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Thank you, Karyn. It was a really sweet answer and I felt very comforted by your comments.

What do you think of Isis or Elle as nicknames? It's such a challenge to be the one picking my own nickname!


Thank you for saying you like it! People who speak some Spanish usually have no trouble pronouncing it, and you're right, the correct way to say it is "La-ees". But even when I'm pronouncing it the correct way, some people insist that they hear "lies/lice". Or they learn it, but get it mixed up if they're speaking too fast. My college roommate said that I should just drop it and accept being called "lice" -- which makes me really uncomfortable.

Sometimes I would tell people that the pronunciation is "Lace", just to avoid any embarrassment. 

Yes, the origin is Brazilian Portuguese. What's your opinion on Lisa, Isis or Elle as a nickname for Laís?


Thanks! It looks like using Laís "Nickname" Surname is the best option for social media.

I just need to pick the nickname now! It's so weird to be the one choosing something that usually family/friends choose for you instead. It's a shame that my Brazilian nicknames won't work in English either.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Isis, Elle, Lisa and Liz as nicknames for Laís.


You're correct, it rhymes with Anaïs. I'll give it a try to help people with the pronunciation. Thank you!