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January 20, 2013 08:10 AM

Thank you all so much for your feedback.  Super helpful. As we get closer (T-22 days), we are getting even less decisive.  Miranda is still on this list but we have added some names.  Current list: Miranda, Evelyn,  Juliana or Juliet, Virginia and Elise.   As much as Amelia fit the bill, we decided we didn't love it.  My husband likes Juliana and I like Juliet.  Any thoughts on the relative appeal of these two?  Also, we added Virginia. Im surprised that its so unpopular and trending down.  Do you think its virgin/vagina problem? I think its a great name and I like Ginny is nn but would probabyl use the whole name. Finally Elise is pretty and we can agree on it.  Doesn't have quite the same flow with last name that we like with the others.  Thanks so much for thoughts!

December 9, 2012 02:47 PM

Thanks so much for all the thoughts. We are still percolating. Evelyn and Miranda are the two we can both agree on.    My husband also likes Gabrielle, Penelope, Samantha and Amelia although those dont seem quite as appealing to me.   For Miranda, my husband would just as soon name her Mira, but I would much prefer to name her Miranda to give her options and because I like the literary associations, substance and flow of the name.  Im stuck on a mn for Miranda.  If we went with Evelyn, we would use Lucille, after my grandmother.  I dont like the flow of Miranda Lucille quite as much.  Any thoughts on what to pair Miranda with?

And is anyone put off by Miranda and Madeleine as too similar?  

Thank you!!!  



September 8, 2012 07:34 PM

Thank you both! I love the idea of eve as nn for Genevieve. And love Miranda and Penelope.   I like Mira as a nn better than Penny. Although maybe Miranda is too similar to madeleine. As much as I prefer the full name for my kids, both often wind up using nn so I hope to like the nn too.  I don't need a really unique name, I'd just prefer one that isn't in top 25 or so.  Thanks a lot! Ann