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June 17, 2017 02:21 AM

Lucianne calls to mind the iced tea brand Luzianne for me, so it is not my favorite. Of your options, I like the look of Lucy-Anne best, but in light of the negative experiences of some regular posters with hyphens, Lucyanne might be better. 

I second the idea of Lucy Anne. I think that is my overall favorite.

June 11, 2017 08:46 PM
In Response to Back to the search

If you like the feel of Percival/Percy and lean toward nature names, have you considered Peregrine/Perry?

May 2, 2016 01:58 AM
In Response to Sister for Emilia?

I second the suggestion of Nina. 

My older niece is Emilia and her little sister is L!la. When I first heard the combo I noted that they had some similar sounds. In reality, I don't think people ever mix up their names due to the different number of syllables and vowel pronunciation.

May 2, 2016 01:47 AM

Glad you are reassured. I totally agree with the other comments.

A few weeks before my son, August (nn Gus), was born I met another family that travelled in the same circles that I do who had an infant Gus. I briefly considered rethinking our name choice, but finally decided I would regret not using the name I loved. For the first year, there were two babies names Gus at many gatherings and it was not a big deal. Then they moved across the country, and I would have been doubly regretful if I had decided against the name as they are not even around any more!

May 2, 2016 01:35 AM

Yeah, I was hoping to drive up from PDX for the show but all the tickets were gone when I tried about 10 minutes after they went on sale. Plenty on sale from third party companies which frustrates the heck out of me as I refuse to support that industry. I will just cross my fingers that she adds a Portland show to the lineup.

May 2, 2016 01:35 AM

Well, after this thread, I am going to have a lot more names that make me think of songs. :)

April 29, 2016 02:55 AM

Long time lurker, infrequent poster (phone surfing is not conducive for posting.) Lucubratrix- Totally off topic, but I just saw that Dolly added Kent to her tour. (Promise I am not a creepy follower. Fellow PNW queer mama so I tend to take note of others.)

On topic, Jolene, Caroline (Sweet Caroline), Roxanne, Lola (Whatever Lola wants...), and Susanna (Oh Susanna) always make me hum when I hear them.


February 5, 2016 04:43 AM

First of all, all of the names you list appeal to me, so I don't think you can go wrong.

I prefer Graham, but that is purely a personal preference. Both would work well with the sibling names (although as a Beatles fan I might catch the Julian and Harrison references).

I, like you, love Graham (or Graeme) pronounced Grey-um most but am not bothered that in the US it would be Gram to most people. As far as middle names I think Everett and Oliver work well but will put in my vote for Oliver as it is a bit more of a traditional name to match the other middles as well as giving each their own middle initial (which really does not matter but when deciding between two great names you have to start somewhere!)

So, overall, my pick would be Graham Oliver. But, as I said before, they are all great names. 


February 5, 2016 04:29 AM

I think others here have given some great advice. Ava Louise (being called Ava or Ava Lou) is a fabulous name. Changing the name to Olivia would really not be such a big deal long term. Both are true and you just need to figure out which path is best for you.

I just wanted to weigh in on the phenomenom of the name you imagined before birth being different from reality. For you, it was, perhaps overemphasis on the full name and the jarring reality that most of the time it would be her first name alone. For me, I named my son (almost 3 years ago) August. I liked the nickname Gus, but had not really thought through the fact that when introduced, he would be called Gus 99% of the time. I still kind of mourn the loss of August as a call name for him. BUT, he is a Gus. I have gotten used to that. I also still call him August sometimes, and as the only one to do so, it is sort of a sweet reverse nickname.

I tell you this for two reasons. One, the fantasy of the full name often does not match the actual call name and can lead to some remorse even though you may have chosen exactly the right name. Two, you may have felt a similar regret if you named her Olivia and everyone called her Liv with the full Olivia being lost (except on official mail and the doctors office etc.) 

Good luck in making your decision about what to do (or not do.) I hope you are comforted in knowing that there is really no wrong decision here.


January 24, 2016 02:52 AM

I noticed that your older daughter has two I middle names. You could repeat this pattern and have two L middle names for this baby. I would probably stay away from names that end in either the 'ee' sound of most of your chosen first names or the 'a' sound of Lynda. I would also steer clear of names starting with L and a short I (Lily, Lydia, etc). Here are a few that could work:

Louise, Lenore, Lark, Lilac, Lisette, Lorelei, Lux

I don't think that you need to have Lynda as the second middle name, and, in fact, I think with some of these names Lynda flows better when it comes first.

I find Lynda Louise and Lorelei Lynda to be especially pleasing to my ear with all of your first names.



January 24, 2016 02:17 AM
In Response to Unisex Names

For a long time I too thought that I would choose all unisex names for my children, but then realized that many of my trans friends chose to rename themselves with very masculine or very feminine names- to match their preferred gender. I figured that if any of my children are trans they may choose to rename themselves even if I named them something unisex. So, I might as well name them my favorite names (which happen to be gendered) and be ready to support them if they want to change it.

All that said, I certainly don't think there is anything wrong with choosing unisex names. Especially if you find one you love. And I think you have done a great job with Avery. That has always been one of my favorites and does feel equally likely for girls and boys to me.

I do keep a list of unisex names I like in case I were to have an intersex child. Here is that list just in case there may be one that would work well for your family:

Ellery, Fifer, Finley, Flannery, Flynn, Grey, Quinn, Rory, Rowan, Sage, Sawyer, Sloane, Wylie, Wynn




That sounds like a really tough situation.

I don't know it this would be an option in Greece, but I would suggest the possibility of making the name and nickname unrelated. For example, I have a friend who named her child Ch@rles Al3xand3r but they always call him M1lo. The given first-middle combo was a family tradition so she went with it but then just went on with referring to her son as she wanted. As you said, most of the Georges are not called George due to the popularity, so instead of defaulting to the last name as a call name, you could default to your chosen name.

Absent that, I agree with the others that you should play your 'foreigner card' and name the baby what you want. They will get over it when it is associated with their sweet grandchild.


December 15, 2012 07:27 PM
In Response to My list for baby #6

Fingers crossed for you!

December 15, 2012 07:26 PM

Thanks all!

I really appreciate all of your thoughts and insights.  While I know of all the Tobias pop culture references, I don't think I realized just how pervasive they might be!  That is good to know.  I think you all are also right that Phoebe and Toby would not work so well as siblings, so I will definitely be keeping that in mind.

Middle names are all family names so are all but decided at this point. . .though I agree that family names aside, there are other middle names that would sound a bit better.

I think right now I am leaning toward Phoebe and August.  Who knows how many times that will change before March!  Overall though, I feel pretty confident going in with this short list and seeing what happens when the kiddo is born.

Thanks again,




December 12, 2012 11:22 AM

Love them both.  I think you are set!

December 12, 2012 11:20 AM
In Response to Names with Mae as a nn



Girls: I don't think you can go wrong with any of these.  Vivienne, Felicity, and Lorelei have never been my favorites, but I would not mind meeting a small child with these names.

Matilda Penelope- 8

Phoebe Eleanor- 10

Penelope Scarlett- 8

Vivienne Calliope- 6

Felicity Lorelei- 5


boys: I am not a fan of Carson, but I really like all the rest!

Graham Hudson- 8

Leo Henry- 9

Carson Miles- 6

Carson Graham- 6

Graham Carson- 7

December 12, 2012 11:10 AM
In Response to My list for baby #6


I'll throw my vote in for Theresa.  I think it would be lovely with your other children's names and I love the nicknames Tess and Tessa.

I think Elizabeth would be second for me and I like the nickname Libby (or calling her the full Elizabeth like you do with Katharine.)  My concern would be if there are nicknames that you really do not like as you can't necessarily control what she will end up being called later.

Nell I like but not so much with your other children.  I agree that Helen or Eleanor would be nice, but only if you and your husband actually like those names.  :)

Lucy, Mary, and Grace just don't do much for me.  They are perfectly nice names and I don't dislike them, but compared to your other choices they are at the bottom for me.



Congratulations on the new arrival!

I like Marian and think that it fits in with other sweetly old fashioned sounding names that are having an upswing now like Lillian and Vivian.  Marianne actually sounds much more dated (in a negative way) to me.  It sounds very 70s to my ear (I have not looked it up so I don't know when it actually peaked, that is just my gut reaction) and like it is part of a group of names that is not yet ready for a comeback.

I love the family connection and think that you should not be afraid to go with Marian.

August 31, 2012 09:37 AM

Thanks all!  You all managed to hit most of my concerns.  A bit more info for you:

Last name is one sylable starting with L.  Think Shakespearean king.  Middle name is up to my wife (I have a family name I want to use for a second child, so she gets the first kid's middle name.)  It will probably be a family name, but she will work that out once we agree on a first name.

You all are right that Cullen is the outlier.  Darn Twilight!  It was my grandfather's name, but like some of you, I liked it a lot more before the Twilight association/saturation.  I was also hesitant because of the oh-so-common "en" ending.  Sigh.  I think I will have to let that one go.

I am not as concerned about overall popularity as I am about trendiness/ date stamping.  Sebastian and Harriet worry me that they will be very identifiable (especially in our hipster Pacific Northwest locale) as being of this 5 year period.  It would also not suprise me to see repeats of them in preschool classes.

Eleanor I love but am a bit worried about the aggregate effect of so many "el" "ella" "ellie" names.  I would want to use Nora but my wife would want Ellie or Ella.

We still have a long way to go, but I think this confirmed my current preference for Tobias (Toby) and Phoebe.  I was aware of all the associations that were mentioned thus far and none of them are dealbreakers for me.

Thanks again!