YOUR Thoughts on the Names I Love

Names I Absolutely Love

Bryce (boy)

Caulfield (girl)

I don't know why I love those names, though.

Other Names I Like:

Kira (pronounced CURE-a. I don't like this for an adult)

Mari (but pronounced MAHR-ee)

Jennex (boy)


October 28, 2012 3:03 PM

I like Bryce, though I do find it a little dated.

Caulfield I don't care for at all, for either a girl or boy.  But I especially don't like it for a girl.

Kira is Keer-ah to me.  I think getting people to say CURE-a is going to be a hard sell, it's just not intuitive and Kira/Kyra is common enough that most people are going to be aware of the more standard pronunciations.  I also don't particularly care for the sound of CURE-a.

Mari:  I like the sound Mahr-ee, but I don't think you'll get that very often with Mari.  You are far more likley to get people who assume it's an alternative spelling of Mary or Marie.  Perhaps the spelling Maurie would work better?  The name Maura could help cue people into the pronunciation you want, but it might also get you Maury as in Maury Povich.  Better yet, I'll suggest the given name Maura with Maurie as a nickname.

Jennex:  I don't care for this at all.  It has a very corporate/product sound to me.  Jennex sounds like it should be the name of a brand of washing machines or something.  It also reminds me of Gen X, which just seems weird as a person's name.  I do like the similar name Lennox though.  I think it has better crossover appeal as a surname turned first.

November 1, 2012 3:14 PM

I agree with everything said above. I think Caulfield and Kira (pronounced CURE-ah) and Jennex are going to yield a lot of very negative reactions. If you're OK with that, then go for it. My favourite of all your suggestions is Mari. 

October 29, 2012 1:18 AM

I couldn't place it at first, but i realized that Caulfield sounds like cauliflower to me. I do like names that are a little on the masculine side for girls like bailey and Dawson, but maybe Caulfield is a little maybe too much. I also agree with the other poster that Jennex sounds a little bit like a company or brand, but if that doesn't bother you, I think it could be cute.

November 1, 2012 5:26 PM

Caulfield is too tied to Catcher in the Rye for me. And since poor Holden Caulfield was immobilized by grief over the death of his brother Allie, it's not a name I get warm feelings about (quite the contrary!).

November 4, 2012 7:40 AM

Personally, I usually don't like more masculine names, either. (ex: I don't like Piper, Logan or Peyton on girls... actually, I don't like Piper on boys much, either. I think Riley is OK for both, but more masculine. I'd say Jaime is totally unisex, though.) But for some reason, I love Caulfield on a girl -- still haven't figured out why. And, yes, I do know about the Catcher in the Rye.