What Should I Change My Middle Name to?

My first name is Breanna and my middle name is Ryan, I'm getting married in a year and my last name begins wth an R now and will begin with an R afterwards (we have the same last initial). 

I want to change my middle name when I get married (bad family background, Ryan is a namesake name that I want gone).

I want to keep the R because I like it a lot. I wanted to do Breanna Renee but I heard is was popular?? I'm  hoping to get a name that means "Breaking Ties" or "Breaking Free" or "New Beginning" which is why I like Renee (which meant Reborn, made new)...

So is there a cooler name out there or a more unique way to spell Renee (without an A at the end)?


March 12, 2016 12:05 PM

At the moment Renee is not at all popular.  It hit its peak around 1965 and has been on a steady downward slope ever since.  So, guessing at your age, by the year of your birth, it had already lost much of its maximum popularity.

Renee is the standard spelling, although Renae is an occasionally seen alternative.  Renae is rarer than Renee, if that is what you mean by "more unique."  Renata is another form of the same name, but you say you don't want an -a ending.  Renate is another spelling without the -a, but the pronunciation would be the same.

Other names which would convey the sense that you want: Liberty or any of the names derived from Karl/Carl.  A carl was a free, non-aristocratic man, as opposed to a thrall or slave.  So that would include such names as Carla, Carly, Carol, Charlotte, Caroline, Carola, and so forth.

March 23, 2016 7:21 AM

Thank you for the detailed reply! It's made me feel good about the name Renae, and I'll look into the different feminine forms of "Carl" too :)