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June 24, 2012 08:12 PM

My number: 24

Gender: Girls

My favorite name on here is Peggy. You're probably reacting as if I stuck some rotten cheese under your nose, but I actually like this name -- not as a short form of Margaret, but as a name on its own. It was on my favorite name list at one point, as a matter of fact. Though I wouldn't use it, it'd make a nice guilty pleasure name. It's cute.

Names I was surprised (some pleasantly, some unpleasantly) to see:

  • Alijah - I found a (female!) Alyjah in my little sister's old yearbook (Alyjah was in kindergarten at the time, would be in the summer between fifth and sixth grade now). It horrifies me that people would want to use Elijah on a girl.
  • Bailie - Again, found this name in two seperate yearbooks. One was the same yearbook Alyjah was from; this girl would be in the summer between 10th and 11th grade now. The other is from my own school yearbook from this most recent school year. She's in the summer between 7th and 8th grade.
  • Brynnleigh - I once had a YouTube show in which I played a gaudy, trashy, outrageous girl named Brynnleigh, with that spelling. It surprises me that this is a real name.
  • Child - All their lives, these girls will be named Child. How sad. Last year, there were only five girls with this name, so this made a big rise.
  • Denae - I'm surprised this name is so uncommon. I know a few Denaes. It's actually a nice name.
  • Heavenlee - This name comes off as trashy to me. I'm not a fan of "heaven" names, especially Heavenly. Spelling it wrong makes it worse. Then again, it could be a double barreled name, Heaven Lee.
  • Ilona - I actually knew a girl with this name. Her last name was a long Ukrainian surname that people has trouble saying and spelling. This name is a form of Helen.

June 13, 2012 08:57 AM

My name's Lucia, pronounced loo-CHEE-ə, the Italian way. It gets misheard as loo-SEE-ə or LOO-chee-ə a lot. (My AP biology teacher has been calling me LOO-chee-ə all year and I didn't even notice it till February.) People have also thought by name was Lucretia and La'Chia before. It also gets misspelled as Luchia or Luchea. And don't even mention the nickname factor! I get called "loo-cheater" and "loo-cheez it." -_-