I was born in Berlin, Germany to a single mother who bestowed upon me a very interesting first name, Xoqvitlanthe.  ZAHK-VIHT-LAN-THEE. The story behind my name is kind of complicated.  My mother gave me that "Xoq" part of my name after she visited the Aztec ruins.  She gave it to me after the ancient Aztec name Xochitl.  The "vit" part of my name is after my mother's initials, her name is Vittoria Ingrid Tenglemmier.  Lastly, the "lanthe" part of my name is after my grandmother, Iolanthe.  I have yet to meet another Xoqvitlanthe and probably never will.  Since moving to America, I've gone by Lanthe, LAN-THEE.


February 14, 2016 12:53 PM

I would definitely say you're unlikely to meet another! Did you like your name growing up, or did you find it a nuisance. I like that although it's made-up, every part of it is very meaningful to your mother and your family (and I've always been a fan of Xochitl).

February 21, 2016 11:32 AM

Whoa. The coolest part of that name is that both ends of it (Xochitl and Anthe) mean the same thing, but in two wildly unrelated languages... O_O