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November 16, 2014 12:08 AM

I was delighted to see the name Adelia on your list. It is my given name, however due to much teasing as a child coupled with the fact that I went by a nickname and wasn't called by my whole name unless I was in trouble, I don't use it. I had never seen it in print nor had I ever met anyone with thensame name until my youngest granddaughter was born. My daughter liked my name and gave it to her. She went by a nn for awhile but in third grade a girl who became her best frien loved her full name so she has gone by it ever since. I work as a substitute teacher and one day I had an assignment in a resourch room class. I was told there would be a student teacher. She came in a bit late, apologized and said, "Hi, my name is Adelia." I replied, "Hi, my name is Adelia." We both laughed and said we had each known only one other Adelia in our lives. Recently my daughter-in-law's mom found a quilting book called Remembering Adelia and got it for me. Not only a cool quilting book, but also contains excerpts from her diary which is from the Civil War era.

The story behind how I got the name is this; my great grandmother's name was Maria (today is spelled Mariah - she was Irish) Cordelia. She named her daughter, my grandmother, Delia Marie. When Grandma was 10, she had perfect attendance in sunday School and was awarded a Bible with her name printed on it. However instead of printing Delia, they put Adelia which didn't make Grandma happy because theat wasn't her name. Mom liked the name and decided her first daughter should have it, and the Bible. Since I'm the first of 5 girls, I got the name.

April 23, 2013 01:39 PM

Shell 1: Bellevue Siamese stuffed Koala

Shell 2: Auburn eyed substitute teacher