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November 1, 2012 04:09 PM
In Response to sibling for Nathaniel

Thanks!  For some reason, my inlaws and my mother all think the name Eleanor is too old and ugly.  I love the name and wouldn't have necessarily chosen the names my parents and inlaws selected for my brother, my husband's siblings, or me.  My father in law has started calling the baby "Eleanor Rigby," and my mother in law keeps telling me about a mean neighbor named Eleanor that she had as a child.  As much as I'm tempted to stick with the name, I think it's out.  Ugh.

November 1, 2012 04:08 PM
In Response to sibling for Nathaniel


October 9, 2012 02:49 PM
In Response to sibling for Nathaniel

So, we had narrowed our top girls name down to Eleanor Charlotte.  I told my mother the name, and she had a bad reaction to Eleanor Charlotte.  While it's ultimately up to my husband and me, her reaction did make me reconsider.  What does everyone think of Susannah (family name on my side) Leigh (family name on my husband's side)?  I don't like any of the nicknames for Susannah and am afraid Leigh is dated, but it could work.


Thanks for all the good suggestions!

September 26, 2012 01:18 PM

It seems like "grandparent" names run the gamut these days.  However, Gigi does seem to be a popular choice.  My son's great grandmother goes by Gigi, and two of his friends have grandmothers who go by Gigi.  We also know of several grandmothers who go by Mimi.  I don't automatically associate Gigi or Mimi with a grandmother, but my son probably would.  If you love the nn, I'd still use it unless the grandparent association will bother you too much.

September 26, 2012 01:06 PM
In Response to sibling for Nathaniel

Thanks so much!

September 5, 2012 11:09 AM
In Response to sibling for Nathaniel

Thanks for the great suggestions!  Yes, Hanger is the last name.  I agree that Duncan Stone Hanger is too choppy and also wouldn't do Oliver Stone Hanger due to Oliver Stone.  I like Arthur as a first name, but my husband isn't a fan.  I love Bennett and Eloise, but friends have already used those names for their kids, and the names are distinctive enough that it would be weird for us to use them.  We are leaning toward Theodore or Dashiell for the boy's name.  The girl's name is still up in the air.  Your suggestions are very helpful!  Thanks.