What's your naming style

What is your naming style 


I actually have to say i think my style is also 'retro english nicknames', but maybe I'll add Germanic to that as well. So I end up with "Germanic/English retro nicknames"

What about you?


August 17, 2015 11:38 PM

I'm not sure I hold with their classification system; I think there are some flawed ways of thinking in there.

For example, era - what do you do with names that don't HAVE an era? Names that burble along, never rare, never common?  A lot of Top 1000 names are in this category.  Also, a lot of people aren't aware that a particular era of names is attractive to them.  Anyway!

I think, for me, the "name style I have for my personal children" and "names I really like" are two very distinct things.  My Own Personal Children (dammit now I have Depeche Mode in my head) are all Family Names My Husband And I Like That Are Also Attached To People We Like.  So my daughter is named after my favorite aunt, for example, but her name wouldn't turn up on a list of my top-10 most awesomz0r girl names ever. 

January 8, 2016 11:22 PM

I don't have any style at all...I love old, traditional names, but there are quite a few modern ones in there too! For example, I love Helen, Annie and Daisy, but Trilby, Xanthe and Quintana are in my favourites list as well. My style is any style.