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July 6, 2017 09:20 AM
In Response to A sister for Astrid

My favorite of your list is Ilse– it matches, but not too much.  And it is a really lovely name.

October 29, 2016 01:39 PM

Is there any specific religion/tradition you want to stay with?


Without knowing more, the main recommendation I have is Seraphina.  The seraphim are Biblical angels and I think that Seraphina is a beautiful and uncommon name.


October 25, 2016 07:09 PM

I like Harley!

What kind of naming style do you have besides Irish/Catholic?

Some ideas without knowing a lot are:

Fiona, Finola, Caitlin, Catherine, Bridget, Maeve, Maura/Moira, Nora, Abigail, Lydia, Kennedy, Logan, Ryan

October 22, 2016 02:46 PM

I love your taste in names!  I think that old lady names  are a lot of fun.


Other ideas:

Ruth/Ruthie, Edith, (nn Edie?, Lillian, Ethel, Daisy, Josephine (nn Josie?), Effie, Della, Nettie, Matilda (nn Tillie?), Lois, Adele, Blanche

Would Minnie work for a nickname for Wilhelmina? (or on its own?)


October 21, 2016 11:51 PM

I agree with above people that Christina is probably easier than Kristina (unless you would use the nickname Tina or a nickname that would not use the Ch/K; then I don't think it would matter that much).

I also really like the idea of space middle names.  

Possible ideas: Aurora, Esther, Helene, Seren, Venus, Io 

Non-space ideas:Louise, Fay, Avon (Nova backwards...),Vivian, Arielle, Adele, Cleo


My favorites: Louise, Io, Seren, Esther

October 20, 2016 11:16 PM
In Response to Baby girl name dilemma

I think that Maeve Rose sounds really nice. 

Also, what about Eva Mae?  It would honor both your mother and sister.  You could even do a second middle name, and have it be Eva Mae Rose.

October 20, 2016 11:00 PM
In Response to brother for Seraphina

I really like Benjamin with Seraphina, especially with Benji as a nickname  I also like Rocco with Seraphina.  Morris feels like an old man name to me, and Jake feels a little common with Seraphina.  

Also– would your husband be okay with Leo as a nickname for Leonardo? (or Leon or Leopold(o))  It would include your more creative choices and a more common nickname.  You could also do this with Francesco nn Frank or Lucian nn Luke.

Other ideas:

Alexander, Bram, Felix, Luca (I really like Luca with Seraphina, and it can also have nn Luke)

August 22, 2016 11:42 AM

Some ideas:

Gina Leanne Frances (Leanne in honor of Leah; I think it sounds beautiful with Gina.  It shares the "anne" with Suzanne, which I like, but you might not)

Gina Leanne Rose

Gina Lucy Leonora

Gina Maisie Leanne (both Maisie and Megan come from Margaret)

Gina Maisie Rose

Gina Margo Rose

August 20, 2016 09:12 PM

The first thing that came to mind for me was Zeno for a boy.

Other ideas:

Girls:Wren, Willow, Saffron, Bronte, Robin, Chrysanthemum, Aster

Boys:Ash, Calder, 

Either: Phoenix, Lincoln, Walden

August 20, 2016 07:27 PM

I have not heard of that!  Although it makes sense since both Henrietta and Henrik come from Henry.

I know of the nickname from the character in Sydney Taylor's children's series, The All-of-a Kind Family. It takes place in the early 20th century, so Henny as a nickname for Henrietta feels a little extra old-fashioned to me.

August 19, 2016 02:17 PM

I love old lady names, so I'm happy to do some research

I like Edmund– it goes well with Lewis and Eleanor.

I really love the name Dorothea.  I like the nickname Thea, but would also throw in the nickname Dotty/Dottie.  It feels old fashoned, but then also feels a llttle trendy, like Poppy.  Dorothea, with either nickname, would be my favorite of your list.

Harriet/Henrietta: I prefer Henrietta, but Im think Harriet might sound better with Lewis and Eleanor.  I like the nickname Hattie with either name, and Henny is cute, if a bit farm-ish

 Millicent: I don't love Millicent as a name, but that might just be me.

Winifred:  Winnie is a really cute name, but I do think Winifred sounds a little clunky, especially compared to the other names

Georgina: cute; feels a little less unusual than the others

Patience:  I like virtue names from afar– I think that in real life they might have some "I have to live up to my name" issues.  

Other ideas: Birdie, Adelaide (nn Addie?), Adela/Adele (could also have the nickname Addie), Beatrice (Bea) 


July 30, 2016 05:47 PM
In Response to Name for boy twin

The first name that I thought of was Harlow.

Other ideas: Everett, Milo (if you want something like Miriam), Eli (which is top 100, but I really like it with Miriam so I am putting it on the list anyway), Emmett, Theo

I think that Archie sounds fine with the other names, and agree that Archer or Arthur could be good longer names.  Behindthename lists Archie as a diminutive of Archibald, but that sounds a bit out of place when next to Grady, Curtis, and Miriam.  

July 30, 2016 05:31 PM
In Response to Is Sariah Usable?

The way that I pronounce Sariah when I read it is the same as Soraya– if you are not attached to the spelling of Sariah, Soraya could be a good way to not feel anxious about using the name (although I doubt you have reason to be).

July 29, 2016 01:22 PM

I am trying not to repeat a lot, but I really like Carter your other children's names.


Other ideas:

Blair, Reagan, Evan/Evyn, Ellis, Kennedy, Perry, Tyler

July 15, 2016 09:01 AM
In Response to Twins!

The main issue I could see with Tzippora and Devorah is both are names that, while beautiful, I see and assume that the person who has them is Jewish.  I don't know if this is common for others, but I know I would get confused if I met Gentile twins named Tzipporah and Devorah, even if they were called Birdie and Bee.

July 15, 2016 08:58 AM
In Response to Twins!

The first thing that came to mind for girls is Avis (which  is a personal favorite name) nn Birdie and Willow.


There is a children's book Catherine Called Birdy which shows that the nickname doesn't need to be used for a name that is similar, but that might be weird for twins. You could have Birdy as a middle name- I know twind where one goes by her mn and the other does not, and as far as I know it works.


Ideas for Girls:











Ideas for Boys:







July 13, 2016 09:16 PM
In Response to Variant Spellings












Dalia/ Dahlia









July 13, 2016 09:00 PM

Some ideas:


Dalia/ Dahlia, Sylvia, Agatha (nn Aggie), Daphne, Helena, Aurora, Camilla, Bianca, Willow

June 2, 2016 06:48 PM

Of your names, I like Audrey.


Some other ideas:

Eliza,  Emilia/Amelia, Julia, Grace

Sadie, May, Cassandra, Camilla, Nora

June 2, 2016 06:35 PM

While David is used among people who are not Jewish, I agree that it still feels Jewish.  As previously mentioned, if you pronounce it dah-VEED it will stand out as more Jewish sounding.  It might even be more "Jewish-sounding" than Rotem, since Rotem is (I believe) more of a modern Israeli name than a traditional Jewish one, and so might not be as immediately recognizable as a Jewish name to someone who is not familiar with Hebrew.

And the middle name is very rarely not paired with the first name– Rotem David won't be mistaken for a Christian, especially if you have a more Jewish-sounding last name. 

The only other name I can think of that might work is Dov, since it, in sound, is similar-ish to David.  But I like how Rotem David sounds better.

And of course, a lot of this depends on where you live and where your child will be going to school.  David is a popular name (18 in the US) so if you are in an area with lots of Christian Davids, it won't sound Jewish.  If your son is at Jewish day school, it certainly not stand out as sounding at all Gentile.