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May 29, 2019 09:30 AM
In Response to Dolphin names

Oh, I like Mac as a nn for Potomac! I was thinking something like Tommy, but I didnt like that as much. 

November 27, 2018 08:53 AM

You have so many good options! 

From your list, I think Gabriel and Ambrose are the only ones that sound overtly religious. Names like Theodore and Leo, to me, are common enough that I don't immediately think of the religious connection. 

Grant, Joel, and Ross are a little bit less "old man" than some of the other names, and strike me more as dad names than grandpa-names that are ready for revival  

I love Linus and Ansel from your list, as well as Theodore and Leo (despite being quite a bit more common). 

July 27, 2018 11:41 AM
In Response to Brainstorm for twins

Girls: Eleanor, Beatrice, Cecily, Ada ... I can't really think of 5, I have a hard time with girls

Boys: Winston, Leonard (Leo), Henry, Bernard or maybe Bertrand, and new addition of Leland

July 27, 2018 11:40 AM
In Response to Brainstorm for twins

Ha! I did consider including my sons' names in my list, but it felt a little narcissistic somehow. That and, while i love the names Benjamin and Theodore, I doubt anybody would think "Ooh, I never thought of the name Benjamin before!"

April 25, 2017 12:48 PM

I live in Western New York, and we have a town nearby called Charlotte, pronounced shar-LOT.  It drives me nuts. There are a bunch of local towns that are pronounced strangely - Chili pronounced chai-lie (first syllable sounds like chai tea, or the start of Chinese), Java pronounced JAY-vuh, Riga pronounced RYE-guh, the list goes on. One of my pet peeves for the area. 

November 9, 2016 10:04 AM
In Response to August and Winst0n

I LOVE Winston. I like August too, but Winston is one of my favorites. I do agree, though, that I wouldn't want a Winston and an Eleanor together, so I'd decide which you'd rather use. If you use Winston now, would it rule out Eleanor down the line? If that's the case, I would feel safer with August. And August and Winston make a wonderful sibling set. 

October 10, 2016 02:39 PM
In Response to Genealogy

You know, I'm not sure - I'll have to ask my dad.
I'm glad that my family documented both the males and females, it makes for fascinating reading. I do tend to have a lot of family names repeated, but at least there's a mix of a few of them that are the most popular. 

September 14, 2016 07:48 PM
In Response to Unexpected sibset

My nieces are Cory and Gemma. I honestly never really thought about it before, but they are definitely different styles. 

July 25, 2016 11:28 AM

Congratulations, I'm so happy for you and your family! 

I can't decide what my favorite part of this thread is: that you're all home safe and sound, the wonderful name Wilfred, the excellent nickname Wolf, or your quote "Kids are never too young to be exposed to confusing literature".

This whole thread made me so happy!

July 13, 2016 02:19 PM
In Response to Brother for Harrison

We considered Harrison for our second son, we ended up going with Theodore  (Teddy). Our older son is named Benjamin, although Benjamin and Harrison together would probably be a bit much. 

June 7, 2016 02:06 PM

Thank you, that's good to know. 

Is Cohan pronounced Koh-Hayn? That's the best explanation I could find online. 

June 6, 2016 09:26 AM

Definitely Wyatt. 

Assuming you like Cohan (or Cohen) for style and not honoring someone, it's a really offensive name. Search Cohen on this forum and you'll find quite a bit of information about it  

May 24, 2016 12:19 PM
In Response to Triplets

Oliver Truman is wonderful!

For me, an honor middle name trumps style, although that may not be the case for you. In this case though, I think Truman works wonderfully for both honor and style. 

May 23, 2016 09:13 AM

Ahh, I just ordered this for my son's birthday! I'm excited to read it, I really like Sherman Alexie. 

May 23, 2016 08:46 AM
In Response to Triplets

I love Oliver! If both girls are going to have a family name for the middle, are there any family names you like for him? That way, they'll all have a connection, without having matchy first names. 

May 17, 2016 07:33 AM

I prefer Max, both because it's more my style and I like it better with Craig. I did go to school with a male Shay (spelled Shea) so I have no problem with that, but I do like Max better. 

May 10, 2016 08:54 AM

I know this is mentioned in the old blog, but I can't believe I forgot to mention Elvira! This is the strongest song association for me, probably even more than Jolene. (And this coming from someone who never even heard the song growing up, but it's still such a strong association).

May 9, 2016 07:52 AM
In Response to Word aversion

I'm so glad I'm not alone in my dislike of Sloane! My coworker has a daughter by that name, and I find I can't even say it without making a face. I don't know what it is, but I can't stand the sound of it. 

May 6, 2016 08:57 AM

I was actually just thinking about that old blog recently! There's a song by The Lumineers called Ophelia that reminds me a lot of Hey There Delilah - sort of a catchy pop song. I was wondering if it would have any effect on the name Ophelia in the same way I think Delilah increased in usage when that song was popular. 

Other than that, though, Jolene is a huge one for me. Susannah a bit too, although not to the same extent.  

May 6, 2016 08:15 AM
In Response to Twin girl names

We did the exact same thing. Our son is Theodore, called Teddy, and we put Theodore "Teddy" MN LN on the birth announcement - at the time, I wasn't crazy about the full name, and I was worried that people would want to call him Theodore and think it was weird/too old fashioned. Over time, though, the name grew on me (one of his daycare teachers always called him by his full name, and I'm so glad she did, I got to hear it said regularly in such a loving, caring voice). Now I love his name and it seems crazy that I ever considered it too strange (especially in light of how popular it's become). 

I think Teddy is probably a bit more intuitive than Posy for Josephine, but I don't think it's at all strange to plan to call her a nickname and put that nickname on her birth announcement. And I agree that Posy by itself is a bit light weight, I would definitely go with Josephine (which is a fabulous name, by the way, and is wonderful with Ramona).