Which fairy king and princess names sound the best?

My characters just got out of the Kelk forest where they were chased into by some ogres. They come across a fairy village (unsure of a name at the moment) where the King who's uneasy of the stranger's arrival tells them that they have to leave immediately until his daughter convinces him to let them at least rest up before making them leave. 

1. King Nimbus & Princess Bluebell 

2. King Lightning & Princess Buttercup 

3. King Bramble & Princess Whirl 

4. King Comet & Princess Nature 

5. King Pyro & Princess Snowdrop 

6. King Newt & Princess Mulberry 

7. King Timber & Princess Starfish

8. King Cedar & Princess Dragonfly

I'm having a tough time deciding on which names to use because I like them all


February 8, 2018 8:03 PM

The Princess Bride was Buttercup, so that's rather taken. Bluebell and Snowdrop have probably been used by some Disney franchise or other, but I didn't actually check. Whirl conjures up washing machines and tornadoes, which are probably not appropriate to your story. Nature doesn't work for me because of "call of nature". Starfish is a mermaid name, not a fairy. That leaves Mulberry and Dragonfly; of those, I think Mulberry works better as a name.

Newt is too... frog-like? (If you kiss him, will he turn into his namesake? Or turn *you* into one?) Pyro is too close to "arsonist". Comet is a reindeer.

The most name-like are Nimbus, Timber, and Cedar. For a fairy king in a forest, the latter two would work well, but I'm not so sure for a king just *outside* a forest.

Hmm. All in all, King Cedar and Princess Mulberry would work for a certain sort of story. (They're a bit, dunno, allegorical? for a "serious" story.)

By EVie
February 8, 2018 10:10 PM

I like Nimbus and Bramble for the king (runner-up to Timber and Cedar, but they feel a little too on the nose). For the princess, I like Bluebell, Snowdrop, Mulberry and Dragonfly.

February 9, 2018 4:02 PM

You have several "fiery" king names; does he have related magic powers? If not, I would skip those (and in any case I agree that Pyro sounds like a villain, as it's a slang term for an arsonist). If he does have powers, does his daughter also have powers of her own? If so, I think you'd want to be even-handed in either giving them each a name that reflects their powers, or neither.

Along those same lines, will the princess someday be queen? If so, I'd again want to have either two equally powerful, stately names, or two equally "cute" names. It seems unlikely that a monarch named King Lightning would want to saddle his daughter and kingdom with an eventual Queen Snowdrop (I imagine the political commentary going something like "The old king was brilliant and fiery and could smite his enemies! What's the new queen going to do, give them frostbite on their pinkie toes?"). Something like King Cedar and Princess Mulberry or King Newt and Princess Dragonfly would be nicely parallel.

Finally, if you're going for a classically gendered, fairy-tale pairing of a powerful, glowering king and sweet, mainly-decorative princess, then I think a pairing like King Nimbus and Princess Bluebell would work well.

February 10, 2018 4:02 AM

King Nimbus or King Bramble, the female ones I'm really not sure of, it really depends on the type of story...

February 11, 2018 9:07 PM

Can we mix and match the names? Or are you set on the pairs you listed?


If we can mix and match, I like the pairs:

King Newt & Princess Starfish

King Cedar & Princess Mulberry 

King Lightning & Princess Nature 

If we can't mix and match, I like King Timber & Princess Starfish

February 18, 2018 5:14 PM

I think Nimbus & Bluebell really fit with what we know about their personalities. Lightning & Buttercup are both pretty hard to take seriously. Bramble is okay for the king, but Whirl sounds more like a boy's name to me. Comet sounds slightly odd because it has an outer-space connotation and fairies are normally associated with nature, however, Nature as a name is a little too broad. Pyro reminds me of the term pyromaniac, but I like Snowdrop. Newt has been used in lots of pop culture before (the Maze Runner, Harry Potter franchises) so I think it's best to avoid that, but I like Mulberry and think it could work for both the King or the Princess. Timber is cool but Starfish is a little to oceanlike and for the same reasons as Comet isn't really associated with fairies. I like Cedar too, but Dragonfly is again a bit hard to take seriously.

Overall, I think my favourite combination is King Nimbus and Princess Bluebell. What about King Bramble and Princess Snowdrop? King Mulberry and Princess Bluebell?

You could look into flower names further for the princess as well, like Hyacinth, Lilac, Rose/Rosalind, Daisy, etc. Aspen or Maple could work.

For the king, you have a few tree names and could also consider Oak/Oakley, Pine, Adler, Ash, Linden, Birch, and so on.

Hope this helps!