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Mother of three to Ruby Joan (December 1st, 2007), Isabella Marianne (July 14th, 2009) and Alexis Katherine (April 3rd, 2015).

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August 2, 2016 07:46 PM

A family friend married a Turkish man, and they have a son called Levi. Perhaps that would work for you?

May 22, 2016 09:56 PM

I named two of my little sisters! The first one, my brother got to choose her first name as compensation for her female-ness (he really wanted a brother, for the girls in our family outnumber the boys 8-4). He chose Rosalie. I chose her middle name. There was a German girl in my class named Lena (LAY-na) who I thought had a really cool name, so I chose that, making my sister Rosalie Lena. She would've been a Chloe if we hadn't intervened, and she was born right as that name was quickly gaining popularity, so I like to think we saved her from having to be Chloe Initial for the rest of her life!

In the other sister's case, it was my choice for first name and my half-brother's choice for middle. I chose Eva because I liked the way it sounded. My brother chose May for her middle name because that's his birth month. I'm not sure what she would've been called if my dad and stepmother had chosen her name, for fifteen years later they can't remember the name they had in mind, only that it was unisex or had a unisex nickname.

May 7, 2016 04:13 AM

Now that you mention Helena, I remember the My Chemical Romance song of the same name! (Although I don't feel the urge to sing it, as upon reading over the lyrics, it turns out Helena is never actually said in the song and it's just the title!)

May 5, 2016 07:48 PM
In Response to Too close for comfort?

An interesting read! My mother often calls me or my younger sister by her sister's name, but interestingly never calls me by my sister's name or vice versa.

I have three younger sisters on my mother's side, all born within three years of eachother (1993, 1995 and 1996, respectively) plus another younger sister on her side born in 1999. I remember when I was younger and trying to get one's attention, I would constantly say at least two other sisters' names before I said the one I actually intended to!

I also have a younger brother and sister on dad's side, born ten and a half years apart, so one would think I don't get their names messed up, but I do, which I think is because their names both start with E.

Both my older sisters' names end in the same sound, so that leads to a lot of mix-ups. One of them is a twin, so I often call her by her twin's name or vice versa.

As one might guess, I group my siblings by mutual parent(s)-same mother, same father, or both. :)

May 5, 2016 07:35 PM

'Dear Maria, Count Me In' by All Time Low has played at work quite a few times this week, so there's another Maria song stuck in my head. I must show this list of Maria songs to my sister-she's a Maria and constantly looking for songs using her name! :) 

May 3, 2016 09:29 PM
In Response to Unexpected sibset

One of the most surprising sibsets I've come across is sisters A11ie and Da11as. They seem to be totally different styles-A11ie being a very common nickname (though in this case it's the full name) and Da11as being a quite uncommon (especially for girls-the other few kids with the name I know are all boys) unisex place name.

Another (pleasantly, in my opinion) surprising sibset is my cousin's twin daughters, Emb3r and Ph0enix. Their names were chosen as they both relate to fire-Emb3r is the word for the sparks emitting from a fire, and Ph0enix is of course a legendary firebird. What makes this sibset a bit jarring is when you add their little brother's name to the set-Vinc3nt. Again, I feel it's a completely different style to his sisters' names.

April 21, 2016 09:40 PM

I think for a boy's name that reflects your wife's heritage without sounding too foreign, Antonio is a perfect match. It's a bit more popular than you said you would've liked (sitting at 139 in the 2014 data), but keep in mind popularity isn't what it used to be, and the chances of encountering another Antonio isn't very likely (unless you happen to live in a pocket, of course). 

April 21, 2016 09:32 PM

It's hard to say for girls one particular name. I've managed to narrow it down to three. I know so many girls under 18 in my area named Chloe, Emily/Emilie, or Michaela/Mikayla/etc, that chances are if you don't know one's name and ask her, she'll say one of them. (And in particular, Chloe is most popular in under 10 or 16-18, Emily/Emilie in 10-16, and Michaela/Mikayla/etc. in 14-18.)

Boys is hands down Harry. While I wouldn't say it matches the popularity of the three girl names above, I've read many birth announcements of baby boys in the last few years with the name.

April 21, 2016 09:19 PM

I usually think of the Ricky Martin song or the classic Ave Maria. I tend to stick to the former as it reminds me of my childhood-my mother was half Latina on her mother's side (and my middle daughter is named after both of them), so it was common to hear that particular song and other popular Spanish-languge songs at family gatherings. :)

April 21, 2016 07:59 PM

My first thought when someone brings up 'names in songs' is Maria, with various songs featuring the name. I also think of all the names in Lou Bega's 'Mambo No. 5', and the lesser known Allie by Patrick Stump.

March 16, 2016 02:30 AM
In Response to Naming A Sibset

Both parents are very intelligent and went to university. Mom was a nurse, but opted to be a stay-at-home mom once the kids were born. Dad teaches biology at the local high school. The parents are Catholic and the family attends church every Sunday. Mom is of Irish and English descent, and is a wise, very maternal woman. Although she may not necessarily approve of someone else's life choices, she is respectful enough to keep any hateful opinions to herself and will support whatever makes her family happy. Dad on the other hand is a bit more outspoken. He is of German descent and is a very typical 'manly man'. Unlike his wife, he is very sure to make his opinions known, and if he doesn't approve of something you do or say, you'll know about it straight away. He means well, although he doesn't always realise how what he'll say might hurt people's feelings. Despite this, he really does mean well, and if something he says is hurtful, he will apologise for it as soon as he can. Hope that helps a bit! :)

February 4, 2016 05:21 PM

My first thoughts for middle names for Victoria is Claire, Alexandra, Anne, and Mary. I'll also suggest Louise, Jane, Josephine, Nicole, and Helen.

January 20, 2016 07:44 PM
In Response to Middle name trends?

I find filler middle names are often very short-names like Anne, Jane, Marie, Louise, May, Lee and Rose are the ones I most often see in middle name position. While I have no problem with these middle names (especially to honor family) and even my eldest's middle name may be considered as a filler by some (though in our case it's not), they're not my personal style.

January 8, 2016 02:56 PM

Looks like I made a mistake-the top two for girls are the same while the top three for boys are the same. Whoops!

December 7, 2015 11:34 PM
In Response to Kardashian-West

I remember when Wentz announced his son's name was Saint Laszlo, many people on this website (including myself) were surprised, and many didn't really like it. Interestingly enough, I'm not all that surprised Kim and Kanye named their son Saint, and I actually think it works fairly with North-in that they're both unique word names, but no negative associations with the words come to mind.

October 31, 2015 02:28 PM

Emme@'s spelling really makes me scratch my head. It looks like it should be pronounced eh-MEE-ah or eh-MAY-a. From what I understand, their mum was inspired by the name Lea. I suppose she could've used a spelling like Emmiegh, so I suppose Emme@'s not that bad...

Definitely sounds like a late 90's group. In my teens I did work experience at the local primary school, around about the time the last of the 90's kids would've been just starting school. I definitely came across these names! (Except for Jose, but where I was living at the time didn't have many Hispanic-descended people.)

October 30, 2015 06:44 PM

Me too! I've heard her parents call her Sandy before, which I personally think is a bit more fitting for a modern-day baby.

August 18, 2015 08:03 PM

The vast majority of names I mix up are usually because they have similar sounds or patterns about them-similar starting and ending sounds, usually.

I often get Alyssa and Alexandra mixed up, which I think is due to the Italian variant of Alexandra being Alessandra, and in my accent, I pronounce Alessandra like Alyssa with an extra syllable.

Sarah, Sierra and Savannah all get muddled up in my head constantly, as does Jasmine and Jessica, and also any name ending in bell/belle/bella.

In my math class when I was in high school, there were three girls named Rachel, and a Rebecca. The teacher, as well as every other student in the class, would ALWAYS call the Rachels Rebecca, and the Rebecca Rachel. Yet somehow, I never once got the names confused.

I had two friends named Lisa and Tina when I was a little girl, and they would often elongate the 'i' in their names when introducing themselves. This had lead me to get the two names confused to this day.

August 8, 2015 09:20 PM

I would guess somewhere in the southern USA?

August 7, 2015 03:30 PM

Ah yes, I know the area. As mentioned I live sort of but not quite near Melbourne. If you know where a few scenes (mainly car chase scenes) from the original Mad Max movie was filmed then you know where I am.