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March 29, 2019 04:14 PM

Keep: Rosemary Anne

Switch: Adelaide Lucy

Change first: Mara Violet

Change middle: Genevieve Rose

Initial: Helena Margaret

March 27, 2019 04:03 PM

Keep: Genevieve Elaine

Switch: Katherine Cecilia

Change first: Aria Madeleine

Change middle: Hazel Marie

Initial: Rosemary Stella

March 27, 2019 03:58 PM

Kennedy and Reagan - a bit too political.

Adelaide and Emmeline, Allison and Jessica, Aubrey and Savannah, Audrey and Madeline, Aviva and Naomi, Bellamy and Romilly, Bronwyn and Gwyneth, Brooke and Claire, Cadence and Chloe, Cassandra and Calista, Cassidy and Delaney, Eleanor and Frances, Emerson and Hadley, Emery and Sawyer, Esme and Zara, Evelyn and Vivian, Faith and Paige, Greta and Margot, Harper and Piper, Iris and Stella, Jasmine and Zelda, Katherine and Rosemary, Lily and Ruby, Lyla and Melody, Mallory and Meredith, Mia and Tessa, Nadia and Talia, Nova and Zuri, Phoebe and Sophie, Samantha and Victoria, Summer and Willow

March 20, 2018 10:27 AM

Mireille & Hannah - both decent names, but wayyyy too different styles

Ada & Gretel, Alexandria & Laura, Aria & Kia, August & Freya, Aurora & Electra, Avia & Memphis, Beatrice & Jewel, Callista & Arabella, Charlotte & Pomona, Clea & Marigold, Clover & Simone, Copper & Clementine, Danica & Adele, Dominca & Frederica, Eva & Hyacinth, Everly & Ivana, Felicity & Marguerite, Gail & Lucie, Helena & Livia, Hester & Rhiannon, India & Vianne, Ira & Adelaide, Janne & Kasey, Kit & Pixie, Lara & Ilse, Leah & Alyssa, London & Scarlett, Louisa & Grace, Magdalena & Josephine, Magnolia & Tamsin, Mariana & Jolie, Marjorie & Gabriella, Mary & Rosalie, Nadia & Olivia, Patience & Primrose, River & Magnolia, Rosalinda & Bonita, Ruby & Suzanna, Ruth & Zara, Serenity & Lupita, Sophie & Jolene,Thea & Danika, Thomasina & Jeraldine, Vada & Venice, Valentina & Maia, Willow & Diamond, Winnifred & Eleanor, Yara & Lissa, Yvonne & Trina, Zoe & Petra

March 20, 2018 10:25 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love - Imogen (I'm a sucker for Shakespeare names), Eloise, Elise

Like - Evangeline, Samantha, Vera

Lose - Julia, Rozaline (I like Rosaline but not a fan of the z in this), Mallory


New list: Imogen, Eloise, Elise, Evangeline, Samantha, Vera, Iona, Cleo, Coralie

March 13, 2018 11:44 AM

Hattie Gladys - Bit too close to rhyming for my taste.


Alice Dana, Alma Rachel, Catherine Irene, Chloe Joanna, Clarissa Beverly, Daphne Selma, Demetria Alexandra, Dinah Rebekah, Effie Rosa, Ellen Angelina, Erika Macie, Greta Hermione, Gwyneth Mari, Jillian Lorraine, Johanna Regina, Juliana Selene, Justine Maria, Karina Ida, Kiana Noelani, Lana Babette, Laura Cecilia, Leilani Nora, Lena Renee, Lilly Martina, Maisie Gloria, Marina Anya, Matilda Sofia, Maya Sofia, Melody Edith, Miriam Adela, Monica Julie, Morgan Lucinda, Natalia Alexandra, Rebecca Charlotte, Sara Katarina, Selena Chloe, Shiloh Angela, Tatiana Lucille, Willow Rae, Zoe Violetta

March 13, 2018 11:22 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Genevieve (so princessy), Josephine (pretty and strong), Katia (nice twist on the usual Kate/Kaitlyn/whatever)

Like: Gloria (angelic!), Samantha (fun fact: this was almost my name!), Valentina (sweet but with bite)

Lose: Debora (feels old), Sally (cute but sort of dated), Roxy (cute but I like the others more)


New list: Genevieve, Josephine, Katia, Gloria, Samantha, Valentina, Marisol, Amity, Apolline

November 7, 2017 08:00 AM

Keep: Annika Faith

Switch: Beatrice Wren

Change First: Aria Camille

Change Middle: Tamsin Rose

Initials: Margot Nadine


Keep: Emmett Darren

Switch: Maxwell Garrett

Change First: Liam Andrew

Change Middle: Cameron Jace

Initial: Braxton Dale

November 7, 2017 07:30 AM
In Response to Sibsets

Matthew Kit:

Oliver Pax

Lucas Elliot

Daniel Rhys

Abigail Rose

Joanna May

Amelia Grace


New name: Aurelie Juliette

October 24, 2017 01:08 PM

With the current name being Elizabeth and her twin's name being Andrew makes it seem like you're looking for a more traditional name. And a longer one, since it needs lots of nicknames. :P

Some suggestions:

  • Margaret (Maggie, May, Marge, Greta, Mara, Mags, etc.)
  • Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Len, Nell)
  • Abigail (Abby, Bee, Gail)
  • C/Katherine (Kat, Kate, Cathy, Rinnie, Wren)
  • Alexandra (Sandra, Xandra, Alex, Lex, Lexie)
Hope it helps!

October 13, 2017 09:44 AM

Erika - Not a bad name, just my least favorite out of really good options.

Sonja - Cute name, though I may be biased since I knew a really sweet girl with it.

Heaven: Anastasia, Jasmine, Violet, Talia, Sabrina, Maisie, Iris, Elaine, Arabella, Aria, April, Lana, Harper, Hope, Eva, Erin, Amy, Lillian, Tara, Darcy, Eden, Chloe, Elisa

Hell:  Carey, Song, Cassedy, Sailor, Tia, Tinsley, Jem, Spencer, Sunny, Solange, Lois, Zoya, Electra, Journey, Padma, Honor, Mimi, Liberty, Temperance, Amira, Adina, Jill

October 13, 2017 07:35 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Arcadia, Josephina, Sienna

Like: Rosette, Darcie, Coral

Lose: Elaine, Ashley, Melinda

New list: Arcadia, Josephina, Sienna, Rosette, Darcie, Coral, Sigrid, Zhenya, Mara

October 12, 2017 08:01 AM

Madeline Libby - Libby is better as a nickname, imo.

Alicia Stacy, Aubrey Jocelyn, Carly Lucille, Carrie Katherine, Chelsea Janice, Claire Jayden, Diana Vivian, Drew Lydia, Eleanor Tyra, Eva Shayna, Hannah Amari, Joy Lucille, Judith Autumn, Julia Raquel, Katrina Lily, Kayla Mariana, Kelsey Danielle, Leah Justine, Lindsey Mariela, Mary Kendall, Miriam Caroline, Molly Patricia, Noelle Ashley, Penelope Lillian, Phoebe Jade, Riley Cecilia, Samantha Eden, Samara Jordan, Savannah Esther, Sierra Tiffany, Sydney Tatiana, Tara Gabrielle, Teresa Kaitlyn, Violet Keira, Vivian Emerson

October 12, 2017 07:40 AM

Heaven: Anastasia, Erika, Gloria, Jasmine, Violet, Talia, Sabrina, Maisie, Iris, Elaine, Arabella, Aria, April, Penny, Lana, Harper, Hope, Eva, Erin, Amy, Lillian, Diana, Tara, Darcy, Eden, Chloe, Elisa

Hell:  Carey, Reece, Song, Cassedy, Sailor, Tia, Tinsley, Jem, Spencer, Sunny, Solange, Lois, Zoya, Electra, Journey, Dixie, Padma, Honor, Mimi, Liberty, Temperance, Amira, Adina, Kristen, Sonja, Jill


Removed Monica from heaven and Elodie from hell.

October 12, 2017 07:38 AM

Keep: Jessa Rose

Switch: Fiona Ivy

Initials: Charlotte Hope

Change first: Eleanor Diana

Change middle: Serena June

September 22, 2017 07:27 PM

Oh man I like all of those names already :D

Keep: Ophelia June 

Switch: Josephine Lucy

Initials: Lydia Hazel

Change first: Emilie Harper

Change middle: Adelaide Marie


September 21, 2017 10:25 AM

Heaven: Anastasia, Imogen, Constance, Paloma, Erika, Gloria, Jasmine, Estelle, Lillian, Violet, Talia, Thea, Blair, Zara, Elodie, Sabrina, Maisie, Freja

Purgatory: Abby, Adina, Aggie, Alice, Alma, Amira, Amy, Ana, Annie, April, Arabella, Aria, Arielle, Autumn, Britta, Chloe,  Claudine, Cora,  Courtney, Daisy, Dakota, Darcy, Demetria, Diana, Eden, Elaine, Electra, Elisa, Emilia, Erin, Eva, Gemma, Hannah, Harper, Hazel, Honor, Hope, Iris, Isla, Jem, Jill, Jordan, Journey, Juno, Kara, Kate, Kelly, Kristen, Lacey, Lana, Lauren, Leslie, Liberty, Lois, Lorna, Marion, Mckenna, Megan, Mimi, Misty, Monica, Padma, Payton, Penny, River, Sage, Seraphina,  Shelby, Spencer, Solange, Sonja, Tara, Temperance, Tinsley, Winnie, Yvonne, Zoya

Hell:  Carey, Presley, Reece, Song,  Hadley, Gina, Harlow, Chantal, Cassedy, Sailor, Paige, Shay, Sunny, Dixie, Beth, Tia, Alix, Cindy, Tammy

September 21, 2017 10:21 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Celeste, Maryrose, Carlotta, Adalis, Milly, Amelia, Kathryn, Sutton, Sandrine

Love: Amelia, Adalis (never heard this one but it's really pretty!), and Sutton

Like: Celeste, Cathryn, Milly

Lose: Maryrose, Carlotta, Sandrine


New list: Amelia, Adalis, Sutton, Celeste, Cathryn, Milly, Magnolia, Emerson, Angelica .