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May 24, 2013 10:41 AM

I know of at least one young Khalisi born in late 2011 or early 2012. Her parents are really big fans of the show, but I have to wonder whether they changed the spelling on purpose or if they just guessed at the spelling without looking it up. Also, the book has been around since 1996, I find it interesting that it wasn't until it was a tv show that people picked it up as a name. I meant to submit Khaleesi as a "rising name" in 2012 but I forgot - now I need to find the post on how to calculate the "hotness formula" to see how I would've done.

Also, names from the word "queen" isn't unheard of - I've heard Reina, Reyna and Regina used as names, and they come from Spanish, Filipino and Italian words for queen.


For some ancedata - I have 2 boys, one born in 2007, and another in 2011. My first boy was a rising (top 100 but not top 20) -en, my 2nd boy was a far less common -er. I have 2 friends who also have first boys with more popular -en names, and then second boys with -er names that are lower on the chart. I know Laura did a story on the tradesman/last name names, (Cooper, Carter, Connor etc) but I wasn't able to find it in a quick browse. I wonder if -er/-or names are rising as fast as -en s are falling, or if -en are holding steady and -er/-or names are pulling from other letters.