Spanish South
Characteristic girls: Alyssa, Ashley, Daniela, Gabriela, Jessica
Characteristic boys: Adrian, Angel, Bryan, Jose, Julian

   Midwestern Reserve
Characteristic girls: Ava, Ella, Chloe, Grace, Jenna, Paige
Characteristic boys: Alexander, Caleb, Ethan, Samuel

Characteristic girls: Amanda, Amelia, Gabrielle, Gianna, Molly, Julia
Characteristic boys: Jack, Nicholas, Ryan, Sean

   Modern Girls
Characteristic girls: Bailey, Madison, Haley, Kaylee, Taylor

   Old South
Characteristic girls: Anna, Catherine, Jada, Jayla, Makayla, Mary
Characteristic boys: Ashton, Hayden, James, John, Landon, William

Characteristic girls: Autumn, Brooklyn, Morgan, Sierra
Characteristic boys: Ethan, Hunter, Kaden, Logan, Wyatt

   Creative Fringe
Characteristic girls: Isabella, Naomi, Nevaeh, Trinity, Zoe
Characteristic boys: Dominic, Elijah, Gabriel, Isaiah, Josiah

Stripes indicate states with two primary style strains. For instance, the pale green Modern Girls style is always paired with a boys' style.

White stripes indicate that boys' names show no significant regional style, closely mirroring average national tastes. (Just as in politics, as Ohio goes, so goes the country.)

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