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I love the name Atticus.  One famous book character called Atticus Finch, from To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus was a lawyer in the book; defending a black man accused (falsely) of raping and beating a teenage girl - the story is set in the deep and very racial south (in America) at the height of racism.  He was a very moral, kind, man and a fighter for justice - he spoke out and defended the black man when no one would dare to.  The min character of the story is his daughter Scout. I believe  Demi Moore named her daughter after that character. 


there is also the young teenage actor Atticus Scaffer, young and talented star of the American stitching 'In the Middle'.




September 25, 2014 02:02 PM
In Response to Do you like your name?

I like my full first name Because I particularly like 'E's and the 'z' as well as I think it's a pretty name; a classic name that has been in the top 100 for a few generations (is it still?) it's also my grandmother and great great grandmothers name which is pretty cool.  When I started school I was the only one in my class who could write the letter  'Z' correctly - hehe - everyone else wrote it backwards :)


EDITED TO ADD - quick google search - very much in the too names - ranged from in too 5 through to 25 over several generations :). 


My first and middle names are after my grandmothers - which I have always been proud of. My first name after my maternal grandmother who died when I was 11. My middle name is after my fathers mother who died before I was born. I've liked the fact im named after her, because I'm pretty sentimental, and I feel a link to her, having her name, even though we never met . I've visited her  grave often over the reads to 'chat' to her, and feel a bond to her because of our shared name.

I didn't like my shortened name or my last name because I think 'Liz' sounds HARSH. I asked to be called it aged 15, when it was trendy for my peers to have adopt a nickname. My step family also called me 'dizzy bitch' - so shortening it meant I didn't associate it with that. At least 'dizzy' was better than 'Elizabeth / dizzy bitch'.


I don't like my surname as it's not nice sounding. It's not awful, it's not an unusual  or spells anything like 'drinkwater' or 'Cockburn' - it ends in 'tin' so I just don't like the way it flows - or doesn't in this case.

I don't like being mistakeningly called 'Lisa' - as I have a colleague with the same surname and her first name is Lisa (and mine liz) I've had years and years of being called her or people thinking I am her. And in the job I'm in it's even meant being woken up in the night due to mistaken identiy - not to mention running around having to get results re-sent to ME or having to forward papers to her!!!  


im strongly considering chanigng my name - middle and surnames, to a name I have picked because the flow is better, I love the way they sound, and will probably go back to 'Elizabeth'. Reflecting on my paternal grandmother and doing away with her name I do feel a bit of sadness - BUT - I've spent 4 decades with her name as my middle name; and nothing changes that fact. 40 plus years is a good period of time to 'honour' someone I think.  And I will always have the fact I spent the first half of my life being named after her :). (And no it's not a name I'd pick or keep - I don't 'hate' it - but it's one syllable and I prefer more flowing, rhthymical names - again, I feel it's a bit harsh / abrupt sounding.

September 24, 2014 04:23 PM

Call it an omen perhaps - but I was woken in the middle of the night by a bumblebee that had flown into my room and was trying to get out a closed window.


given all the doors and windows have been very carefully shut for days (due to a sick cat not being allowed out)... i have no idea HOW it got in at 2am.


in my heart of hearts, the 'bee' ending is the only one I really truly love.


is it weird that its only been a few days since this all came to me and already it feels like my 'real' name?


but I'm definitely not ready to 'share' it with anyone else just yet. I say it to myself a lot over and over all day - it never fails to being a huge grin to my face and i light up inside :). The more I distance myself from my current name - ie the further I feel from moving away from it as I go through this process - the more I dislike it.  Funny how much loyalty and confirmity persuade us to stick with what is familiar.  I'm more able to see how much I really don't like it - saying it to others when I introduce myself I have felt 'yuck' and 'I don't like this name' - but never really truly questioned it before.


evie - I did consider 'ie' but thought there was still a chance some would prounouce it 'bye'.  I know most of us would prob once all the options of speling the 'right' way BUT because it is such an unusual surname as in quite unique) and something 'different' there is bound to be some that 'get it wrong' when seeing it written down.


i do know I will still have to spell it and correct people - I anticipate I'll say my name and it will be 'double checked' to see if they really did hear what I said. But I ok with that. It happens with my current surname and that's far from uncommon!!!

September 24, 2014 04:21 PM

Hehe. Yes I'm sure there are a few surnames with 'bee' at the end ...  But for my name, I definitely want 'winter' in it - and no matter how Much  I tried to come up with other alternatives (even - very briefly - considered other winter names - frot, snow, etc), I've never really strayed from the current choice.


ive kept a notebook since Sunday when I started considerng this - right on the to of the first page is the current choice.  I have a few other ideas written down - mainly my middle name, but a few surnames - but time and time again, I kept coming back to this name.@

funny, but in my head I picture a 'winter tree' when I say my name - I don't see a 'bee' so much ... (Yes i did consider wintertree as an option).. Even wrote down 'winterbree' or 'winterrose' - the last being gorgeous, but it's the SOUND of 'bee' that keeps me with it.  and the 'ee' ending - I love the letter 'e' :-)

September 24, 2014 02:17 AM

Thank you for the info Evie - that's really comprehensive thanks!  Even some suffixes I hadn't thought of.


thand you Elizabeth for replying also - yesterday I was leaning towards 'bye' but today it's been 'bee' all the way.  I'll see what tomorrow brings.


i think the only reason I'd go with anything other than 'bee' is because I'd be thinking about what OTHER people might think.  I'd pick another spelling (like 'by') only because I think other people might think it's 'better' or 'less silly'.  But deep down I just simply really really like the spelling ending in the double e.


ive printed off the change of name documents. I've spoken to the regulating body that deals with the legal changing if the name and reissue of a birth certificate.  I hope to fill in the forms and set up an app with an official to be 'witness' to my signing them.   I think I'll wait a week to 'be sure' and then, if I still feel the way I do now, I'll post them off. anout 3 weeks later I will have my new name officially recognised and a new birth cert.  my plan then would be to hold off another couple if weeks - until my birthday - before I 'announce' and 'reveal' my new name. Until then, only my friend will know I'm doing it and what it is.


im gang to write a huge list of all the places I need to change my name with - it's a lot of places! Banks, accountant, tax service, lawyer, house title, insurance, power, telephones, local council, vet, doctor....  some if those I will change my details with before my 'reveal day'. And those closest to me (work and family) will be after my birthday.