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I must confess, I am a total name nerd. I am nowhere near actually having children to name, however.

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July 8, 2012 08:30 PM
In Response to A Nymbler Name Game

ugh, sorry!! a month out of school, and i'm already losing my math skills... Sorry :/

July 6, 2012 10:58 PM
In Response to A Nymbler Name Game

so, i get to post a new one?? i hope i'm doing this right... :)


so, i choose...


July 4, 2012 12:01 AM
In Response to Help!! Gaelic names??

thanks! i also messaged a girl on tumblr who is Irish - she just got back to me and let me know that is is a gir;'s name. Thank you for your help though!!

July 4, 2012 12:00 AM
In Response to Help!! Gaelic names??

Same, and I actually quite like it. I'm not sure though, if my pronunciation is correct... Ryel-tin? I don't know... I still like it!! :)

July 3, 2012 11:29 PM
In Response to Help!! Gaelic names??

Thanks!! yeah, i googled it and a site said it was a girl's name, but i wanted to kind of double check? and, you would think i'd have checked facebook...

thank you so much for your help!!!


April 27, 2012 03:50 PM
In Response to A box of crayons

Hmmm... I'd have to go with:

Rose, Indigo, Ruby, Violet, Plum, Lilac, Coral (go by Cora), and Cerise.

I actually really like a couple of these!!

April 27, 2012 03:42 PM

Oooh, i love baby name games! But... Nine at once? I don't think I could handle that....


Amalia Grace (nn Amalie); Anna Hazel; Josephine Gabrielle (nn Sophie); Charlotte Marie (Lottie)/Alexandrine Ruby (nn Alex); Elisabeth Mary (nn Lise or Elise); Katharine Rose (Kate)


Boys: William Oliver (Will), Thomas James, and Luca Alexander

June 12, 2011 11:29 AM

@alr: love Naomi Vivienne, with Naomi Violet as a close second. The spunkier choice though would probably be Naomi Violet. @Yet Another Guest: I really like both Simon and Seth, and Tavish is cool, too.


@Chimu, just jumping into the convo, I LOVE Ariadne Juliet, or Ariadne Mathilde. I f you go with Astrid, I really like Ottilie (either pronunciation. But jw, how are you pronouncing it?) I would vote for Ariadne over Astrid, as I really love that name.


@Coll: I prefer May, because I like the way it sounds, and if you sometimes hate Edith, I wouldn't go with it, avoid "namer's regret" if you can!! I also would recommend Faith, Sarah, Elle/Belle, Grace, Maude, Anne, or Opal. I actually like Opal, now that I think about it....


@Gretchen: I feel like Henry 'fits' best with your other 2 kids, and I love the name, so that is my number one. Finn and Blake, respectively, are also great names. Louisa is my absolute favorite of your girls! Followed by Adele and Jane. I am not a huge fan of Matilda (it reminds me of the movie I watched all the time when i was younger - evil parents, magic child). But I do love the nn Tillie.


Lily Mae - 2. The name Lily is great, but i'm not a fan of Mae, maybe choose something longer? Adalaide Elise - 1 i love the name Adelaide Sarah Jane - 5 Great names, but I wouldn't put them together Hannah Grace - 6 Love the name Grace Mollie Claire -8 I like it, but i wouldn't spell Molly with an 'ie' Ellie Rose - 3. Love it. Ruby Olivia - 4 Julia Isabelle - 7 Love both names, but i'm partial to the pared down "Isabel" or "Isobel" (I pronounce all three of these names the same way. Does everyone else??)

May 23, 2011 04:19 PM

@PJ: They are similar, but not TOO similar for me. I have met sisters named Stella and Ella though. That is crazy, I am always calling them the wrong names!

May 21, 2011 08:14 PM

@alr: I like both Naomi Kate and Naomi Violet - in my opinion those are spunky! Some I do like, however: Pippa* Tate Emma Grace Leah/Lia Mia* Cara Elaina* Becca/Beckah*/Rebecca Julia Scarlett I starred my faves. I fell in love with Pippa (the name, lol) after I watched the royal wedding. Gorgeous girl and fun, cute name!!

May 19, 2011 10:16 PM

@Empathy: I do like Locke - cool without trying too hard. Adler sounds very surname-y to me. Ryker, is for me, immediately Riker's Island. (Too much Law and Order, anybody?) I would suggest: Kael Max Ivo (I have a secret love for this name, idk why.) Archer Leo To name a few. @knp: I will second the comment on the Bachelor's 'Vienna.' I never watched the show, but heard about it nonstop from friends. Other than that, I like what you already have. To add to the fans of Daphne Aurora, I really love it. Also, I really like two of @Chimu's suggestions, Annelise and Ariadne. I like Aurora for a middle name for both, but I don't know if that s too "A" heavy for you. Also, what about" Violet Aurora Clare Aurora (Anglicized Chiara if you really liked that) Isabelle/Isobel Aurora Genevieve is also a great suggestion. Just a few ideas off the top of my head. Love all your names though, esp. Tatiana and Aurora!!


Congrats, knp!!


@larksong and everyone else that commented on Amelie: Thanks for the comments. Its reassuring knowing that NEs like it, too!! In response to the names posted last post (in the comments) I really love all of them. And I agree, if I was to repeat first initials (I'm also really drawn to other A names) I would try to make the rest of the name different. For example, I know a brother and sister whose names are similar to Carly and Chandler. Very different sounds, I think, so it doesn't really bother me.

May 11, 2011 08:23 PM

Like I've mentioned before, I am nowhere near having children, but at this point in my life, I feel like 4 would be great. I want a big family, but not too big that I couldn't give one child at a time my complete attention. And as it is right now, I cannot find a single person that likes (even slightly) my fave name "Amelie." Which is kind of discouraging, but to each his own. So, it doesn't affect my choices of names right now, but I'm sure it will in the future.

April 24, 2011 07:37 PM

I agree Barnacle:Hope and Hannah sound equally as nice, as do Claire and Isabel, or Adele and Nellie. @Lillo, some of these were kind of difficult, niceness-wise.

April 24, 2011 07:34 PM

@Janie: Ellie or Elly: Both Clare Skylar Madison Mackenzie/McKenzie. Cameron Isabel/Isobel Kate Isla Leah Paige Adeline Evelyn Generally speaking, I like traditional spellings/names. @Lillo: Sophia Hope or Hannah Piper Addie Amelia Claire Maddie Adele