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July 11, 2014 11:09 AM

Azaria: It sounds young.. makes me think or a young girl, maybe six or seven? Really cute but with an attitude. The other thing it makes me think of is a pretty teenage girl. Smart, sorta quiet, and charismatic. Very nice name.

Jules: I love the nickname. Dark hair, dark eyes, and funny. Reminds me of Jules in book 6 in the Mortal Instruments series.

Clyde: Makes me think of a teenage guy, probably sixteen or seventeen. I like the old fashioned name. He's probably a bit priveleged, with nice clothes and stuff, but all in all a great guy. Doesn't take advantage of his parents' money. Not neccesarily popular, but he could be. Super nice.

Coraline: Teenage girl, probably fourteen or fifteen. dark hair, and very pretty, but extrememly shy. Has a pretty smile, but she gets worried sorta easily. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!!!!!

Hope: Light brown hair, green eyes, and super friendly. Always upbeat and encouraging people. Fitting name.

Lilly: A generally happy girl, but with an underlying unhappiness with some thing(s) in her life. The name seems a bit frilly to me.

Donatella: Makes me think of a snobbish woman probably in her late twenties to early thirties. wears super nice clothes. That or a teenage girl that is popular and probably a cheerleader. Leader of her own crowd.

Winona: Very pretty and slender, but sort of goth and slightly depressed. Extremely defiant towards anyone who thinks badly of her. Determined to be unique from the rest of the world.

Violette: Black hair. Very outgoing and friendly. Laughs alot and her eyes always sparkle with a bit of laughter. I love the double t spelling- gives a more Victorian feel.

Felix: Dark hair. Quiet, thoughtful, curious, intelligent and inquisitive. Either that or outgoing and mischievous with a boyish charm.

Calvin: A guy with light brown hair. just a normal type of guy trying to survive high school. 15 or 16 maybe? Sort of tall... wiry and thin. His last name reminds me of another character in the Mortal Instruments.

Tiernan: Brown hair and blue eyes. Interesting name... I like it.

Benedict: The name is more old fashioned... Probably an older(not old) man, or if it IS a teenager/young man, he's probably more sophisticated and intelligent. Maybe a little stuffy and arrogant, or maybe quiet and sweet.

Tess: I LOVE this name!!!! Makes me think of one of my fave characters in The Infernal Devices.  Dark brown hair, slightly wary but with a great personality and a proficiency with sarcasm and humor.

Brooks: A more preppy popular type of girl. Nice and funny, but can be entreating, arrogant and annoying at times.

Matteo: Dark haired, dark eyed, handsome and witty. with an infectuous smile and a great laugh. easy to be around and loyal, but he has a sharp tongue and is formidable when angry or annoyed. his ability to sling insults around could leave you shocked. i absolutely LOOOVE the name Sebastian. Reminds me of an extrememly interesting character in the Mortal Instruments.(Sorry so many of these...)

Hugo: Makes me think of a guy that's probably Hispanic. Dark hair and dark eyes. Could be popular, but may not be.

July 11, 2014 10:11 AM
In Response to Fictional children

The country kids: Poppy Lyn, Jamie River, and Casey Tay. (Girl, Boy, Girl)

The city kids: Dalton Maddox, Syvanna Aeris/Summer Leigh

July 11, 2014 09:39 AM

The name Keira sounds fairly normal and innocent, but the meaning is "little dark one"

Oleander is a poisonous flower.

Alessa sounds like a variant of Alyssa, but she was a creepy character in the movie Silent Hill.

Lila actually means "night", so it works :)

Desdemona is very pretty, plus it has the natural nickname of Des or Desi, but the meaning is "ill starred" or "of the devil"

Tristesse means "sadness" in French

Delaney means "dark rival"

Acantha is unusual plus could have the nickname of Annie... it means "thorn"

Bela means "within"

Bran means "raven"...  could be a nickname for something else

Chandra means "the moon" or "shining

Candra means "luminescent"

Levana could have the nickname of Liv, Livy, or Ana and the meaning is "moon"

Willow and Winter are both fairly pretty names that could be slightly creepy depending on the character, but could easily have been intended by the parents to be beautiful and innocent... Willow trees are also a symbol of death. Winter is when plants die/go dormant, and people can die in extreme cold in certain circumstances.


July 11, 2014 08:56 AM
In Response to Sib Set

I really love the name Desmir! My first thought actually wouldn't be that it's made up, but rather that it's uncommon, which I like. Desmond could work well, but I think I prefer Desmir, partially because Desmond reminds me of the female name Desdemona, which I'm using in a book I'm writing. (But that's completely me- most other people won't think of that, so Desmond is a good option.)

Mira is a cute name, and pretty normal. But if you're going for a more common and easy-going type of feel, Mira could easily become a nickname for something else. Mirabel, Miriam, and Mirim are all fairly recognizable names that Mira would be a good nickname for(Mirim might be a bit of a stretch, but it's a variant of Miriam, so you get the idea.)

Katriana is pretty, and my first thought was "It's a variant spelling of Katrina." To be honest, I like Katriana much better than Katrina, but you could easily change it to Katriona, and it feels like a mix of Katrina and Fiona (which is awesome). I wouldn't change it too much if she's one of the more important characters.

Nairoba is a beautiful name, in my opinion. I actually didn't know about the city... however, it seems I'm in the minority, so it might be best to change it. Niobe is one of my favorite names after hearing it in a book series, and I hade no problem pronouncing it. Plus it keeps with the style of Nairoba, which I appreciate.

I like the name Tacia alot better than Tatiana... Tacia is short, sweet, with a little flair. It goes well with the other names, too. Tatiana is longer and has a much different feel, at least to me. I would keep this name.

Aria is a good name for a filler character. Much like Tacia, it's short and sweet. I sense a theme within the siblings, and it fits. It goes really well with Tacia and Lia, which is cute for the three youngest.

Lia is a really good nickname for something you're talking about... I knew someone named Julia and a nickname for her was Jia, which you could use that as a tactic. Talia might be a good name to go with the nickname of Lia. And although Natalia is a good choice, I would go with something shorter.

Hope this helps! :)


July 11, 2014 08:01 AM

I think Corey works well, as do Joey and Bradley. Any one of those three works well with the sibset, but the image I'm getting is Genevieve is the oldest, Bos is the next, then ~insert name here~ as the youngest...Maybe 19/18, 16/17, and 13/14? I don't know what your plans are for ages but that's what my first thought was. :)

July 11, 2014 07:53 AM
In Response to Fanfic Characters!

Oh... I forgot to add- this is also for just coming up with ANY kind of character! It doesn't have to be just fanfic.

July 11, 2014 07:37 AM

I really like the name Eris Wren Snow... And for her friends I like Cassia Livy Coeden, and Acacia Bryarly Graine.

For disguise names you could use:

Elisabet Katya, and use one of the other last names (or I came up with Rosen or Vixed).

Leililia Ivy or Maizie Margaret... I really like the name Ivy but Maizie is a cute name- use another last name, or I came up with Maisier(May-zeer) or Vinet(either Vine-et or Vin-ette).

Hazel Javor, Hassadh Bay, or Willowen Tirza... for last names you could use any other last name, or I came up with Liate or Bayse.

I came up with those last name off the top of my head using first/middle names- you can always take existing names and swap around letters or add letters to make a good surname. And any name you don't use here, you can always use in something else.

Good luck!!! :)

July 11, 2014 07:10 AM

Maybe her name could be Mariah... Most people say it straight through pretty fluent, but I have a friend named Mariah and she HATES when pronounce it Maria-YAH, or spell it with a y... Maybe she has the same problem, or her name IS spelled with a y (Mariayah, Mariyah, Maryah, etc.). Her best friend or sibling could have nicknamed her May, and the name just stuck.

Another name could be Maysilee, and she thinks no one with a name like Maysilee could be taken seriously... But then you would have to find another nickname for her to go by.

Hope you find/found a name.... (it sucks when you can't name a character.) :)

July 9, 2014 08:43 AM

I chose 63, and these were the ones i liked best... Out of all of them, though, I think I like either Arianne or Tylee.



July 9, 2014 07:48 AM

Keep: Natasha Faye

Switch: Elsa Katrina

Change 1st: Serena Theodora

Change 2nd: Julia Moxie

Keep Initials: Aryn Fairlyn



Keep: Logan Jackson

Switch: Henry Felux

Change 1st: Syran Gabriel

Change 2nd: Rowan Max

Keep Initials: Jarek Neo