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Hey, Baby Namers! My name is Alisa. It is pronounced like Melissa just without the M. I am currently a mom-to-be of twins coming in January of 2014. I have been a baby name (BN) lover for as long as I can remember. I am such a fan and will NEVER EVER doubt a name. I may dislike, but I won't hate or doubt a name. I am a christian and believe in God and Jesus. I DO believe that Jesus IS the SON OF GOD. I try to go to church every Sunday, but I obviously can't forget that I'm pregnant with twins and that I will BE VERY BUSY. Most of my time on the computer is editing my blog and looking up baby names to add to my looog name list. Quick Links My Blog:

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July 13, 2013 08:02 AM
In Response to Twins



Two of my favorite names were rolled together for twin names. What I like to do is kind of have the names sound the same, but it happened to be that Mason and Madeline were two of our favorites!

July 13, 2013 08:00 AM
In Response to Twins



It just happened to be that two of our favorite names started with an M.


My Name Style: I like two middle names with a good flow. Example: Kathryn Natalia Ann.


His Name Style: Long names with initals like ACE. Our last name starts with a R so thats not gonna happen!