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I am a 26 year old newlywed, currently expecting my first biological child in June of 2014! I am the proud step mom of two awesome boys - Maddox and Ryker, 8 and 4 respectively. I have been a name-nut for most of my life. I'm excited about this website...especially the forum!

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December 26, 2013 02:07 PM

Out of curiousity, why are you thinking of changing your name? And will you also be adding a middle name?


Seren is beautiful! One of my favorites. I also really love Maren.

I believe Kayah is pronounced more like Ky-uh (or Ky-er in your accent)...but I'm not certain, that's only based on intuition.


Maybe you could change your name to Laurel, so that it's not too big of a change?


Your tastes are a tad all over the map...but here are a few suggestions:







Molly | Mollie


Madelyn | Madeline




Good luck!

December 21, 2013 09:36 AM


I'm not a personal fan of Braydon - or any other of the Aidan decendants. If you're going for uncommon... this is quite the opposite! (Brayden, pronounced exactly the same, is #39 on the SSA list...if you were to combine all of the different spellings, it would be much closer to number 1, as Braydon, Brayden, Brayden are ALL in the top 1000)

A few of my favorite boy names:

Maxen (other spellings: Maxon, Maxson, Macsen) - None of these are in the top 1000. The Macsen spelling is tradition Welsh, others all American surnames

Abram (#392)

Breton (Not in the top 1000)

Eamon (Not in the top 1000)

Foster (#995)

Killian (#820)

Thayer (Not in the top 1000)

Topher (Not in the top 1000)

Atticus (#410)


December 12, 2013 02:45 AM

Azalea - Pretty, and I like that it's less common floral name. I prefer Aurelia, meaning 'golden'.

Alice - Short, sweet, quirky and classic. Can't go wrong!

Magnolia - Another floral name that isn't so common. Pretty, if a bit frilly. Really digging this as a formal name for 'Maggie'!

Dorothea - Eh, I'm not too into this...or her intuitive nicknames Dorothy or Dot. Thea would be cute, though!

Wilhelmina nn Willa - Willa is adorable - I love it! Not a huge fan of the formal Wilhemina, though.

Talullah nn Lulu - By all accounts I should love this name - I just...don't. Not a fan, I'm sorry. Lulu is a bit...prissy, maybe?

Louisa nn Lulu - Love this. Also really love Eloise or Elouisa, nn Lola! This is my favorite on your list

Athena - Very pretty. (Maybe I'm biased - similar sounds to Agatha!)

Theadora - I'm warming up to it. Again, loving the nickname Thea!

Juniper - Another name I should like, but can't quite get with it.

Verity - A negative personal association prevents me from a fair assessment. I don't think I'd be too fond of it without that, though


Otto - I live close to a town called Otto, so it's a bit hard for me to separate that association. But I still like it!

Driver - Hmm. Haven't ever considered this as a name before. I like Dover...and also Walker, Foster, etc. Not sure how I'm feeling about this though

Hawthorne - GREAT literary name. Sounds smart, handsome, and distinguished. Thorn | Thorne could be a great nn option.

Alistair - Eh, this has been growing on me.... but I'm not quite a fan yet.

Silas - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Would be on my short list for serious consideration, but close friends of our recently named their son Silas. I mourn it's loss! ;) My favorite of your boy names!

Oliver - Adore this as well...and the middle name choice for our first son!

December 10, 2013 02:54 PM

I did! As soon as I hit submit on this thread, I thought "she probably answered this already!" Thank you...and this is extremely close to the way I say it. It's somewhere in between REL and RAIL, lol. Anyway... beautiful name. And Aurelia was my favorite character on Love Actually as well... Jamie/Aurelia was my favorite story line. I wish it were a book!

December 9, 2013 11:58 PM

First, I ADORE the name Aurelia, and will be choosing that for this baby, should she turn out to be a little girl. I'm curious as to how you pronounce it? What is her mn? We chose Louise, to honor my family.

My favorites from your list are Elodie and Matilda! I love Elodie (also love Eloise) - it goes with Aurelia very well! I understand your concern about the nicknames...but I love the name enough to give it a thumbs up anyway!

Matilda is adorable as well, and also goes well with Aurelia.

I'm personally not a huge fan of Clara... although I don't think the length is an issue here at all. Aurelia and Clara is a nice sibset.

Also, I like Emery - against the grain of everyone else. I love the name Emaline (like the Ben Folds song), and Emaline and Aurelia make a great sibset. You could still use Emmy!


Congrats and goodluck!



December 9, 2013 04:57 PM

Phew, thanks ladies! When I read that on BNW I started to panic a little!

Sticking with little miss Aurelia Louise Gray.


Oh, by the way, Love Actually is my favorite movie....and hearing Colin Firth say Aurelia over and over was probably the reason I fell in love with the name to begin with! Swoon!

December 9, 2013 04:41 PM

I don't really have anything different to add...but this was fun so I'm going to add my opinions anyway :). Just an FYI so you know my demographics...I am American, living near the Canadian border in NY. We sort of have a yankee accent, but not to be confused with a Long Island or New York City accent.

Louis- I agree that this would be pronounced with the 's' ending most of the time in the states. Louie being the nn.

Lucia- I can understand why some people might phonetically pronounce this as loo-sha....I think the majority of people will say Loo-see-uh. I prefer this pronunciation myself.

Madeleine- With this spelling, I think it's definitely MAD-uh-line.  MAD-uh-lin could be spelled like Madelyn.

Magdalen/Magdalene- I prefer Magdalen, especially if you prefer the lyn ending rather than leen.

Mariella- like you, I think both pronunciations are pretty...but I naturally prounce this is Mary-ella

Vera- Because of the Pink Floyd song, I would always say Veera. I've never heard it the other way...but I like both very much

Good luck and happy naming!



December 9, 2013 03:50 PM

I received the same type of comments when I was asking for opinions on naming my son Stone Oliver. Although I am very familiar with the director, it hadn't even occurrect to me! As it happens, I'm pretty far left myself and agree with some (not all) of his POV. Oliver Stone as a full name would certainly call those politics to attention, though! Although not religious, I immediately though of St. Benedict myself. It's a very handsome name, by the way... just comes with a lot of baggage, for lack of a better term!


Good luck, and happy naming!



December 9, 2013 02:57 PM

Crystal - As PP posters have said, this is quite dated and not in the 'trendy' way yet. Also, as unfriendly as it might be, it's definitely included in the 'low class' or 'stripper' names. I agree with PP - it's not nice, but you'll definitely hear that quite a bit - both on and off the message boards.

Eden - I think this is pretty, and I like Edie as a nn

Elise - I love this, especially as a middle name. I prefer the pronunciation with the long 'ee' beginning EE-leese, rather than Uh-leese.

Esther - I think my personal associations with this name prevent me from giving it a fair assessment.

Helene - It's growing on me. I prefer Helena

Iris - This is my husband's first choice. I'm not on board, but I like it

Isabel - Not a fan.

Katelyn - Ok. Kate is a cute name

Laurel - I like this quite a bit, actually

Lauren - Neutal. Prefer Laurel

Madelyn - SO SO SO much better than Madison, I really like Madelyn, but not a fan of Maddie, probably because I know 10 of them without thinking too hard. Adeline might be a good alternative, with Addie as a nickname?

Odette - I like this, and would LOVE to meet a little Odette. Like the princess swan! I wouldn't be too worried about the 'odd' teasing... as no name is without it's teasing potential.

Savannah - My childhood favorite. Still find it very pretty and southern-belle!

Seren - Not sure about this. I like Soren for a boy...and actually Siren for a girl isn't too bad. One of my favorite names is Maren.

Some baby boy names we like...

Alexander - One of my favorite classic names. Goes great with just about everything for a middle name

Arthur - I'm not as fond of this as most others around the forums are. Haven't warmed up to it just yet. That may be because of the nicknames Art or Arty

George - I like this well enough. Rather neutral

James - Another one of my favorite classic names, and another great middle. I do prefer Jameson as a first

Michael - This will never go out of style!


December 8, 2013 05:23 PM

Yes, this is how we say it as they do in the movie. the RAIL is just a tad bit harsher than I mean though, so I was trying to soften it with 'REHL', like Yehl. I over complicated it, sorry!


Anyway.... happy to see that most others are pronouncing it as I do, with the longer A rather than the longer E. Back to being at ease about the name! :)

December 7, 2013 08:06 PM

Adair Elizabeth/Elise



Amelia Mary - I love the Amelia. Also love Amelie!

Anniston - Pretty...I just wish it wouldn't be so easily connected to the celebrity. Still a thumbs up!

Aurelia - Beauiful, and the choice for my baby if she's a girl

Caroline Elise - My best friend's name is Elise Caroline - so this is very natural for me!

Isla - On my longer list... Isla is a gorgeous name. So simple, yet fantastic!

Lucy - Another great option.

Luna - She was one of my favorite characters on HP...I'm warming up to it as a name for a real child

Rosalie - I like this, but I'm not at all a fan of Rose or Rosa

Rowan Elise - Rowan is probably my favorite name for a girl. It's hard to concede it to Aurelia, but Aurelia just feels right at this time.

Willow - This is OK...but I'm just a little 'over it', I suppose.


Good luck...happy naming!


December 7, 2013 07:51 PM

Although I tend to like names that are a little more off the beaten path, Benjamin and Ryan have been at the top of my 'traditional' list for years. They bring to mind someone handsome, smart and successful. I can't decide between the two, especially when I call the nickname Ben to mind.

Benjamin and Ryan

Ethan - This is nice, too...just not nearly as much

Dean - Not a fan. Not sure why.


Congrats, good luck and happy naming!


December 7, 2013 07:32 PM

Thank you. I got it from my brother, who is a Latin teacher and obsessed with everything related. It means 'Golden', which is my grandmother's maiden name.

It's a very difficult name to write out phonetically, and Baby Name Wizard uses a different pronunciation than what I've ever heard (it's a variant of the Emporer Aurelius). BNW uses oh-REE-lee-uh; although we pronounce (and have heard) it more like awe-rehl-ee-uh or awe-rehl-yah. Almost like Rail... but not quite, lol. Also, the beginning can be "awe" or "oh", I like it both ways...although naturally I tend to say "awe".

It's a bit complicated, I suppose, and the reason my husband is having a bit of a hard time being 100% confident in it. I think you've just inspired a new thread!

December 6, 2013 03:36 PM

Although I'm only expecting my first biological child, I have two (very awesome) stepsons, Maddox Owen and Ryker Matthew.

I'm not sure what I'm having yet (due June 2014), but if I have a boy he will be Macsen Oliver and a little girl will be Aurelia Louise


Happy naming!


December 6, 2013 11:22 AM

I thought the same thing of Aurelia Gray. I have been so caught up in names for so long...that I haven't given much consideration for my surname with my top choices. Now that I have, though, Aurelia Gray (Aurelia Louise Gray) is...perfection.

New mission....get DH on board! Thank you!!!

December 6, 2013 11:14 AM

Congrats on your newest addition! I'm expecting, due the very beginning of June! Off topic a bit, how's your pregnancy coming along? How are you feeling?

I like names that are a bit more off the map, but I've always loved the name Adam...and Cal is very cute! Friends of mine have a son, Kale.

So anyways. Suggestions. For a girl, how about...




Elise | Eloise

Violet | Charlotte (love Lola as a nn)








For a boy...



Curtis | Curt





Eli | Ethan | Ian



Also, with Perry, is it an uncle you would give a namesake to? It might be a little odd, otherwise.


Good luck and happy naming!



December 6, 2013 10:54 AM

Love Brooks!

How about...


Abram | Silas | Owen | Marek | Gage | Foster | Lincoln | Finn | Asher | Thayer | Braham | Brennan | Forest

Carson | Hudson | Milo | Ezra | Felix | Grey | Preston | Jamison or Jameson | Spencer | Thatcher | Hollis

Camden | Griffin | Weston | Nolan | Walker | Kingston | Gideon | Greyson



December 6, 2013 10:32 AM
In Response to Several Names For Boys

I also have a very different naming taste/style from yours, I not fond of fussy names, particularly for boys as the teasting potential is much higher for boys (especially here in the US). I agree with previous posters and would rank Balanar first, although it would be about a 4.

Radiance is definitely too 'frilly', and would give a boy (and even a man) a bit of a rough go.

Seraphim (forgive me) instantly made me think of a medication. A cheesy "ask your doctor" commercial medication, to be more specific.

Elchulus is OK as well.


If these are the types of names that you go for, I would suggest finding one that can more easily be shortened into something a bit more familiar, such as "Abe" for Abraxas or Absalom or "Obie" for Oberon. Other video game inspired names:

Kialos | Asheron | Alucard | Seifer | Kratos Guybrush


Good luck and happy naming!


December 6, 2013 09:20 AM

I go against the grain of most other name enthusiasts, as I don't mind boyish or unisex names on girls. I actually quite like a few of them. I also don't mind girlish unisex names on boys, although I'm weary of playground teasing here in the US (in the UK, names like Ashley and Avery are still more popular on boys). Connor isn't  my favorite on a girl, but it isn't unusbale by any means.


How about Callahan or it's spelling varient Callaghan? It has the same boyish-surname quality, yet it can be shortened very nicely to Callie or Calla. I also love Connelly, which was the first that came to mind after reading Connor. Another name for a little girl that I think works fabulously with Colton is Greer! Others that come to mind:

Carrington or Carrigan | Collins | Colby | Rowan or Rowen | Jude | Remington "Remi"

I still really love Maeve!


As far as boys, I still think Chet and Colton make a great sibet. I agree with Wyatt, Levi and Hunter becoming more popular these days. My nephew's name is Bray Riddick...I think both of those options are nice for you. I went to school with brothers named Colton, Killian and Laath. One of my top choices, Stone would also work nicely. How about Wilder or Weston?


Good luck, happy naming!


December 5, 2013 12:58 PM

I agree with PP - Mavis and Chet are the best suited for your style, and both go well with Colton. I also really love the name Maeve...and I like Maeva even more! A few other 'older' style names:

Aurelia | Adeline | Maren | Hazel | Nora | Cora (Coraline, Cordelia) | Wren | Esme | Eloise | Amelie


Milo | Felix | Simon | Oliver | Abram | Thayer | Jonah | Ezra | Luca


Congrats and good luck!!