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September 24, 2013 06:35 PM

Keep: Abigail Jessamine

Switch: Genevieve Rose

Change Middle: Isolde Hyacinth

Change First: Jasmine Elise

Keep Intials: Cleo Violet

September 17, 2013 06:27 AM

Keep: Gabrielle Leah


Switch: Emilia Josephine


Change Middle: Fleur Katherine


Change First: Corinne Margierite


Keep Intials: Elle Juliet


Thats a good point from the post above. The names I like are Selene, Seren, Estelle (love this name), Serena, Lilia, Aurora, Athena, Bryony, Naomi, Isabel. There are a lot more. 


 I have been doing some more research into the name Laura and I have come up some more unusal variants if the name. Please let me know what you think of these names and the names above. Thanks






Laureen - pronounced Law ree n

August 17, 2013 05:28 AM

Well I would support her on her name choice but explain to her that you think the original spelling is better than the spelling she is going for at the moment. Explain to her having the original spelling of a name helps the child in later life because the new people he meets will automatically spell his name the original way and not the way he spells it. It could aslo get very annoying for her son having to correct people of his spelling of his name all the time. My niece has a made up spelling. She is seven and gets very annoyed when people mis spell her name. She can not understand that her spelling of her name is original and not how other people who don't know her spell it.

August 16, 2013 03:42 PM

Is your daughter's name Etta on it's own or is it a nickname? Ideas for your new little one are...

Millicent nn Millie

Lillian nn Lily

Veronica nn Ronnie or Vera

Matilda nn Tilly, Tilda

Penelope nn Penny

Stella nn Ella

Estelle nn Elle, Estie

Teresa nn Tess, Tessa

Lenore/Lenora nn Leigh, Nora, Norie

Evelyn nn Eve, Evie

Esther nn Estie

Alice nn Ali

Ariana nn Ari

Lorraine nn Lorra, Rain, Rainie

Nora nn Norie

Gwendolyn nn Gwen, Gwenie





Well names I like but not sure if I would use. Maybe as a middle name for either myself or my daughters, (not yet born). I have listed all names I like even of they are popular. That way you can get a feel for names I like and then will find it easier to suggest names that are similar but that popular.

Naomi - meaning pleaseantness. 

Athena - meaning wisdom.

Clara - meaning bright or clear.

Lilia - meaning lily.

Liliana - means lily.

Renee - meaning reborn.

Seren - meaning star.

Ayla - meaning moon or oak tree.

Elowen - meaning elm tree.

Chloe - meaning green shoot.

Phoebe - meaning bright or pure.

Aurora - meaning dawn.

Selene/Selena - meaning moon.

Esme - meaning love.

Odette - meaning wealth.

Bryony - meaning vine.

Amabel - meaning loveable, amiable

Serena - meaning serene.

Charlotte - meaning free man or warrior.

Eleanor - meaning noble.

Adele - meaning noble.

Amelie - meaning hardworking.

Luna - meaning moon.

Noelle - meaning life.

Elena - meaning light.

Aurelie - meaning golden.

Melody - meaning song.

Names that I can not use for multiple reasons eg. family members names etc. (Please note I may like some of these names as some I do not. This list is just for reference only and I can not use these names or any variants as first names).




























Poor you. I don't know how you feel but I can guess you will be feeling really annoyed. I know that the names Carrie and Kari are completely different. One is pronounced Ca-ree (Carrie) and the other is pronounced Car-ree (Kari). Good luck in getting people to call you by your correct name.

August 14, 2013 11:38 AM

I really like the name Juilette. Like you my prefered spelling is Juliet but Juliette works as well.

Out of you middle name choices my favourite by far is Juliette Noelle. I just love how the names flow together.

My next favourite is Juliette Eloise. I don't think Eloise is to matchy with Eleanor especially since Eleanor is a first name and Eloise would be a middle name.

Juliette Marilyn is a nice combo too. 

Have you thought about honoring your Husbands mother with giving Juliette your husbands mothers name? Just wondering since you have honoured your mother with your elder daughter why not honour your husbands mother with your second daughter? If you don't like your husbands mothers first name has she got a middle name that you could use instead?

As for Juliette Douglas I really think that Douglas is a boys name and not a girls name. I would not name my daughter Douglas or any boys name infact either first or a middle name. That is just me though so if you want to use it name her that. She is your daughter.


August 13, 2013 03:26 PM

Well out of the girls names you listed I like Alette, Anwen, Arwen, Ayla, Aurelie (this is my middle name. I often go by my middle name as my first name is very popular), Brielle, Belle, Eden, Elora, Elodie, Lara, Liara and Odette. 

I really don't like the names such as Ever, Idea, Key, Moss, Myth, Story and Wonder. I really think your daughter if named one of these names or named something like these names she would be bullied at school.

August 9, 2013 07:05 AM

Also what do you think of the name Lauralyn. We prefer it without the hyphon do you that matters?

August 8, 2013 06:42 PM

How about Laura, Clara, Hadley, Hayley, Zara, Clara. Renee, Emma, Ella, Ellie, Kayley, Luna, Bonita. Serena, Lydia, Molly, Izzy, Connie. Lara, Shona, Maisie, Daisy, Viola, Sarah, Becca, Melina, Melly, Maya, Sadie, Sally, Lottie, Libby. Just a few that came to mind.

August 8, 2013 04:20 PM

Well going on longer names with various nick name options I have come up with these names...

Isabel/Isabelle/Isabella nn Izzy, Iz, Belle, Bella, BelBel

Gwendolyn nn Gwen, Gwenie, Lyn, Wen maybe at a push

Eleanor nn Ellie, Elle, Ella, Nora, Norie, Lenore, Nell, Nelly/Nellie

Leanora nn Lea, Nora, 

Amelie/Amelia nn Amy, Lia, Ellie, Milly/Millie, Elle

Juliet/Juliette nn Julie, Jewel, Jules

Penelope nn Penny, Pen, Nell, Nelly/Nellie even Nelo.

Ellamae nn Ella, Ellie, Elle, Mae maybe even Amy.

Harriet nn Ari, Hattie, Harry to masculine?

Felicity nn Fliss, Flissie, Flossie.

Florence - Flo, Florrie, Flossie, Floss, Ren, Rennie

Katherine nn Kath, Kate, Kathy, Katie.

Beatrice nn Bea, Beata, Tris?

Charlotte/Carlotta nn Char, Charlie, Lottie, Lotta

Elizabeth nn Liz, Lizzie, Liza, Ellie, Elle, Eliza, Beth, Bethie.

Elena nn Elle, Ellie, Lena.

Sophia nn Sophie, Soph.

Liliana nn Lily, Lil, Anna, Anne.

Lillian nn  Lily, Lil, Anne.

Rosemary nn Rose, Rosie, Mary, 


I hope these help. I personally like all the names. Good luck.

August 8, 2013 03:00 PM

I like the name Eloise or Eloisa. You can spell it Elouise or Elouisa as well of you wanted. I don't like the name Louise or Louisa myself. That does not mean don't use them if you like it.

Other names that you may like that could have the nickname Lou are Luna, Lunette, Lucine, Loretta, Laura, Lauren, Laurel, Laurelle, Laurella, Lorelei, Lucy, Lucinda, Luciella. Hope some them help.