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February 14, 2013 03:57 PM

Does this Amazon listing mean that there will be no hassle this time getting the new edition?  Yay!

February 12, 2013 12:12 PM
In Response to Multiple middle names?

love Hermione Elizabeth Adele!

i am so happy to see you are finally using hermione because, as someone else said, i know how long you've liked it.  you're shaping up to have a pretty nicely named set of children.  :]

i definitely do not think it's pretentious and second everything that hyz said.  the flow is excellent.

men can't take their wives' names in every state?  that is bizarre.


February 5, 2013 11:20 AM

Oh, how I wish I could convert you to August nn Gus.  (Or just plain August.  However, I do not like Auggie.)  It's one of my very favorites.  To me, Gus is a blank slate, ready to be the next fun-loving and charismatic nickname, in the vein of Max, Jack, Sam, and Leo.  I will second the person above who mentioned Psych.  If you want to see Gus worn very well on a young man, check out Psych.  Actually, here, I'll do it for you.  :]




All of my above-mentioned feelings also apply to Frederick nn Fred (Frederick and August nn Fred and Gus are my fantasy twin names).

November 6, 2012 07:28 PM
In Response to He's FINALLY here!

oh my goodness, today i thought, "i haven't been on the baby name wizard for a long time...i wonder if pennyx has had her baby yet..."  and then i got on and you have!  i think xavier carroll is fantastic!  i just looked at your recent thread asking for opinions and i have to say, i don't think any of the hypothetical objections to the name hold any weight at all (not that it matters now, of course).  i think xavier is a wonderful name--dashing and debonair and very flexible.  and i love the personal significance of carroll.  all in all, a perfect choice! 

oh, and here's to hoping that the grandfather finally comes around!  maybe push xave (rhyming with dave) if he feels the need for a nickname?  i love the full version, but i think xave is nice, if one insists on a shorter version.

March 1, 2012 01:33 PM

oh, wow, hyz, add that to my already lengthy list of reasons to not share name choices with people. august is DEFinitely boy. very odd, indeed. ah, don't feel like an odd bird! you are definitely not alone. i keep trying to tell myself that sylvie is a french full name, but sylvia just seems like the fuller, more complete, and more serious choice (although i do think that sylvie is an adorable and charming nickname that i would definitely take advantage of). i seem to be pretty consistent in this (for example, i much prefer julia over julie, sophia over sophie, etc). oh, and i don't know if you plan on having more children, but have you considered the name silas? (and if you've already mentioned it here, forgive my poor memory.) it comes, i think, from the same root as sylvia, meaning the woods. i remembered that you liked sylvia, and silas fits with oliver to me. oh, and i agree: i'd be much more apt to choose something like brutus over diesel.

March 1, 2012 12:35 PM

hi everyone, i just wanted to pop in to say a few things (which will likely turn into many things as i type).. my very dear friends recently had their first child: Ruby Jean (jean is a family name) Also, I know someone who is pregnant with twin girls (and who has overcome many very scary complications in the course of the pregnancy, now at 31.5 weeks), and they've chosen the names Katherin3 Annett3 and Winifr3d Estell3. the best part is that they're calling them Kat and Winnie. :] also, i wanted to give a HUGE congrats to pennyx. i'm so so happy for you. i am still pulling for ursula if it is a girl because i adore it. every time you mention your mother and sister, i get really cross because, to me, it's really rude to express open dislike for a name one is considering for their child. but they are your family and i'm sure they meant well. my feeling is (as others have stated), they'll get over it when there's a little baby to love. i also like both simon and xavier, giving a slight edge to simon because as much as i like xavier, i try to avoid names that have multiple pronunciations. oh, and i thought you might want to see this: http://cristinabarton.co.uk/blog/2011/05/newborns/emilys-maternity-and-baby-ursula-newbury-winchester-london-maternity-and-newborn-photographer/ i've heard that when people are considering fairly unusual names, it helps to see a little baby with the name. it's still hard for me to see sylvie as a full name, and i greatly prefer sylvia, but i know that's just my own personal hangup. also, lately, i've really been liking frederick, august, and oliver as a set. (alternately fred, gus, and ollie, for short. :] )

December 14, 2011 01:13 PM

pennyx, ah, yes, well i suppose everyone has different associations with different names. to me, sylvia is a name that was recently an old lady name and is juuust now coming back. maybe this impression is helped by my boss who has an adorable three-year-old named sylvia. both sylvia and ursula combined with your last name are just...smashing, in my opinion. oh, and i meant to ask you: have you seen the book griffin and sabine? that's the only association i have with sabine (and it's a very good one).

December 14, 2011 08:38 AM

pennyx, from the last post, i wanted to mention that i like all of your choices, but kind of have a soft spot for sylvia and adore it with ursula. and i think sylvia brings out the prettiness of ursula. i strongly prefer sylvia to sylvie just because sylvie sounds like a nickname to me. i know it isn't; i know it's the french version. but especially next to ursula, it just seems less substantial and less serious. i also agree with zoerhenne that sylvie and ursula don't quite "match" in the way that sylvia and ursula do. but sylvia is just perfect. and you can always call her sylvie. but this is just my personal taste. i almost always go for the longer version of a name. i like your other choices too. :]

November 30, 2011 08:12 AM

i think maybe there is some confusion amongst people (including me!) about name of the year. i don't think that it necessarily has to spawn oodles of babies with that name. none of the ones in the past have, have they? falcon, barack, taylor, renesmee, joe, "the situation".....pretty sure none of those were chosen because they were the next big hit. this is something else entirely. although if the name *did* see significant rise, that wouldn't necessarily be bad, right? i don't know. bookworm71's comment about pippa is what made me think of it, but other people have said similar things in this thread. but whether or not the name rises is kind of a non-issue, right?

November 22, 2011 04:02 PM

pennyx, if you ever have a daughter named ursula and anyone rudely brings up the sea witch, you can just tell them that this is what ursula looked like in her youth: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OplOwt5NQzo/TsrkbuwQYbI/AAAAAAAAJ9s/OPS6Plqp53I/s1600/killed1.jpg :]

November 22, 2011 02:13 PM

essy01, ah, interesting. that explains what anna s. said on the first page of comments, describing pippa as "the single sister with the nice bottom, an über-British nickname and a valid alternative to Piper." i just assumed it was anna's personal opinion. ha!

November 22, 2011 01:31 PM

linnaeus, no idea. the writer gave a really positive review of the movie, which makes me doubt their credibility. given that, it may not be a great bit of evidence at all! i more thought it was interesting than anything else, given our discussion here, but not necessarily anything that proved me right.

November 22, 2011 01:13 PM

regarding pippa: so, i went to metacritic-dot-com because i enjoy reading negative reviews of twilight movies (no offense to any fans out there; i do not like twilight, but i understand everyone has different tastes. for the record, i also enjoy reading really negative reviews of things i love. i once read an amazon review of pride and prejudice (the book) that said something like, "this sucks! i only like to read things about sports. FOOTBALL!!!!!!" it made me laugh really hard). anyway, in one of the reviews i came across this: "Worthy of mention is Carolina Herrera's design for Bella's wedding dress, sophisticated and demure in the front and Pippa Middleton sexy, and proper, in the back."

November 22, 2011 12:40 PM

zoerhenne, it's definitely derwood. :D (although i think they left him out because they were only listing the magical characters) i actually think almost everything on the list is a really great witchy sibset; i love the variety! also, i've never seen charmed, but i like the use of p names.

November 22, 2011 11:48 AM

ah, essy01, thanks! that is very interesting! although they still neglected ursula and morgana. (pennyx, how's morgana for a twin name to ursula? (just kidding--i by far prefer ursula!))

November 22, 2011 11:16 AM

rachel dana, thanks so much! i've been wanting to read that article since halloween! very fun and interesting to read through that list. :] i will add that for number 8, bill and percy's full names are: William Arthur and Percy Ignatius also, i feel fairly certain that ursula and king triton were not siblings. am i the only one who is confused by that? one is a merman, the other is an octopus woman. ursula wasn't ariel's aunt. is there some sort of family scandal in the little mermaid part iv that i missed? i think it likely that they intended to say siblings ursula and morgana. morgana was ursula's sister in the little mermaid part II: return to the sea (don't ask me how i know these things...).

November 22, 2011 09:53 AM

new baby at church: liesel qu!nby

November 22, 2011 09:42 AM

p.s. can someone copy this name candy article http://www.namecandy.com/celebrity-baby-names/blog/2011/10/29/top-10-witchy-families-or-how-to-name-your-magical-children and paste it in here? no matter what i do, i canNOT make it show up on either of my computers.

November 22, 2011 09:15 AM

thank you zoerhenne and amy3! :D i am definitely keeping my vote for pippa, but i will say that i think siri is a decent idea, but i don't think it is name of the year material, just because i don't think it has had that big of an impact *yet*. maybe i'm just biased because i hadn't heard of it, but it has only been around a couple weeks, right? i don't know. and this new buffy phone that zoerhenne mentioned isn't out yet either. to me this sort of feels like something that might be better for next year because at this point it just feels like...there's so much potential, you know? like siri could fizzle and die or it could explode in all these different directions and spawn lots of new things. it feels premature to choose it as this year's name of the year.

November 21, 2011 12:49 PM

hmm... i will second the nomination for pippa. as someone who basically lives in a bubble and hears very little about anything (both serious world events and pop culture), a lot of the nominations are unfamiliar to me, but i have heard of pippa middleton. i don't really like the suggestion of anonymous. i appreciate the creativity of the suggestion and the attempt to tie it to current events, but it isn't a name, and i really feel that the nominations should be names. and i also don't really believe it fits the criteria. the word "anonymous" isn't actually "essential to the story" of wall street or the tsunami in japan. and the usage and meaning of the word hasn't changed. i appreciate some of the objections to pippa--a) that american men are less likely to have been impacted by pippa middleton than american woman (Guest1000) and b) that as NEs, we already have this name on our radar, so perhaps we aren't objective (RB). however, i still think that pippa is the best candidate. it seems to have put the name on americans' radar in a way that it wasn't before. my dog is named pippa. i used to get really blank stares, brow-furrowing, and responses of "hippa?" (seriously. i can't count how many people think my dog is named after a health information privacy policy.) i still get those things sometimes, but i also started getting, "oh, like pippa middleton?" even my DAD said that, which, if you knew my dad, was pretty shocking. i find the objection of it being a name from the "yellow press" (Guest-2011) irrelevant. the yellow press influences names too. i also find the objection of not having yet heard the name in any other contexts (isa) immaterial; this is the name of the year, which kind of means that it is happening *right now*, so it makes sense to me that we might not start really seeing it in other contexts until next year or the year after or something. in fact this is the exact reason that i'm not voting for harper. sure, a couple celebrities have named their daughters harper, but they are jumping on the bandwagon a little late in the game, i think. to me, these celebrities are more indicators that the name has *already* changed in usage/social meaning than the fact that it is changing right now (harper jumped from outside the top 1,000 in 2003 to #119 in 2010). (p.s. not trying to pick on Guest-2011 or Isa. i only mentioned their names in case someone wanted to scroll back and find their comments to know what i was referencing.) so anyway, pippa is my vote. my second choice would probably be adele. if she really is as big a deal as you are saying, i think it would vastly change the perception of the name which up until this point, i would say was distinctly *not* pop-celebrity-ish. linnaeus, although i had no interest at all in the royal wedding and did not watch it or any of the coverage, i somehow saw some photos of it, and funnily enough, i actually think pippa middleton was the only woman *not* wearing a ridiculous hat--she wore no hat at all. (although she may have worn appalling hats at other times; i do not know.) i did see some doozies though. zoerhenne, kind of off topic, but your discussion with RB made me remember something that i have been meaning to say for awhile. i wanted to commend you for doing such a good job of recommending names to people despite the fact that they differ so much from your personal taste. i should say that i actually think that *everyone* here does a great job of that, but i think i notice it more with you because i know you secretly want to name your kids things like brian and steven, but you do a good job of catering to people who like things like august and ferdinand and whatnot. :] isa, i think there are probably a lot of differing opinions on the appropriateness of names like dakota or cheyenne. i think some people feel like dakota is an "american name," since it is distinctly an american place name, and that they now have as much right to it as native americans. i can see that point of view, as my first thought when i hear "dakota" is indeed north and south dakota and not a native american tribe. however, i definitely also see the point of view of those who feel it is insensitive.