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August 19, 2018 05:13 PM

I have a Mike, Mark/Marc, Matt problem, I met all three during my first week at college and while I remembered my best friends name was Marc I went the next four years struggling every time the other two came up to me. Was this Matt? Mike? Another Mark? Mike greated me by my full name every time he saw me (using my username as the example here: everyone knows me as Holly but he'd say "Hi Holloway" every time he saw me. most people I met didn't even know I had a full name) which made it escpecially awkward that I couldn't remember whether he was Mike, Matt or Mark. 

February 1, 2018 02:18 PM
In Response to Names on the Edge

I love Newton as well I'm also partial to Kelvin which I go back and forth on because it could fit right in because it's so close to Calvin but also it could cause problems for the same reason

February 1, 2018 11:58 AM

Boy: Ryder Loren "Rory"

2-3 years

G/G Twins: Liesel Jude "LJ" /Annabeth July "Annie"



Clara Eloise and Eliza Daphne are lovely, Eliza is one of my favorites.