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March 1, 2017 08:29 AM

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much with this! If it helps I think Ava is perfect for the little sister of Ben and Ella. Although you don't love them, all the other names you listed would be great too. My favourites are Greta and Sophie. I love that Greta shares the short 'e' sound with Ben and Ella, but I know some people like to avoid this kind of thing, in which case you might want to zero in on other vowel sounds - it seems you like a long 'a' (Ava, Paige, Faith) or a long 'o' (Hope, Sophie). Long 'a': Daisy, Jane, Kate, Sadie, Faye, Maeve, Amy, Hazel, Freya, April Long 'o': Rose, Chloe, Josie,nZoe, Margot Other suggestions: Claire, Eve, June, Tara, Jenny, Kitty, Sylvie, Frida, Tess, Alice, Ivy, Charlotte, Annie, Nina, Flora, Ruby, Georgia, Phoebe, Cara, Abby, Mia, Pearl, Remy, Hannah, Joy, Heidi


In response to your three criteria:

1) I don't see a problem with any of the names with your surname, except that Adam Lambton reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert, which may or may not bother you.

2) All the names are formal, adult, mature, serious and professional.

3) The only one that I think will cause significant spelling and pronunciation issues for non-Muslims is Zakaria. Youssef is intuitive to pronounce, and I am familiar with this spelling, but as others have mentioned there are several popular spellings of this name so it might not be the best choice if you mind correcting and clarifying the spelling regularly. 

My order of preference:

1. Ibrahim - elegant, mature, subtly familiar but underused and with clear Muslim connections.

2. Youssef - very close second.

3. Omar - safe, solid, good choice.

4. Adam

5. Zakaria 

January 23, 2017 12:09 AM

I love Japanese names. Without being sure of the sounds/style you prefer, here are a load of my favourites (meanings are usually various depending on which kanji are combined so I haven't included any): Akira, Ren, Yumi, Keiko, Mari, Samiri, Asuna, Juna, Satsuki, Rei, Izumi, Noa, Hatsumi, Akumi, Suzu, Manatsu, Chiharu, Tomiko, Mika, Aimi, Hira, Midori, Yuki, Rumi, Kioko, Takara, Meisa, Natsuo, Miri, Ichika, Tora, Hana, Natsuki, Aiza, Mona, Yuna, Eri, Mieko, Chiari, Natsuna, Aya, Yoshiki, Io, Hanari, Rio, Mariko, Emiko, Sachi, Yoshi, Sara, Marina, Amara, Naoko, Sora, Kiyomi, Sakura, Miyu, Reiko, Kiki, Airi, Sana, Izuna, Reina, Azuki, Mioki, Suki, Emiri, Hara, Katsumi, Reimi, Yukiko, Moemi, Runa, Zenko, Niko, Nina.

January 7, 2017 03:29 PM
In Response to Shiloh and...

Although it's a beautiful name I am going to eliminate Ida (long vowel and stress pattern too similar to Shiloh). That leaves, in order of preference (I think 1-3 are great and 4-7 are just okay): 1. Maeve 2. Hazel 3. Mallory 4. Zoey 5. Beatrice 6. Zara 7. Caroline

January 6, 2017 09:57 PM
In Response to Help, can't decide!

Both names are great, but I think Zeke Ivashkevich is fantastic. Ezekiel gets my vote for sure!

January 6, 2017 09:54 PM

I think they're great options! Although I had fun listing names, Colette was my favourite for you all along ;)

January 6, 2017 07:36 PM

Love Maëlle! And that's a great link. On that list I think Appoline is fantastic, but it's probably too French.. 

January 5, 2017 11:55 PM

Lovely names! I love all your Colette combinations. I don't think Scarlett is too harsh to use but I do prefer the softer Charlotte with your other daughters names. I love Rosalie. It doesn't sound very close to Ross Allen to me, and the shared letters could be a cute meaningful novelty rather than a strike against it. Delphine, Cora and Flora are all beautiful too. Here are some other options (I went with double letters because I think it would be a super sweet connection between the sisters names): Georgette, Yvette/ Evette, Rosanna, Alyssa, Cosette, Gillian, Harriet, Laurette/ Lorette/ Loretta, Ottilie, Solenne, Roselle, Florette/ Fleurette, Annique/ Annick, Blanchette, Marielle, Claudette, Esmée, Danielle, Stella, Elianne, Rochelle, Lisette, Joselle, Nicolette, Noelle, Anne-Perrine, Francette, Tiffany, Yvonne, Murielle, Lucette, Della, Cassandra, Tinette, Hollie, Marcelle/ Marcella, Estelle, Bonnie, Louanne, Marianne, Clarissa, Désirée, Lucille, Mireille, Annette, Clarisse, Henriette, Nelly, Renée, Corinne, Arlette, Gemma, Arielle, Brigitte, Christelle, Dianne, Joëlle, Giselle, Paulette, Marcelline, Bernadette, Aimée, Lorraine, Nanette, Carmella, Ardelle, Lottie, Calliste/ Callista, Anissa, Priscilla, Birdette

January 5, 2017 06:27 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Nora, Amelie, Genevieve, Sadie, Audrey, Paisley, Adele, Alana, Nova

Love: Adele, Nora, Amelie

Like: Genevieve, Sadie, Alana

Lose: Audrey, Paisley, Nova

New List: Adele, Nora, Amelie, Genevieve, Sadie, Alana, Jemima, Agatha, Lillian

January 1, 2017 10:51 PM

I also think these names could work well with Brody:

Theodore, Gregory, Zachary, Benetton, Maverick, Robinson, Elliott, Gideon, Adrian, Damian, Everett, Edison, Nathaniel, Hamilton, Willoughby, Willison.

January 1, 2017 10:51 PM

Just going by the names you mentioned, and the criteria of 3+ syllables and no 'L' or 'Er' endings, this is a selection of names the NameMatchmaker came up with:

Emerson, Finnegan, Remington, Jamison, Jefferson, Tennyson, Ellington, Harrison, Jacoby, Sullivan, Dorian.

January 1, 2017 03:42 AM

My favourite G/G is number 3, although all the options are beautiful. I love that Matilda, Maisie, Mirabel and Meredith share the same initial but all have different endings. For Baby B I like the combinations Mariella Phoebe, Mirabel Alexandra, or Meredith Eliza.

I like all your B/G options. Maxwell and Mirabel seem quite matchy, but actually that wouldn't be an issue if she went by Leonora anyway. If I had to vote I'd go for #2 - Milo Alistair & Meredith Leonora.

I like B/B option 2 because aesthetically 3 'L's in a row is a bit much.

October 30, 2016 01:42 AM

You've got some great names on your list! Others to consider:

Elva, Georgette, Zelda, Lottie, Hilda, Sylvie, Rhoda, Elsie, Frieda, Selma, Gertrude (Gertie), Stella, Avis, Adela, Zora, Rowena, Etta, Maggie, Delta, Gladys, Myrtle, Nella, Jemima, Yvette, Aphra, Thisbe, Edwina (Eddie, Winnie).

October 6, 2016 12:16 AM
In Response to First baby on the way

My favourites are Sophie Eleanor, Sophie Iris and Sophie Elise in that order. 

My personal favourite is Sophie Iris, but Sophie Eleanor takes the win because the strength of the family connection is more evenly balanced between the two of you. Honestly though all the names you have listed are beautiful and classic choices, you can't go wrong. 

September 16, 2016 12:23 AM
In Response to Baby names for my son.

I also really like Caspian. A short middle might be nice with the longer first name, especially since your daughters' middle names are monosyllabic. I think a name starting with R or S would be a nice thing for your son to share with his sisters, so my middle name ideas to go with Caspian are: Rye, Rook, Sprig, Sea, Sol, Sun, Rune, Sprout.

Other first or middle name ideas: Cedar, Fox, Clay, Persimmon, Oleander, Kestrel, Bracken, Wreath, Pine, Frost.

LOVE the suggestions of Everest, Yarrow and Yule!


My spelling preference would be Sophie. This spelling is most familiar, so an alternative spelling might lead people to guess at an alternative pronunciation, for example something like zuh-FEE which is closer to how Sophie is pronounced in countries where the Sofie spelling is more popular (Denmark, Norway etc).

Is there a reason why you're looking for alternative spellings - does the popularity of Sophie bother you? 

I like alliteration with first and middle names! My first and middle names start with the same sound and it's fun, but honestly most people who meet me will never know. It's not like you're making your daughter's name a joke and sending her out into the world; she'll be introduced as Sophie, not Sophie-Saffy-Sannah or something like that. 

I second the idea of using Sannah or Susannah to honour your aunt, or Kay(e) to honour your mother.

July 26, 2016 06:29 PM
In Response to Hello again! Baby #3

Alec and Viggo are great, strong names. I think they're great. 

Other ideas:

Axel, Emric, Boaz, Briac, Vitus, Jago, Conrad, Niall, Rogan, Hamish, Hendrick, Anton, Otis, Soren, Thorsten, Anders, Ambrose, Hugo, Struan, Rebus, Nico, Odin, Vince, Victor, Boris, Gideon, Morten, Flynn, Samson, Rasmus, Duncan, Casper, Gregor, Jerome, Egon, Hector, Rufus, Orion, Mercury/ Merc, Orson, Apollo, Cormac, Russell, Kaiser, Trojan, York, Otto, Christoph, Cato, Cloyd, Lev, Remus, Ajax, Heiko 

July 25, 2016 07:00 PM
In Response to Middle name for Veda?

Those are all lovely, classic names. Does any hold special meaning for you? It might be nice to see if you can find a family or historic figure to honour, or if there's a meaning you'd like to incorporate in the name. 

Of the names you listed my order of preference is Veda Frances, Veda Elizabeth, Veda Catherine and Veda Marie. There are countless namesakes for each of these names in case that's something you'd be interested in looking into. Might help break a tie!

Some other suggestions: Margaret, Emmeline, Beatrice, Georgette, Eleanor, Madeleine, Therese, Lillian, Cecily, Juliet, Rosalind, Bryony, Geraldine, Harriet, Annaliese, Marjorie, Henriette, Dorothy, Millicent

July 24, 2016 11:53 PM
In Response to Boy #3

I love your existing sons' names and can see why you're having trouble finding anything as good. I love Sebastian or Thaddeus as a middle name. Throwing some more names into the hat:

Conrad, Anton, Conan, Niels, Fergus, Timon, Roscoe, Arthur, Giles, Douglas, Mortimer, Leon, Tristan, Tobias, Lucas, Phineas, Rupert, Albert, Dashiell, Alistair, Xavier, Maxwell, Dominic, Pascal, Charles, Fabian, Rufus, Curtis, Casper, Francis, Eustace, Linus, Gregory, Jerome & Vincent.


I think all the spellings you have listed are intuitive and would get the correct pronunciation most of the time. My order of preference would be Lila, Lilah, Lyla. All are good though and not "too much", whereas a spelling like Lylah, Lyelah or Liyla might be. 

I love all the names you like. If you want some more options Ruby, Lena, Bryony, Juliet, Melisande, Clarice, Evie, Clementine, Annika, Edith, Adeline, Eliza, Rosalyn, Pippa, Emmeline, Gillian, Cecily, Vivian, Adelaide, Genevieve, Ivy, Amelie & Ida come to mind.