Your family- Your siblings and you!

I love hearing people's names, sibsets, and why they were named what they were named! Reply with you and your siblings names and where your parents came up with them, or your kids names and why you gave them the names they have!

My siblings and I, in order of oldest to youngest:

Shelby Lynn- Me, Shelby was picked because my dad loved the car, and my mom heard the name in Steel Magnolias and loved it. My middle name was picked because both of my grandmothers are named Linda

Jordan Rosalie- They have no reason for picking this name, they just both heard the names and loved them together!

Sean Thomas- My dad loved the name Shawn, but my mom loved the Irish spelling of it so they chose Sean, and Thomas is my father's name

Benjamin Roy- My dad, being this history guy he is, loved Benjamin Franklin and my mom loved the name Benjamin too, but was very against Benji as a nickname. Today, almost everyone calls him Ben or Benny. Roy is my paternal grandfather who was so so loved.


November 9, 2015 3:40 AM

My name is Sofia and my parents loved the meaning - wisdom in Greek. I am quarter Bulgarian and the capital of Bulgaria is Sofia so that was another reason they liked it. That's why I'm Sofia

My brothers name is Teodor which means gods gift in Greek. My dad did kick boxing and one of his favourite fighters/idols was Fedor Emelianenko so they put a twist on it and made it Teodor. My parents wanted us both to have names that were common-ish and well known in Bulgaria.

My cousin's (who we are very close with as she was an only child) name is Miya. There weren't many names that my aunt liked that could be easily translated and pronounced in Japan/Japanese (Miya is half Japanese). She liked the name Mia but it was easier to do Mi-ya.

November 16, 2015 10:59 PM

These are not our actual names, but are very close/comparable.

Elizabeth Rose: "The most beautiful name I have ever heard for the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

Carolina Mae: "The other most beautiful name I have ever heard!" 

James Daniel: Dad is James, Grandpa is James, great-grandpa is James, etc. It's been centuries. He goes by J.D.

Emma Roberta: Emma is "absolutely perfect and adorable". Roberta is mom's name.

William Oliver: Oliver is a relative on Dad's side of the family, and William "just sounded so wonderful". He goes by Will.

November 21, 2015 2:15 AM

I come from a large blended family, so for this I'll stick to myself and my three biological sisters. Thinking about it, I've now noted that our names seem to follow a pattern-rather uncommon for the time first names with very common middle names.

Helena Nicole: Dad wanted to honor his mother, Helen, but mom thought the name was too old ladylike, despite still being fairly common then. Helena was a compromise name. Nicole was just a name they thought sounded nice.

Mercedes Mary: Dad loved Mercedes-Benz cars, and mom liked how the name sounded with dad's surname, so she agreed to the name. Mary is a family middle name from mom's side.

Violet Rose (myself, as my username would suggest): I was born when the name Violet wasn't in the top 1,000. Mom loved that it was uncommon, but still relatively familiar. My dad would always give my mom roses on Valentine's Day, and since I was born mid-February, they thought it would be sweet to reference that in my name.

Noelle Beth: She was born Christmas Eve, and mom and dad wanted a way to honor her Christmas season birth. They ended up choosing Noelle simply because they thought it sounded nice with the rest of our names. Her middle name was originally going to be Elizabeth, but everyone was having difficulties saying 'Noelle Elizabeth' (I actually tried it while typing this, and it is still very difficult-try it yourself!), so they decided was a nice way to fix the issue and still use Elizabeth, to a certain extent.

November 25, 2015 1:52 PM

My sisters and I were all born in the early 60's. 

Beth Ann (me, yes, just Beth): My dad wanted to name me Ruth (a family name on his side), my mom wanted to name me Jennifer or Jessica. Beth was their compromise. My father's mother name was Elizabeth, so Beth is sort of a family name but with a contemporary 60's feel.

Vicki Lynn: a name that they both liked.

Lisa Jean: anther name they both liked. I don'think either of them realized that both Beth and Lisa derive from Elizabeth. I don't think the general population does either, I always get "short for Elizabeth, right?", but Lisa never does,

My brother John Thomas was born in the mid-70's. He was named after my mother's father and grandfather. My mother wanted to use my father's name Lee as his middle name, but dad vetoed that as sounding too "southern".

December 11, 2015 10:37 PM

Brent Michael- My brother, 7 years older than me. His first name was picked because my parents just liked it. His middel name was my dads name. he has two kids, his daughter

Greg Robert-my brother, 2 years older than me. His first name was picked for the same reason as Brents. His middle name was my Grandpas name

Emily Anna-Me. my first and middle names were both picked because they were my grandmas names.

December 24, 2015 2:30 AM

What really is in a name? To my parents, it was everything, my siblings and I were named after celebrities just like our parents, Elizabeth Ann - my mother, she was named after Elizabeth Taylor, my grandmother loved Elizabeth Taylor, and when my mother was born, she named her Elizabeth.

Janis Ann - my oldest sister - my mother loved Janis Joplin and her music, and she named my oldest sister Janis after Janis Joplin.

Robert Alex - my twin brother - we were born two minutes apart, with my brother being born first, my mom named him Robert after Robert F. Kennedy.

Michael David - my younger brother - he's three years old, he was named Michael after Michael Douglas or Michael Jackson.

Michelle Susan - my two-year-old adopted sister - Michelle was a foster child, my parents decided to take her in, and after awhile, adopted her, she was named Michelle susan because of the Beatles song "Michelle" and because my mom loves Susan Sarandon.

Lastly, Rose Ann - my three-month-old infant sister, she was named Rose because my mom loved the character Bette Midler played in the movie "The Rose".

December 24, 2015 10:12 AM

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January 5, 2016 3:05 PM

Elif Su- me :) Elif is an Arabic name and Su is a Turkish name. I am Turkish Muslim so the name makes sense. I don't like my first name though :/ 

Zeynep- my sister, Inamed her and I regret it. I think I should give her a real Turkish name. She had problems pronouncing it :( Maybe a middle name like Ada would be nice. It is short like my middle name, Turkish and have similar meaning. Su means water(also soldier) and Ada means island(Alan means island and conquer too). So our names would be similar to each other?

Inci-my mom, it means pearl. I really like her name ha I envy my mom :(

Levent- my dad, his name means Marin soldier(?) It is a really beautiful name too. 

February 23, 2016 10:28 PM

Samuel Gregory - My older brother's name, My parent's wanted something easy to spell with nickname potential that was also traditional. Gregory was after our maternal grandfather.

Zoe Julia (me) - My parents had a hard time agreeing on a girls name and finally decided on Zoe which was very uncommon but traditionalish. Julia is after our Paternal grandmother

Sarah Margaret - My little sister's name, Sarah was picked for her traditional and biblical appeal, and Margaret is after our mother. 


Husbands sibset: 


Lee William - Lee was a name my MIL loved from a young age and got to use it(bonus!). William was after Maternal and Paternal relatives. 


Shane Kenneth - First name was picked after mother's brother John, although another variation was used. Kenneth again had family ties on both sides. 


Bret Henry - Bret was chosen mainly because they liked the name, Henry was after mother's brother.

Glen Joseph - Again a name they liked and because Bret and Glen were twins they picked Joseph which means God will add, Joseph is also the name of twins on mothers side.


Joel Clifford - Wanted a strong biblical choice and went with Joel. Clifford was after mother's father


Ryan John - There was a big gap between the last two children and was decided that Ryan would be named after the same uncle John as Shane. 


February 26, 2016 1:02 AM

My name is Kaleigh, which is a form of Catherine, and means party/gathering in Scottish Gaelic. 

Then, siblings in order of age. 

Olivia - My mom used to be an actress, and the first (major) part she played, the woman was named Olivia

Thomas - My Grandfather's name (Father's father)

Laura Elizabeth - My Mom loved the Little House on the Prairie books, and Laura is my mother's name as well

Children in order of age:

Olivia Grace - Because of my sibling, and my favourite TV character as a child

one more baby girl on the way, and I'm leaning towards Avonlea Isla, because me and my Mom bonded over Anne of Green Gables, and me and my husband met on an island. 



August 31, 2016 7:12 PM

Marie Elizabeth - Marie was chosen after my mom's maid of honor, who she said was "a beautiful person, inside and out". Elizabeth was chosen because it means "consecrated to God". As a full name, 'Marie Elizabeth' means "living fragrance, consecrated to God".


Karen Ruth - I think my mom just like my sister's first name. She chose Ruth because it means 'compassionate'. She chose it because she wanted Karen to be a compassionate person because she saw that I was not! True story, to this day.


The other option for my sister was 'Stacey'. I think Marie and Karen goes together much better than Marie and Stacey.