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I have always loved names. My daughter is Olivia Marie... i know it is popular and seems a boring choice... but I have loved the name Olivia for many years and I couldnt let the name go despite its popularity when she was born 3 years ago. Marie is after her paternal grandmother who died 16 years ago.

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I understand having to ask about gender... there is a little girl in my niece's day care (5) who is named Campbell... never would have guessed that as a girl


Brett is a little boy


My cousin ended up naming her baby Brett Arnett LAst starts with a B.

April 13, 2010 05:12 PM

I didnt come up with Kelby... my cousin did, I cont know where she found it.

April 12, 2010 10:44 AM

What do you think of the name Kelby? My cousin is considering it for her 3rd (a boy) her other kids are M@yce and Z@ne. Her name is Kr3ci@ and she likes the k connection because this is her last (and surprise) child. Feedback?

August 16, 2009 09:51 PM

Yes I did ask opinions on names... not pregnant yet but hioing to be soon and I always just love coming up with my names. Still on the fence about my names... most of the responses here where about the unmatchiness of my names. I like different styles of names and would like my kids names to reflect that... I guess the Micheal spelling was a bad example.. the one person I knew with this spelling.. I dont think his parents knew that is was an Irish varient... really talking to them it didnt seem so but I could be wrongs. A better example would be Kodey or Cheyann... etc... wher to me it just looks wrong.. or incomplete As far as Om... i can think if 2 other names Ty and Bo

August 16, 2009 08:49 AM

Say that you can tell by someones baby name if the ar "interested in names or not" does not always hold true... I have always been interested by baby names , yet my daughters name is Olivia. I did not name her this because it was popular but because I have loved it for 15 years. I was disappointed that it gained in popularity in that time but It didnt deminish my love of the name. I feel the same way about people talking about Filler MN. My daughters middle name is Marie... not because I just need something to stick into the MN spot, but rather because, DH's mother who passed away 15 years ago, it was her middle name. Do I wish that we had a more unusual name to honor her with but she was Judy Marie, what can you do. I know that most of what was said is and over generalization, and a gut reaction. Cre8tive spellings make me cringe, and generally I see them (like a little boy Micheal) and I think that the parents are just not that smart.... I try not to but it does happen. I know that it is not true in a lot of cases. oh interesting name I heard the other day.. little boy around 1 names Om

August 10, 2009 08:47 AM
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Sibset this weekend Isabella (nn Izzy)-3 Penelope (nn Penny) twin 15 months Alexandra (nn Alex) twin

June 10, 2009 06:27 AM

We have friends who named their daughter Lorien Olivia (Lorien from Lothlorien in the LOTR) I thought this was a neat way to honor the books. She would be 6-7 now

June 7, 2009 04:36 PM

I have always loved the name Rhiannon...but with the nn it wouldnt be used all the time. My daughter gets called Livie, Liv Olivia and Lulu about equal amounts of time. I like the kin of follow through from Ann DeAnne and Rhiannon (dont like any other form of the name) It was always neat for me to be kind of named after my mom but not outrightly so. Elanor, I like spelled that way because of the book/movie Lord of the Rings... I take the name from that context and meaning not from the conventional Eleanor. This is one of the few times that the spelling really changes the name to me.

June 7, 2009 01:47 PM

I think Brryan was trying to hide from his father not the media if I read the article correctly. I agree though that it wouldn't help anything, and it is moot now since there was an article online about it haha

June 7, 2009 01:45 PM

Hi all, This is my first post here but I have been reading for a long time. I am not pregnant yet but hope to begin TTC soon and being an NE I am always thinking about baby names. I can never seem to find boy names I am really enthusiastic about so I mainly focus on the girls and hope that is what I get. Anyway I have a daughter who is 2 named Olivia Marie. I know popular but we had decided on the name over 10 years ago. Olivia was our favorite name and Marie was DH's moms Middle name (she passed away 15 years ago) So I have been thinking about other girl names, which do you like best? Rhiannon Elizabeth (nn Annie My mom's name is Ann my middle name is DeAnne so I like the continuation) Elanor (no middle name yet, and this spelling sticks) Evelyn (no middle name yet) I like the use of family names but only as middle names. Oh and our last name is Johnson