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September 28, 2010 11:02 AM

Wow, interesting topic, I love that you can now look into so many names not in the top 1000! The most surprising to me is Alucard, really? You want to give your kid Dracula backwards? I know that many names associated with horror films do well but usually bad associations aren't IN the name... Arthas sounds like one of the Three Musketeers to me so it gets that air of having a longer history even if it doesn't. Generally appealing sounds for today's "market" I think. Cloud, hey if we have Apple and Rain why not? Although how do we know these parents like video games and not just nature? Cortana and Kaileena definitely have the right sounds I think (Cortiana soon anyone?). Especially with hearing the boy's name Kai alot more not I think Kaileena fits right in. Kratos and Roxas just sound like warriors through and through to me which I guess appeals to some people! Can't wait for part 2

August 12, 2010 01:44 PM

Fun topic! Cornelia is actually a family name for me (grandmother and older cousin) and I have to say they were/are both pretty spunky. If such things were possible I could totally see them both having gone of on some mythical adventure as kids!

July 8, 2010 11:10 AM

Fascinating conversation here as always, I love all the name/word history! I was coming on to catch up and post a new baby name (baby isn't born yet) Madeline Ruth (which is so funny becuase Zoerhenne I noticed it on your list just now). My question is would you pronounce this ending to rhyme with line or like lyn? My first inclination is like line, although they are going for lyn and just liked this spelling. When she told me the name she said, "Like the books" and I said, "but of course pronounced differently" and she agreed and knew she'd have to do some clarifying for people. Definitely made me curious though-- which would be the "natural" pronunciation for you? Also for common nicknames I agree that I'm not a huge fan of many of them, but I also think that some of the repeats are just that these are commonly liked names. Rose is a name I love and I know I'm not alone, and with flow being so difficult to achieve sometimes I wouldn't blame people for using it. I wouldn't assume they are using it as a throw-away and that it isn't special to them. You also have to remember that most people aren't nearly as tuned in to what other people are using, these parents would never use Lynn probably but Rose sounds fresh to them! That said I think Isabella Rose isn't the most exciting name in the world, but it is very pretty and I would think well of a parent for choosing it (even if I wouldn't come back to report the exciting name here!). And I don't mean to scold with this, just to offer a different thought on it:) As for unusual/normal or vice versa I think it totally depends on the names and why you're using them, case by case. Not a very helpful opinion I know!

May 20, 2010 09:11 AM

Guest author- Oh I must second Rachel Dana's Cassandra suggestion, I feel like Cassandra/Cassie hits a lot of the different sides your character might have!

May 20, 2010 09:01 AM

And Empathy- I still love Mabel Violet, but I think Mabel Caroline is really nice too. It seems we all have different tastes when it comes to what we like with Mabel! I like the contrasting sounds more I think so the v and the hard c. Mabel Susannah doesn't seem overly country to me, but I don't love the flow. Really though any of them would be lovely!

May 20, 2010 08:59 AM

Yay for the smart NE's around here! And congrats to all the new parents finding out more about their babies:). Guest author- What fun naming your characters! My first thought for the boy is Cooper. Of the others suggested he sounds like any of these to me: Hunter Theodore (Theo) Graham Everett (Rett) Raphael (Rafe) Sebastian Carter Wesley Clinton Roderick Frederick Myles Brooks Henry Sawyer For the girl's middle name with Emily Kelly: Scarlett Giselle Beatrix Antoinette Genevieve Genevra Autumn Laurel Arden Definitely let us know what you decide! Oh and welcome back J and H's mom, always good to see familiar names returning!

May 19, 2010 12:25 PM

hyz- That's exciting and I think Oliver and Ivy/ Ollie and Ivy are super cute together! larksong- It's fun to see the combo's you're putting together, the only immediate reaction I have is I think Callum Troy sounds pretty cool. And I'd forgotten to ask before, but I've never heard the name Aviana before, how do you say it? I want to say it like Ariana (first 'a' as in father) but when I look at it I actually end up saying 'a' as in way... dunno why. Finally I also love January Jones as a name. I have the opposite "problem" common fn, rare ln which has always made me a much happier Jennifer than other people I know!

May 17, 2010 02:57 PM

Wow, I just can't manage to stay caught up here these days. A few comments tho! Empathy- I love Mabel Violet, just flows so well for me and some how Violet softens Mabel for me (which is a good thing in this case). After that Mabel Charlotte and Mabel Eloise get my votes! Re: Felicity- I also have an old-timey vibe for this name which comes some from the American Doll and more recently from Avonlea which I've discovered on dvd:). So in my head Cecily and Felix work as sib names as well as others that have been suggested ala Beatrix etc...

May 3, 2010 09:33 AM
In Response to Name Spotlight: Sawyer

Very interesting, I definitely say Soy-er and find Saw-yer harder to get out. I wonder what Mark Twain said (probably Soy-yer sounds like). I don't know why name pronunciations get under the skin so much but they universally do (I took a class where we read "A Civil Action" which is set in Woburn, MA (pron. WOO-burn) and the class was in NY so everyone said WOH-burn and it drove me crazy even though it really didn't matter. As for "English" emilyrae, do you say een-glish pretty quickly, because I say in-glish, but if I say "een" quickly it's actually hard to hear the difference. I've never heard anyone say it slowly with an "een" before though.

March 17, 2010 01:29 PM

Laura, fun topic, I can't think of anything but I'm enjoying others' submissions:) Re: Bessie- I definitely think cow, I'm 25 live right near an eastern city and I agree with the Bessie is to cow as Fido is to dog comparison. There is no one "Bessie the Cow" it's just the generic name almost... like Kleenex! So unfortunately if your daughter were not thin I think that could be a problem. That said I actually Bess is enough to separate it. Elizabeth does give more options, but if you would prefer to give her the name Bess and call her Bessie that would be ok. Bess sounds classy to me and has some lovely historical namesakes. Blair does *sound* a little more like a girl's name to me, but I think I'd actually prefer it on a boy... dunno if that helps. With questions like this though I do think the country really matters so if you're not from the US I would canvas some countrymen/women as well! Missed you all for the last week but couldn't make it on, I'm getting a new job (yay!) so hopefully once I start in a couple weeks I'll have some fun names for you!

March 5, 2010 12:29 PM

Ack! I'm so upset by Cecilia Marie (and I there's no "right" way, but Cecilia is more common than Cecelia) I love Cecilia and don't want it to become more in vogue. Although I do admit it is believable for them, blah blah.:) Yay, name pool! I had a tough time last year so we'll see how I do this year. I remember feeling like a lot of the risers last year were old hat because we talk about them so much and you have to remember that not everyone is an ne! Speaking of which my bf through out the name Adelaide the other day sort of a as a joke (although I think this is from me having mentioned it before which is GREAT news if he then "thinks" of these on his own) and he was shocked when I told him it is definitely rising so then we had a nice conversation about perceptions of how popular names are and the reality. Of course Adelaide isn't that popular now but it's moving up (unfortunately). He was also beside himself at the various spellings of Abigail, it was pretty amusing. And to follow from last post, connected to what Miriam said about the name Jonah I always attach the name to L.M.Montgomery's use of "Jonah days" in her stories. But I wouldn't say don't use it because of that, I could get over that connection pretty quickly if I knew a Jonah.

February 25, 2010 11:41 AM

Wow, Laura, 5 years, that's great! I don't know about the other names, but I feel like Hugo is prime for a move up the list, sounds like Milo? I actually would consider it if the likely last name didn't start with an 'o'. I think Simon has the right ending but maybe not enough vowels to have moved up the list? Philip is very vowel heavy and I don't know it just doesn't appeal to me, neither does Louis but that's not quite as vowel heavy so maybe that could change? Hugo, Philip and Louis are all French right? From last post: Bue- Definitely agree, Tessa Virtue is just a great name and she's just so adorable and lovely! Anne with an E- There's a wikipedia post about naming the Civil War which (while maybe not totally accurate, never can tell) is interesting!

February 24, 2010 10:15 AM

Huh, Valerie that's funny about Dominic, I've never known one, but my impressions of the name are similar to Anne with an E. I don't know why it couldn't take off here, and maybe it will! Anne with an E- Continuing your OT thought, I was somewhat aware of this, but had never really thought about it and didn't know that others called the Civil War "The War Between the States," how fascinating! I've heard "The War of Northern Aggression" which is fascinating about what it says about so many topics (used by southern states at various times for those who don't know). Have you read certain sources about this? I'd love to get the names if you have them!

February 24, 2010 08:04 AM

Haha, I love a bee named Wilbur, that's adorable! And William Wilberforce is an interesting story. The name came because I was asking my extended family for old-man names at Thanksgiving for a tan car. Someone suggested Wilbur and someone else suggested Humphry (or should that be Humphrey, I've never really written it but it looks wrong with out the 'e') like a tan camel. My dad said that if you combined those two names to Wilberforce Humphries it was a name that this part of my extended family and I had a special connection to in a silly way. So tada! I do love the "home free" connection too though, I'm coming out with so many new meanings from this! I'll give people a little more time to guess if anyone else wants to and give you the answer later:)

February 24, 2010 06:46 AM

I named my new (used) car recently (ne to the core!) and thought of Benedict, it just seemed so him, BUT then I thought of Benedict Arnold and I worried that my car might turn traitor on me which is the last thing I need. A little ridiculous maybe but I couldn't help it:). Ended up with Wilberforce Humphries which I love-- can use Wilbur or Humphry:) Anyone get the reference? Hehe.

February 23, 2010 02:26 PM

Oh, I know, I was going to say I can't believe how many of you have only met female Ryans, that is so strange to me! I've never met a female Ryan, but have known tons of males. Perhaps not that surprising being from the Northeast though! Just interesting.

February 23, 2010 02:24 PM

WOW, that just took me forever to catch up on everything. Thanks to all who were answering various questions for me last thread (or was it two threads ago?). So I've been watching (and loving!) the ice dancing, which I know we discussed the other day and if this weren't a name blog I would LOVE to discuss the russians aboriginal dance.... ANYway. I thought it was neat hearing the name Sinead on one of the skaters a name that before PPP I'd never heard of and would not have been able to pronounce/spell, so that was exciting! I also wanted to note how the winning teams last names just seem to fit them so perfectly. Virtue and Moir just sound sort of romantic as a pairing to me, I dunno, but it just seemed to suit their story so well? Does that make any sense? Just like seeing certain personalities for first names I guess... Scout3- Loved that story and I would love to know what happens!! I am also curious as to what sport this father plays, but I know you probably can't give it away for their privacy. grandparents names: Cornelia and Joan, I could do Cornelia Joan, although I like Jane much better. and gpas Kenneth and Millar. Definitely Kenneth:) Interestingly I have first cousins (one on each side named after the gparents whose names I like Cornelia and Kenneth. I'd never noticed that before! That will have to be it for now since I can't remember what else I wanted to say!

February 9, 2010 12:32 PM

Miriam- How do you say Herebeorht?? And do you think Emma felt left out? It may be an old name (I don't know) but it is much more popular than the others. Although maybe she likes not having to spell it:) zoerhenne- Yeah isn't Bianca a good one? I think it's sometimes hard to match with last names though, for some reason the sound doesn't work with many last names. I forget who else I was going to respond to...

February 9, 2010 09:18 AM

Ok here's my list... there are more girls because I like more girls names so it was hard to choose! Connor Kenneth William Grant Jack Lachlan/ Leander Abigail May (Adelaide) Bridget (Bianca) Juliet Genevieve Lydia Cecily Connor is one my bf (last name is almost 0w3n)and I have agreed on in theory, I love Kenneth which is a family name but he doesn't. And I do like Connor. I probably wouldn't use William (name of a young cousin, but I do love it and think it may be the most classic boys name ever!). The problem with Jack is that I don't love John or Jackson but I prefer the idea of a formal name no matter what so... Lachlan and Leander I really like a lot of these romantic L names for some reason:) Abigail May is one we've picked out (which I've mentioned before) but Abigail is soo popular... Adelaide is a family name and another 'A' name I like that's not AS popular. I love Bianca but with the last name I'm not sure it would work... Bridget I also love and works much better. The other names I just love. My sister's name is Julie so that's either a nice connection or potentially confusing. With Cecily I might use Cecilia to give more options although I like Cecily slightly better. Whew! Don't know why I felt the need for so many explanations, but it was fun!

February 9, 2010 09:02 AM

Linnaeus- Love your list and this wonderful Aethelred discussion. I especially like Iolanthe, I always think Gilbert and Sullivan which for me is a good thing. Tying that in with pet names I knew people who named their cat Grendel which I loved... emilyrae- I think I like Linus and Rupert best of your original choices. I had a cat named Gus which I loved for him. I also really like the Boris suggestions. My mom does a great Rocky and Bullwinkle impression of Boris and Natasha so I think of that and think that would be great for a bigger cat...:) ok working on my faves lists now, love seeing everyone else's!