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March 9, 2019 03:01 PM

It did take me a second to realise the issue, reading it, but I think hearing the names said it would be much more apparent. However, I don't know if it would be an issue for her kids' generation - I certainly get the reference, but my kids wouldn't.

In this case, if they absolutely can't agree on another name, and can live with the potential comments, then it's not a huge problem.

But if they do agree on Henry/Hank, maybe that's a better option - they can always save Thomas for a future son - and if they happen to have a 4th, I don't think Hank and Frankie is a deal-breaker necessarily.

March 8, 2019 02:07 PM

Josephine, Genevieve and Clementine make a lovely set, and with three long, flowing French girls' names, I think you have a theme that you probably need to continue.

Juniper would work, but it's a step removed from the others. I don't think you need to discount it because it was in consideration for your third bub, because that clearly means you like it a lot! But I can understand wanting to start fresh.

The name that immediately jumps out to me is Vivienne - there was a discussion here recently on how Vivienne and Genevieve feel like the perfect sister names. Also off the top of my head: Rosalie, Elodie, Coralie, Amelie, Isabelle, Juliette, Eloise, Noemie, Adelaide, Ottilie, Nathalie, Beatrice, Violette

Also Madeleine, Emmeline or Caroline, but they're probably too similar to Clementine.

Others that don't feel particularly French but you might also like: Rosalind, Dorothy, Penelope, Ophelia, Susannah, Lorelei, Bianca, Imogen, Calliope, Matilda, Claudia, Felicity, Harriet

March 8, 2019 01:50 PM

I think Tatum nn Tate is a good choice for you - Tatum is easily distinguishable from Kate, but it still gives you a nice connection with your daughter in having a similar name. I also feel that Tatum works better for a girl than Tate; it's not frilly, but it's overwhelmingly feminine.

March 6, 2019 01:30 PM

My own favourite, the one I would choose if naming my own child, is probably Luke. I like how it sounds weighty and light at the same time, I like its Biblical roots but the fact it doesn't sound ancient.

The other names are ones that I appreciate for their strength, history and so on, but wouldn't necessarily choose because they are not right for me. But for you, any one would be a great choice.

I do agree that Luke Carey doesn't flow as well as some of the others, but I really like Josie and Luke together. Have you considered Lucas nn Luke?


March 4, 2019 05:36 PM

My first thought was Edward (Ed or Eddie, Ned or Ted). There's also Edmund which feels a little more similar to Josephine, to me.

March 2, 2019 02:14 PM
In Response to What Do You Think?

I think Valeria would be the less surprising choice - we know girls named Natalia and Emilia, and Valeria fits in with that flowing, feminine name style.

I suspect most people in my generation (born early 1980s) would still see Barbara as an older lady's name. But maybe younger parents would see it differently, I don't know. (I'm in Australia).

I wouldn't be really surprised to see either name on a girl who originally comes from a different country, but Barbara especially would be a surprise on a Australian baby.

March 1, 2019 02:21 PM
In Response to What Do You Think?

I really like Alexandra - it's one of my favourites. I like that it has roots in different languages, but it sounds so comfortable in English as well. I don't love Alex as a short form, but Sasha is very cute.

I want to like Valeria, but my mum always used a herbal medicine called Valerian (for insomnia) so that's all I can think of. Valerie is growing on me - my older daughter, who started school this year, has a Valerie in her class, and it's very refreshing on a little girl.

And I stand by my earlier comments on Barbara :)

February 28, 2019 06:36 PM
In Response to Stumped on boy names!

One thought I had was Harrison (or just Harry, or even Harris) - a step away from Henry, fits the same surname as first name style of some of your other choices. Or perhaps Harvey, Hamish or Hugh/Hugo? Graham also makes me think of Grady.


Otherwise I like your choices, Graham probably being my favourite.

February 28, 2019 06:27 PM

Alice is one of my favourites, and I've always liked Eliza too. Violet - I can see the appeal of it, but I just don't care for it (popssibly because it's so close to "violent"). Any of them would work well with Leo, and I like all your middle name options too.

February 28, 2019 06:24 PM

i like Tessa as a sister to Silas and Jasper - I think it's a good alternative to Emma if you're worried it's too common. I also second the suggestion of Louisa (I do like Louise though). I want to suggest Lila but it's probably too similar to Silas.


Camille and Celeste are pretty, uncommon but familiar. They don't give me the same feeling as your boys' names, but either would be a lovely choice. Constance or Colette might also appeal to you?

February 24, 2019 01:08 AM
In Response to Daughters names

Genevieve, Vivienne and Madeleine are lovely and would work well with your older girls' names. I like Estelle also, but feel it's too similar to Brielle and Elora, and Hazel is not bad. The other names are not my style.

February 22, 2019 02:01 AM

My favourite is Estelle - it's pretty, feminine and not too common. Willow is also pretty, but a little bland to me - it seems a bit overused where I am. Haven, Harlow and Monroe are just not my style of names.

February 20, 2019 01:29 PM
In Response to Naming twin girls

To me, most of these names have a different feel to Toby and Jack - obviously they are girls' names as opposed to boys, but either they feel a lot frillier (Beatrice, Delilah, Violet) or much more formal (Martha, Marion). Toby and Jack strike me as more casual, fun names ... but it's not a huge problem. I think the best fit as sisters to Toby and Jack are Matilda and maybe Hazel or Clara.

February 19, 2019 05:31 PM
In Response to What Do You Think?

These might be a stretch, but could work as a Barbara nn - Bree, Bebe, Bee, Bay ... or Bara or Ara? Maybe Abby?


To me, Barbara is still a really old name. I honestly can't imagine it on a baby, and there's something about it that I dislike - I think it's the "barb" sound at the beginning, because that sounds really harsh. I much prefer Keira, but agree that it blends in with a lot of other similar names.

February 18, 2019 01:37 PM
In Response to Middle name for June

Oh, I really want you to choose Joanna (but I'm biased because one of my girls is J0hanna). Mariana is beautiful also and would be a great choice.

June Marine honestly makes me think of the name of a company - I think because we live near the water, I see a lot of boats around with "Something" Marine on them. It doesn't have the same lyrical feeling that I get from June Mariana (or June Joanna, which has a different kind of appeal to me).

But if you want something for daily use - June Marie is easy, but Marie (while a lovely name) loses something in the middle spot. June Anna, perhaps?

I think June is kind of a tricky name to pair with an "everyday" middle - so my suggestion would be to name her June Joanna or June Mariana, then you can call her Junie Jo, June Marie, June Anna ... or just June.

February 18, 2019 01:26 PM
In Response to “A” name dilemma

I like Alec as a brother to Jack - it has the same feel as a name to me. August is a fine name but feels more refined than Jack. I wouldn't do Alec August if you might have another boy later and want to use August as a first name.

February 18, 2019 01:20 PM

No, not a problem at all! Sounds like you can go for it.

February 17, 2019 06:58 PM

I think Katherine Lydia would be the more interesting choice, but I like the symmetry of Mae and Jane as middle names for sisters. You can't make a bad choice here!

February 17, 2019 02:10 PM

How exciting you are getting so close to meeting your new little one! And you have a great shortlist of names to choose from - good work on getting to this point. it has been enjoyable to share this journey with you.

I like Gideon Seth for a boy - with Raphael Seth a close second. Either of these would fit in wonderfully with your older boys and they are just great names anyway. Silas is too but if you have the option of Gideon or Raphael, I'd go with one of those just for the different sounds. Otto is fun, but it feels out of place in your set.

I love all your girl choices (though am not a fan of Clementine, for no particular reason). Genevieve, Rosalie, Felicity - all beautiful. I probably wouldn't do Felicity Clementine because it doubles up on the virtue names, and Felicity Elodie is a bit repetitive. Genevieve Elodie is almost too French, Genevieve Clementine also ... Rosalie Elodie is too matchy - so Rosalie Clementine is the winner for me. You might think differently though.

For us choosing middle names, DH's family has a tradition of two middles, one from each side of the family. The first boy of each generation gets the same two names, going back 400-odd years, and our boy was the first, so we didn't even have to think about it (just choose a first name which went with the middles).If we'd had another boy I think we would have used our dads' names.

For girls we had more chance to be creative. We didn't choose exact honour names in a few cases - e.g. our first girl's first middle is the name which DH's dad had always wanted to name a girl (and he only had boys) and he was delighted that we used it. He died when she was only 18 months, but he always called her by that name, which I thought was sweet. (It happens to be one of my favourite names anyway).

One of our twins has a first name which honours my side of the family, so we chose one middle that didn't have any direct family connection, but was a name we loved that had personal significance to DH and I. And her twin has an Anglicised version of my middle name, which was my grandmother's nn, because again it was a name we really liked and would have considered as a first name.

Even without DH's family tradition, I would have wanted to use family names becuse that's what my parents did. I  just think it's nice to have that connection - it makes the name much more meaningful than, say, choosing a filler middle name just because it sounds good.

February 13, 2019 01:45 PM

It'snot ideal, but if they are truly the names you want to use, I'd say go for it and play up the repeating sounds - e.g. call her Pai-Pai for short, or use the full Paisley Paij, because it is actually quite fun to say.

Or could you use two middle names to break it up? Paisley Anna Paij, Paisley Ella Paij ...

It would be a shame not to pass down a family name because it clashes with the first name, but you could also consider Paisley as a reference to Paij because it almost contains all the letters. Maybe Paisley J__ (Paisley Jane, Paisley Julia etc) could work as an honour.