What's In A Name?

my kid is now eight years old and i make sure that he has a different name with me. i mean usually the father likes that every firstborn son should have the same name with the father. i, on the other part doesn't like that my some should have a name that sound like mine most specially making my son perhaps as a junior. it's just that i don't want my son to be pressure when he grows up if ever i become successful. and if not, at least when he become successful in his field, he wouldn't be pressure that his father doesn't have the qualities that he have.
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June 17, 2013 1:55 PM

I'm not a fan of juniors either (unlike the "most fathers" you referred to, even though I'm male myself). The biggest reason I'm against it is for practical reasons - it creates too many likely mix-ups on legal documents and such. If the parent's first name is the child's middle name (or something along those lines) that's fine IMO for either gender, since they won't have the exact same legal name. I most likely wouldn't do an exact junior or anything along those lines though.

June 17, 2013 2:53 PM

Even a not-exact-same legal name can cause problems.  My mother and I have different legal names -- same first and last, but different middles -- and we get mixed up ALL THE TIME.  Literally last week I looked at my car insurance and realized her name was listed instead of mine.  (We have not lived together since 1997.  But she recently switched to the same insurance company that I use.  I just.  I don't even know, guys.)