hear it, you imagine a fictional person. Not like  "Hermione Granger" for "Hermione," but someone who isn't already invented by an author, from T.V., or someone you know, etc.; but you can just see someone with that name looking a certain way. (You can't repeat a name already on the list, because that wouldn't make a difference.)

After you type that name up, and say what you imagine, you do the same thing for the names that everyone else posted, and say what you picture.


October 25, 2012 3:32 PM

I'll start it:

Bella - (this isn't what I picture, but when me and my friend played this game, this is what they said, and I think it's really funny): they said they imagined a fat lady with chickens. :)

Jarvis - a balding man with buck-teeth, with a straw hat, in overalls, wearing a lumberjack shirt, and boots... and for some reason in front of the whitehouse. Don't know why I see that, though.

James - a really posh, snobby, rich, British kid. Not that all British people are snobby, just what see.

Noah - a kid with tousled black hair and olive skin, who kind of likes to play rough.

Jebediah - an old, white-haired man, sitting on his porch, smoking a pipe, watching kids play in a nearby field and thinking of the good old days.