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January 27, 2012 07:52 AM

#2 and #4 fit my naming style, so I'm just going to go with my DD's and DS's names - Lucy and James (and scrolling up the list I'm not alone, which is pretty amazing b/c it's real life for me!) other suggestions for #2 - Anne, Mary, June (future names I love for future DDs)

July 21, 2011 08:33 AM

Oh, Lucy. I have a three month old Lucy and I was going for 'not trendy yet, but fitting with fashion". Oh well. I also picked it because according to the mapping function, it's not very common at all in the state we plan on moving to in a few months. (DH's family thought it was a weird old fashioned name..yay! That's what I'm going for). Where I live now, I get the "Oh, so and so just named her daughter Lucy too!". I swear I don't care if I happen to have the same tastes as everyone else (I like being normal!), but I'm a Jennifer so I just don't want her to have to be "Lucy last-initial" for the rest of her life.

April 22, 2011 11:20 AM

Jessica - I love Addison too and have also resigned myself to using it as a middle name for a boy. A boy named Addison just wouldn't fly anymore. To tell the truth, I love how it sounds as a girl's name (doesn't elicit the hatred in me that Madison does - and yes, I do believe I was influenced in this by Grey's Anatomy), but I would never bring myself to using it on a girl.

April 17, 2011 11:24 AM

Congrats! Lots of folks have given you good suggestions on mixing and matching, so the best I can do is give you the four sibset names for girls that I would personally use (we seem to have similar enough naming styles). It may help give you ideas if you want to change anything around. I love set 1, btw. Lucy C0nstance (mine is due in a week :->) I actually think it would also be beautiful written as Lucie - I went with a y because it's just easier to go with traditional spellings. Ann3 S0fia M@ry Virgini@ M@rgaret J@ne. (or Molly -but as I think Molly is really a variant of Mary it seems a bit weird to have both!) Sibset/theme wise, the first three middle names are also 'virtue' names (although in my case there is family significance to all four middle names).

April 6, 2011 05:06 PM

If I had had a middle name, I probably would have kept it as my middle name instead of using my last name. Honestly not very attached to my last name! My sister in law kept her middle name too. It just flows so much better in her case and in many cases. In her case also she has her grandmother's name as a middle name so I could see that facatoring into the decision. My daughter's middle name is my mother-in-law's name, and if she does get married and takes her husband's last name, I'd prefer her to keep the middle name as opposed to her maiden name. I definitely feel as though names should have meaning and feel that way, strangely, more about middle names than first names! (Maybe because I never had a middle name?) My names for future daughters also all are a.) tributes to family and b.) are part of a theme (virtue names).

March 31, 2011 08:08 PM

My family doesn't "do" middle names, but when my little sister was born (she's 15 years younger) I convinced my mom to give her a middle name that we both loved. (I hated not having a middle name because when I was young, people thought it was just WEIRD). Turns out my mom never actually put a middle name on her birth certificate. I think when my sister was little though, she was told she had a middle name and what it was. To this day, I don't know if my mom, who is foreign, realized she was supposed to put it on an official document, or if she just decided to not bother with the middle name as our culture only has first and last names. My sister knows now it's not an official name, but for conformity's sake, if people get into the "what's your middle name" discussion, she just tells people that name. She also really likes her fake middle name, so she has no problem going by firstname middlename in many situations (ex: her facebook profile is first last middle, her AOL instant messenger name is firstmiddle, I think one of her email addresses has both names in it...). I thought about creating a middle name when I got married - I asked my mom and she picked one out that she loved and I would have used it even though I wasn't crazy about it, but then my dad expressed a strong preference for my maiden name to be my middle name and it meant more to him than a new middle name meant to me. So, I don't really go by first maiden last, because my maiden name doesn't flow well, but it IS nice when I'm asked to initial a document to have three initials instead of two. It's the little things :-)

January 16, 2011 01:05 PM

Random aside here: my birth board on babycenter started posting names of their babies, due in April. I thought the list would be fun to go through. Mine is Lucy C0nstanc3. @dria Pip3r EDD April 9 @ustin Jo3l EDD 4/10/11 @maya "Mia" M@ryAnne EDD 4.6.11 @very @melia EDD 4.1.11 @yla Ril3e EDD 4.2.11 C@bell J@mes EDD 4/25/11 C@dence LaR3e DD 4-22-11 C@mden Scott EDD 4.5.11 C@meron Br@dley EDD 4.2.11 C@meron M@ck EDD 4.15.11 Ch@rlotte M@e EDD 4.1.11 Ch@se Alan EDD 4.30.11 Christ0pher Anth0ny 4.19.11 C0lton R0dway EDD 4.07.11 D@nte Fr@ncesco 4.5.11 De@n Virgil, EDD 4.5.11 Decl@n Edward 4.4.11--RCS 3.29.11 Deli@ (middle name to-be-determined) EDD 4.4.11 Elis3 Cl@ire, EDD 4/14 Elliott Delil@h, EDD 4.1.11 Emily P@ige, EDD 4.8.11 Ev3lyn Sue, EDD 4.12.11 F@ith Eliz@beth, EDD 4.10.11 Fion@ Jun3lyn, EDD 4/28/11 H@dley Mae, 4/7/11 Hunter Mich@el, 4/11/11 Gw3ndolyn Isolde, induction 4/6/11 J@ckson Robert, EDD 4/4/11 J@coby Wayne, EDD 4/23/11 J@deyn Ley@nne, EDD 4/5/11 J@xon Daniel, EDD 4/3/11 Joseph Alex@nder EDD 4.22.11 Juli@ Lilli@n EDD 4.28.11 Juli@ Marie EDD 3.31.11 JULIE@NN Marie EDD 4-7-11 Kad3nce Dany3lle, EDD 041711, but likley will induce 041211 K@ylyn Louise EDD 4/6/11 Keir@ R3ese EDD 4/25/11 L@ndry Gr3y EDD 04/11/11 Le@ Elis3 EDD 4/10/11 Le0 Warr3n, EDD 04-10-11 Li@m Eli@s, EDD 04-25-11 Lily Ann@belle EDD: 4/28/11 Liy@h P@ige EDD 4.1.11 Log@n Ryl3e EDD 4.17,11 Lucy C0nst@nc3, EDD 4.25.11 M@cy Jo@n EDD 4.8.11 Ma@rcus N@thaniel DD 4-22-11 M@lik Gr@nt EDD 4/14 Mi@ J0sephine EDD 4/1/11 Na0mi Lyn 4-5-11 Nathan@el G. 4/10/11 Nehemi@h J@keem N0r@h J@ne, EDD 4/19/11 P@ige Moir@, EDD: April 6th (80 more days!) :) Philipp@ "Pippa" J3anne, EDD 4-15-11 Ros@lie C3celia EDD 4/16 S@mara EDD 4/3/11 Skyl@r (middle name undetermined) EDD 4/9 Zach@ry D@niel, EDD April 3 Zo3y M@rie, EDD April 8

December 8, 2010 08:21 PM

I'm surprised so many people have not heard of The Situation nor have heard of the Jersey Shore..but I'm also rather glad :-) I have to admit I watched a few episodes of the first season because I just couldn't resist when flipping through the channels. And I'm embedded enough in pop culture that there is no way I could have not known. My favorite show is the Soup, which makes fun of reality TV, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

December 4, 2010 07:32 AM

I have to admit this completely goes against what I'm seeing on NameVoyager, but from the feel of the name Katherine/Katharine/Catherine, I can see it rising as a uniquely classic, but not too popular name (tm the discussion on Pottery Barn catalogues). That's definitely my style and I would have loved to have a DD Katherine/Kate...interestingly, I can't, because my husband has an Aunt Kathy and a cousin Kate (Kate is, I assume, named after Kathy, who is also her aunt), which means there were two Katherines in the previous two generations. The fact that the name is falling, not rising, makes it ideal for me! Alas, every other name I love, (like future DD Lucy) is slowly rising.

November 29, 2010 08:38 PM

The Pottery Barn catalog comment is hilarious because it happened to me..I picked future DD Lucy's name years ago (due in April 2011)...and to my chagrin, there's her name. Engraved. On a stocking. And yes, I thought, "oh dear, we thought it was uniquely classic. ROTFL.

August 2, 2010 04:04 PM

H@rmony, X@nder, and @nya? I've been watching too many Buffy reruns, because that made me chuckle. Has anyone ever written about the names of Buffy? Some fascinating choices there, especially for 1997-2003.

July 2, 2010 12:56 PM

Araminta: I think Violet would be great for your fantasy sibset girl name.

July 2, 2010 10:56 AM

Ooh triplets! This would be easy for me because I already have three girls'/two boys' names picked out for future kiddies. (alas still stuck on the third boy's name but, you know, I don't anticipate having four kids, much less six :->.) Lucy C0nstance Anne S0phia Mary V1rginia (all mns have family connections and are also virtue names, which was kind of a coincidence) James C@rl Jack @ddison (mns also have family connections for me. Other boys names that fit my naming style would be Clark, Peyton and Jesse {if there weren't gender wars over those two names}, and Luke). I also flove the names June and Jane but it's too close to my name, Jen. Ooh, and Molly, which would a nice alternate to Mary. So, if your friend has a prissy WASPy style like me, then those are suggestions that may help.

June 26, 2010 11:59 AM

I know someone who did this. She and her husband created a new surname when they got married, and she also changed her name from Lauren to L@ur@ina. (without the @ symbols, of course. Figured I'd clarify). I think her husband changed his first name too but I'm not sure. When I got married, I really thought about creating a middle name for myself (I didn't grow up with a middle name and it always made me sad), but my parents preferred that I use my maiden name as my middle and it wasn't important enough to me to have a 'real' middle name to go against their wishes.