Xavier and Quinn and ?

So here I am 4 days before meeting this new addition (#3- gender unknown) to our family, desperately trying to find a name that I LIKE (LOVE would be great, but doubtful at this point). We have Xavier Brian Lorac LaRock and Quinn Mary-Grace LaRock. Both my kids have original first names and two family names as middle names (grandparents)

Obviously I like slightly less common names, but REAL NAMES! (sorry if I offend anyone, but these are our personal opinions about the names that fit into our family) I can not use names that are:

1) very obviously made up (BRAYLIELYNN)

2) flowery or fancy or cute (DAPHNIE)

3) Purposely miss spelled (GANAPHERE does not spell Jennifer!)

4) In the top 50 most popular or variations of them (AIDEN, AYDON, AIDAN... BRAIDEN, CAIDEN, LAIDEN, JAIDEN...)

5) you can imidately make a connection to someone or something (ANGELINA... JOLIE)


So I am now left with the duty of choosing a name and can't seem to find one that I continue to like for more then a few days at a time! Short lists have included:

BOY: Zander (too close to Xavier?), Oliver (becoming to popular?), Jasper (twilight connection - boo), Zachary (just ok), Zephyr (too different?), Agustus (nn gus?), Zavian (too weird?)

MIDDLE NAMES: Vanden, Leopold, Milford, Clearance, Roy

GIRL: Sawyer (#1 SO FAR-too masculine?), Zoey (too popular!), Ziva (not sure), Zephyr (too different?), Zacari (Zah - CAR- ee, -> too 'pretty'/people would mispronounce/spell)

MIDDLE NAMES: Babette, Arlene, + other possibilities


outside of these are there any suggestions that meet our very picky criteria? I am not against using last names of distinguished figures (scientists, chefs, political figures, authours etc) but they have to work as a first name.


November 26, 2013 1:16 AM

I know a little boy named Zephyr -- the name didn't even make me blink, although it's quite unusual.  It's a pretty cool name, I thought, and I'm sure it would work for either a boy or a girl. 

I know more Olivers than I ever thought possible, so if the popularity of that name is worrying you, I'd scratch it off.  I also know a few Jaspers (all of them have parents who are irritated by the Twilight connection, but there you have it).   

Oddly enough, the boy's name that comes to mind to suggest is "Almanzo", though that is VERY closely associated with Almanzo Wilder, so might not fit your criteria.  (Though maybe "Wilder" does.)

November 26, 2013 1:37 AM

Hmm, I immediately thought something with a strong "O" sound, since I think of X, Q and O

as the quirky stylish names.

So: Milo, Arlo, Cosmo, Inigo

or Marlo, Hero, Cleo, Margo, Shiloh

As for your other choices: I do think Zander is too close to Xavier, I think Oliver is very popular but maybe check the stats for your state since it can vary. Jasper is nice but I think it's common in offbeat naming circles, I've met several. Zachary seems kind of 1980s to me and more tame than your other choices. I like Augustus, nn Gus and think it goes well with your other kids. Zephyr sounds unique and fits with your other kids. I don't think it's too different. I think Zavian runs the risk of being a tounge-twister with Xavier. 

Sawyer is all boy too me, I'd be surprised to hear it on a girl and I think it would cause a lot of gender confusion in her life. Zoey is quite popular and likely to continue rising. Ziva I don't really feel strongly about one way or another. The "z" fits with your family but I don't love the name on it's own mereits. I know a baby Zivia, maybe you'd like that? I once knew a guy named Zephyr in college so to me it's a boy name but it's probably rare enough that not many people will associate it one way or another. Zacari sounds nice, and I think people will be able to say and spell it well enough but you don't seem sold on it. 

By EVie
November 26, 2013 11:00 AM

Can I interest you in Zakiah for a girl? (zuh-KEE-uh) It's a Biblical name—not made up, but so rare that some people might think it is. You seem to like that initial Z sound and the hard k in Zachary and Zacari, so Zakiah seems like a good fit. 

(By the way, Zacari does strike me as made up, or a mis-spelled feminization of Zachary, violating your rules #1 and/or #3. But maybe it's from a culture I'm not familiar with? I'd love to know where you found it. Same goes for Zavian, and Zoey also violates rule #3—the traditional spelling is Zoe, no y, or if you like accent marks, Zoë.)

November 26, 2013 2:12 PM

Ok, so Zander with Xavier (I'm assuming you use the ZAY-vee-ur pronunciation) is problematic, but less so than Zephyr to Xavier for me. Zavian just changes the ending of Xavier for me, so it too is too close (if you respell Xavier to Zaviar/Zavian you can see it.

Zachariah/Zacharias instead of Zachary? 
Oliver actually works for me. Jasper also works. Augustus works decently too.

Other boy ideas:
Malcolm, Desmond, Sebastian, Ezra, Vaughn, Josiah, Oscar, Cormac

For girls, I do find Sawyer too boy. Zoey should be spelled Zoe (which then works well with the sibset for me), Ziva makes me think of Zima, Zephyr still has a problem with Xavier for me, Zacari just looks made up to me.

Other girl ideas:
Blair, Harper, Piper, Teagan, Stella, Devin, Greer, Zahara 

By ozy
November 27, 2013 12:13 AM

All the male Z names do seem close to Xavier. Some other ideas:

Odin, Lucius, Clive

For a girl I second Cleo/Clio. Or:

Ramona, Veruca, Willow