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May 4, 2014 11:35 PM

It's a beautiful name! Congratulations! Once you meet her and she starts to settle in to your life and her name I'm sure you won't be able to imagine her with any other name combo. It will become her. (Hugs) :)

May 4, 2014 10:30 PM
In Response to Names that mean peace?

I'm so sorry to hear how stressed you have been! I hope that the rest of your pregnancy is more peaceful than it has been. I don't know how much help I can be but I'll try and give you a few suggestions. You didn't specify if you were having a boy or girl so I'll give you a little variety. 

Boys: Auru, Axel, Calum, Casimir, Frederick, Milo, Pax, Paxton, Shalom, Wilfred, Geoffrey

Girls: Alana, Alanna, Amani, Faith, Frieda, Harmony, Hope, Irini, Pacifica, Serena, Serenity, Shiloh, Tullia, Winifred, Zena, Zulema

Olivia, Olive, or Oliver migh be good as well since the olive branch is a symbol of peace.

April 30, 2014 12:52 AM
In Response to Dreams

A while back I had a dream that I had an adorable red-haired baby girl and her name was Vivian. I dont remember her middle name though. I was very attached to her in my dream and I remember being really sad when I awoke because i didn't have her. :( Oh well, maybe in the future!

April 29, 2014 11:23 PM

That sounds lovely! 

April 29, 2014 06:17 PM

My name is Edith and growing up I've always loved my name! I've never felt like it's an old lady's name nor has anyone ever pointed that out. I only heard that once I started reading baby name forums. I've always liked being called edie but I mostly go by just Edith. Here are a few things t I like about it:

 - It's a strong name

  - I never had anyone in my class, or school, with that name. 

  - No one could ever rhyme my name with anything, therefore, I never got teased.

  - I'm 19 now and I always felt that my name suited me at any age. 

  - It's easy to spell and read.

My mn is Veronica which I also really like and the meanings of both my names go very well together. I think Edith is a great name for your daughter. If you love it, go with it! She'll love it too. 

Now, as for her mn I think Edith Isla sounds very pretty. I liked the suggestions of Margot and Harper as well. What about Edith Delilah, Edith Eileen, or Edith Emmeline? A regular customer where I worked used to call me Edith Anne. That has a pretty ring to it too.

April 20, 2014 02:30 AM
In Response to Name vs Name - Girls

What a fun game!

1st Round:

Lillian vs Elodie

Caroline vs Scarlett

Abigail vs Nora

Julia vs Isabella

Delainey vs Bridget

Grace vs Hope

Maisie vs Zoey

Natalie vs Kennady

Sophia vs Alivia

Piper vs Harper

Clara vs Aria

Leah vs Keira

Freya vs Amelie

Emmeline vs Madelyn

Rosalie vs Evelyn

Violet vs Noelle

Aubrey vs Lydia

Gabriella vs Chloe

Blair vs Reed

Bonnie vs Hollie

Matilda vs Georgia

Eleanor vs Aurora

Willow vs Rowan

Maeve vs Pearl

2nd Round:

Elodie vs Scarlett

Abigail vs Julia

Delainey vs Grace

Maisie vs Natalie

Alivia vs Harper

Aria vs Keira

Amelie vs Emmeline

Rosalie vs Violet

Aubrey vs Gabriella

Blair vs Hollie

Georgia vs Eleanor

Willow vs Maeve

3rd Round:

Scarlett vs Julia

Grace vs Maisie

Alivia vs Aria

Emmeline vs Violet

Aubrey vs Blair

Eleanor vs Maeve

4th Round:

Scarlett vs Maisie

Aria vs Violet

Aubrey vs Eleanor

5th Round:

Scarlett vs Maisie

Aria vs Eleanor

6th Round:

Scarlette vs Aria

Aria wins!


April 20, 2014 01:37 AM

i think Colette Nadia sounds wonderful together! It's unexpected but has a great flow :)