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I visit this site many times a day, I think I'm addicted! I am a chemistry professor in my late 20's. My dear husband Michael and I are expecting in January!

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March 5, 2014 08:46 PM

Thanks for the perspective!  Actual French expectations will not likely be a part of this child's life, but with the amount of movement nowadays, it is always great to find things like this out. 

We should find out the gender soon!!!  Colette is still our top girl choice.

October 20, 2013 06:55 PM

Thanks everyone who responded so far!

Anyone have ideas for any good greek/Roman boy names that start with V or I? Because my husband is hooked on this VIP idea.

Colettte is easier as a middle for rhythmic reasons, isn't, it?  But, I feel it is important to the name we will use first, which we will have in the first position. 

Colette first came up as a middle for Vienna.  But, I got cold feet on Vienna with our first (before the bachelorette chick).  And this name is less of a stretch than you immediately think because my husband does not think of Aurora as a Roman goddess, but a place name.

And Daphne, Colette (and Lydia, Nadia, and Gretchen) all feel connected as European names to me.

WHile I know Colette derives from Nicolette, I don't get any nicknamey vibes. It feels literary.  Good to know what it seems like others though.  But, Colette was discarded during our first pregnancy because dh thought it sounded "weakest" of our top names.

I'm really glad about the positive feedback for Colette Linnea.  I was worried about too much "L" in the name.

October 20, 2013 06:30 PM

Thanks for commenting on Vaughn not being heard as John.   It really is my only hang up for that name. 

We are already giving 2 middles (the second is my maiden name) so we want the first name to be the name we use daily. 

Hmmm. I"m not sure I'm the right person to use Callisto.  Too cool for me.  But I'd applaud anyone who did. :) 

Other middle ideas you have me: I have tried Thalia on my hubby and he nixed it. (I actually wanted it for a first name) But Athena is on the longer list I did not share. 


In contrast to PJ's comment, I have a trouble imagining a little girl with Brielle, but can imagine a gorgeous, sophisticated woman with that name. 


I agree---"Isn't it more likely that the Kardashian women are subject to the same influences as the rest of the women in their generation, and therefore they like the same sounds, tones, and name meanings as the rest of the women of child-bearing age?" 


May 14, 2012 09:13 AM

risers (looking only by rank): Harper, Scarlett, Mila, Aria (game of thrones?),Gia, Luna, Nyla, Nylah, June (!), all sorts of El- names, Briella.  And I'm going to stop there.

Miley continues to drop

Aubrey & Aubree & Aubrie all made increases--  so maybe not so much teen mom...


Liam & William rising, and Nolan, Greyson (not surprising, I think Grey is very attractive), Bryson, Jaxon

and the baby is up... later


January 8, 2012 10:27 AM

I'd like to announce the arrival of Daphne Aurora on Friday Jan. 6!!

September 21, 2011 03:46 PM

Evangeline & Wesley give me a modern vibe (in a good way). The relatively staid Beth and David make me think they are likely tribute names and so family is important, so I see a modern, stylish family grounded in their roots. Where to go when you've already used your faves-- your new faves! :) Or your regrets-- which name do you wish you should have used? And start early (which is what you are doing!!!) so that you can have a list of a few names to toss around once the babe is growing. Ideas for siblings to Evangeline & Wesley (love Wesley, by the way!): Lincoln, Grady, Adelaide, Genevieve, Grant, Charlotte, Miller, Milo, Tatiana, Davis, Naomi, Vaughn, Marshall, Lydia, Giada (I have a hard time getting girls names that give me the same feel as Evangeline-- do you always use the full name?)

August 23, 2011 11:30 AM

PennyX: just do what feels right to you! Like I think I said, there isn't a bad decision. and if you don't now and it ends up bothering you, you can always change it later as a birthday present to yourself or something. I know quite a few people who use both names (maiden professionally and married personally, hyphenated at home but not a work, signs name married but has maiden on fb-- many examples) to the point that I don't know which is legal!

August 23, 2011 11:18 AM

(goodness, can anyone tell that I am avoiding work today?) Mallie: other ideas: Orpha*, Lovie, Vella, Ona, Una, Petra, Ursula**, Elsa, Idella, Ottilie*, Solfrid, Astrid, Brigitta/Brigitte* (one of my FAVORITE German names), Mina, Lena, Eulalie, Katja, -for Elfie: what about Delfina, Delphine, Delphia, Elphaba? some of these you could use Elektra as middle names-- especially Delphine what about Elektra as a first?

August 23, 2011 11:03 AM

(I'm not trying to run the board, but breaking up my many comments into multiple posts so it isn't huge...) PennyX: I don't think you can really go wrong with keeping your name or taking the family name. ZR was right: The baby will be yours no matter what-- names are powerful but not all-powerful. Even if you'd end up adopting. If it was me though, I would see the decision this way: I have a good reason for wanting to switch my name (having more in common with my family) but only a poor-to-mediocre one to want to keep my ln (just because I'm used to it). Staying with status quo just to keep status quo is something I try to avoid in all areas of my life. I'd change it. Funny story about taking last names though: I took his ln, and we recently bought a car from my parents. On the bill of sale, my father wrote sold to "Me and DH MY-MAIDEN-NAME" I didn't notice, my dad didn't notice, but DH did since that has never been his name. He had fun ragging my dad about selling the car to people who don't exist...

August 23, 2011 10:55 AM

Elizabeth T.: I also though the lack of boys' names in intoxicating was fascinating! It is really interesting that there is all this data out there, but still the populace (and more shamefully the media/experts) relies on "someone's great-niece had a babysitter who..." stories. 1. once a story is out there it is SOOO hard to take it back. 2. somehow it seems less interesting if you say "10 people were named Acura last year!"-- I suppose it is taking away the personal connection, however tenuous. (& an in-general comment-- I don't think Laura was trying to be all-inclusive, just outlandish examples)

August 23, 2011 10:48 AM

Need Advice/Gretchen: oooh- I love Teadora. I'm sure you'd have to correct ppl who try to say it Tee-ah at first, but they'd get it. Annika was also on our list-- at first my husband had problems with it until he was told by a parent of an Annika that is rhymes with Hanukkah. My first try at Anneliese would also be four syllables, but with an 's' sound: Ahn-uh-lee-sah (having more practice with german as well) This was a college acquaintance's name-- but she went by Lisa. nn for Caroline: Clio, Lina, Caro, Liney, Carly, Callie, Caddie. Love this comment in namepedia: "Caroline is like the female William, you just can't go wrong with this name!" your other options are just so-so for me (but none of them are negative, just like the others more) (I'm also midwestern, but have had more cosmopolitan experiences so I understand you! Still though, with both of our styles mixed in, last name as firsts tend to be our style for boys-- I'm expecting in Jan and Vaughn Isaac is our name if it is male)

July 30, 2011 11:15 AM

I love Miller-- and when I picture it on a little boy, it is just the cutest little thing. But I think it can also grow into an adult. I do think AlexandER and MillER are too much-- but like the idea of a multisyllabic mn. What about Timothy, Franklin, Tobias, Gregory, Harris for mn suggestions with Miller? (I didn't check above closely for duplicates!) Or Miller Michael Bowman-- he can be your little M&M! I like Quinn and feel it can be either female or male! I know a 25 yo male, and lots of pop culture females. I actually do like Quinn Julia, but also like the suggestion of Juliet as fn or mn-- it is snappier and fresher than Julia. I do like how Juliet has that plosive sound to break up the first and last name-- especially with your ln. I also get Quinnor... (did you see how I worked the original blog post into my reply? :) )

July 25, 2011 08:51 AM

oh, and I second Rupert Charles too! Sibs for Dakota, Josiah, and Janae: Delilah, Bailey, Jordan/yn, Mara, Hailey, Leah, Alaina, Caitlin, Kyra, Vanessa, Lainey, Sarai,

July 25, 2011 08:43 AM

Lucubratrix: I agree, Rupert and James, even together, don't bring me to News Corp. I think more Rupert Grint. And, again, I agree with Alli that James is such a well established name that you can safely use it. It is like being pregnant and suddenly seeing pregnant people everywhere-- there are probably not any more than there were before, I am just more aware of them. Same with Rupert and James-- since you are planning on using it, you are super sensitive to seeing them together-- James is just everywhere in general! :) (I do think James is great with Rupert! Much more so that the others you mentioned.)

July 23, 2011 09:21 AM

thanks all on the Daphne issue sarah smile: my hubby liked Nea, until we looked down at our dog Mina and realized that might be a might to close! :) cabbage patch dolls: mine was a homemade one (an aunt made it for me) and it had initials on its bum-- mine! So, it's name was Krissy Nicky, named after me: Kristin Nicole. Tamale: I'm gonna have to take some time to absorb all of that, and come up with suggestions! A great starting place is the rest of this site and Laura's book. you can take Laura's book and figure out what style types you might fit into and the look at other names based on that style. And, if you become an expert member (see blue dot above) there is a feature called name matchmaker where you can put in names and it'll come up with some similar (not always be sound, but also style). another similar site is

July 22, 2011 08:59 AM

I had posted this request for info earlier in the week on the last post, but it got eaten by the machine. I was looking at the state specific SSA name data (link through Nancy's baby names website) and was happy to find our top three names (Vaughn, Daphne, Vienna) were all only used <10 times per year in the state I live in and the state most of my family is in. :) So, even though Daphne is more popular nationwide, more locally it isn't. :) But, everytime we talk about girls names, my husband asks what nicknames are good for Daphne Aurora. I find this funny since he is a Michael who does not like to go by Mike. :) And, our boys name is Vaughn Isaac, which also has no nicknames. But, our other girls name, Vienna Colette, has a couple nns we like (Vee, Vico). So, dear name nerds, help me brainstorm nicknames for a name that I don't think needs one: Daphne Aurora (last names starts with P). My list so far: Dap, Fee, Nene, Daffy (which is probably what my husband wants to stay away from), Dory (a combo of D- and Rory from mn?). who knows, maybe when we find out the gender, it'll be a boy and this will be a non-issue. :) on androgynous names, I love them. and for the commenter above, I agree that there are probably many more that are very close when you look below 500 babies.

July 12, 2011 09:00 AM

Oh, and as far as the Beckham's: I don't know why everyone is disappointed at them for not being trendsetters with this name (Harper)! You have to assume that they chose a name they loved--regardless of popularity, style matching with the siblings. Which is the same you'd expect from any parent and the same advice you'd give anyone considering names for their babe. Kudos for Victoria and David for not feeling the pressure to be trendsetters and using the name they wanted!


CHimu: Ariadne Clementine! Ariadne Genevieve! Cordelia Astrid! Ariadne Delphine. (I'm sooo voting for Ariadne here...dh nixed it for me) Good luck with your last couple weeks!


random musings: Can't believe Naomi is ranked as high as it is! (96) Bianca is my new little crush-- throwing it to dh as a equivalent sub to Vienna needing more mn options that do not end or start in A. (Colette, Eve, Claire, Blythe, Jade) wondering what Gretchen's middle name is...