What is My Naming Style

There are some names that I love, and others that I like a lot.

But now I'm wondering what kind -- style, era, etc. -- of names I like, (for individual genders.) 

I would like your oppinion on what you think my naming style is, for each gender.

I think my bigger question is: Do people actually have a naming style? 


Favourite Boys' Name: Bryce

Favourite Girls' Name: Caulfield


Boys Names I Like: Rhys-Jacob, Jennex, Zach (Zachariah), Isaac

Girls Names I Like: Adelaide, Mari, Kira, Molly


Thanks in advance :)




December 23, 2012 12:39 PM

I name I think I should really like, but don`t so much is Noah (boy)


January 1, 2013 12:02 PM

Most people do have a naming style, especially when it comes to naming real children. That being said, most people like some names that fall outside of their preferred style and most people also have to compromise because their children's other parent has a different style.

Just based on the names you list here, I'd say your style isn't really fixed. You seem to like surname-type names, but also like invented names. Adelaide, Isaac, and Molly are outliers.