What is the name of your child?

Hello! I am from Russia and I am writing a research work about proper names in the English language. Will you be so kind to complete these statements:

1. My son’s/ daughter’s name is……………... 

(If you have several children, you may write about each of them).

2. We have chosen this name, because…….

3. If there is a story, connected with the choice, please, write it.

Thank you!




May 18, 2015 10:46 PM
  1. My daughter's name is Kipling Elizabeth.
  2. She's named after Rudyard Kipling and Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen of England)
  3. We considered Elizabeth Kipling to allow her a more popular first name, but decided to just give her a cute little nickname (Buzzy) and keep it Kipling elizabeth,