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Nomatophilia nom-at-uh-FEE-lee-uh meaning - abnormal affection towards names. I loathe name snobbery. It is the person who makes the name - the name doesn't make the person . Liking a certain style of name doesn't make you a better person. Everyone is so different & has different preferences. I think that it is a good thing that some like vintage & other like trendy or that some like Ancient Greek names and others like super-popular names -- it keeps life from being dull! Ok, soapbox over! lol I believe in choosing a name that you are willing to defend ; whether that name is Emily or Euripides. Choose a name that feels good in your bones. Something that you truly love and have researched . The first thing that makes me like the name is it's sound. I'm open-minded and move with times when it comes to names. I like all different names. I like the trendy, the outlandish, the common, the unheard of , the invented and the medieval. Frankly, I just like names :) Enjoy your day/night! God Bless :)

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August 11, 2010 01:59 AM

Thanks everyone! @lucubratrix Good point! Sigh, I've been in a bit of an ''Arden'' name mood...., but, I'm not willing to sacrifice Eden ... even in a story LOL! Oh well, a girl can dream. Oh well, a person can always hope :) But, I do agree with you all

August 10, 2010 02:19 PM

@emilyrae Ironically, I read a book where 1 of the main characters was a female Ripley. This Ripley was a bot of a tomboy and a cop on a small island. :) I ''think'' Ripley & Piper sound like 3 REALLY spunky sisters :) Hmmm, I'm erring on the side that Eden & Arden being a tad too similar , also. If you add Dylan - my 1# boy name since a kid (think 10 or 12), that's way too much -en/ihn sound for 3, two-syllable names At the moment, this is kind of for a story where I am using my fav names. It is , a guilty consideration at the moment :) But, hey, who knows, maybe by the time I have -- which as I get older, the older I want to be when I have kids, maybe the new favorite names are Gertruida & Frederique!

August 10, 2010 09:29 AM

@emilyrae First of all,thank you for remembering me! Secondly, thank you for replying to my long post I'm not really quite ''back'' yet. I've just been so busy! But, when I go on holiday (in November), you all will probably be wishing me away! I generally classify my taste as ''eclectic''. lol Ripley: It's a bit of a spunky, strong woman name for me. I could imagine being the name of a ''Kick Butt Chick'' in one of those types of novels I'm actually really starting to like it :) LAST QUESTION I was going to ask this, and then I didn't .... oh well, it's being asked now! Are Eden (EE-den/dihn) & Arden (ARE-den) too close for sisters? I'm in a bit of 2 minds about this one.It could be perceived as matchy ...but, at the same time , I know when all of my family members get together, everyone's names get mixed up anyway (we're a troop)- even though our names have completely different sounds! HELP! Thanks everyone

August 10, 2010 07:46 AM

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone is well I have 2 questions that I would really appreciate some feedback on How would you describe my girl name style? I ''think'' my male & female style is slightly different These are pretty much the top 30 + or - or the names that I keep on going back to and have all pretty much been names that I have loved since childhood/teens ... so, YEARS . They're the most consistently liked.I won't be offended if you say trendy etc Luna (loo-nah/nuh) Eden Honour (not a creative spelling, how it's spelt in my country) Charlotte Carys (KAH-riss) Scarlett Savannah Summer Isla (EYE-luh) Piper Phoebe (FEE-bee), Penelope (peh-neh-lo-pee), Arielle (aah -ree-el / R-E-L) Anastasia (ah-nah-stay-see-ah), Evangeline (LEEN not line) , Blair (I also love Claire, but took her off the list because of someone) Maya (MY-uh) Talulah (tuh-loo-luh) Sage Sasha (SUH-sha or long ''a'' SAH-sha .. not the 'a' in apple) Skye Laila Tatum (TAY-tem/tum) Isabella (ih-sah-behl-luh ) (liked it before Twilight was even written lol ) Camille (KAH - meel) Arden (ARE-den) Jade Jasmine (Jazz-min) Shannon Sinead (shee-nayd) Keira (key-ruh or keer-uh) Briony (brye-oh-nee) Sophie Honour I put in the phonetics as to how I say it, because I know that accent and accental stress changes how a name can sound .. this was just to give a clearer understanding of were I am coming from Thank you ! QUESTION2 (that looks like an exam heading, but anyway) I've been thinking about the name RIPLEY a lot. I used to always consider it as a solely a male name, but I've recently been liking it for a girl as well. I've only come across females named Ripley ... the only male is a dog... all of this has been making me more inclined to consider it unisex I don't have a problem with unisex names at all ; it depends on the specific name for me. I.E. I prefer Robin,Harper, Elliot,Raven & Cameron for boys. I prefer Bailey,Aubrey, Quinn (not because of Glee - don't even watch Glee) ,Taylor,Jade for girls for example . A lot depends on the exposure that I have of the names . For isntance, I have no problem with a male/female Ashley My question is, do you think that Ripley is a name that walks the gender boundary line , or does it lean towards a specific gender? Do you think that you could get away with using it on either gender? Thank you and please forgive the length

August 10, 2010 07:42 AM

Screen name Honestly, I like the sound of Lark . I like it's connotation . It's cool as a name and it's an interesting animal . I love music , hence the song. You get the saying '' sings like a lark'', so the name ''Larksong'' is basically just a joke about that saying, as well as amusing me It's corny and silly .... but, hey, it makes me happy.Plus, hippy names are a guilty pleasure ( as well as ancient Greek names) So, like everything about lark.Like everything about music. It's all good

June 12, 2010 10:44 AM
In Response to Emmerich the Beautiful

@zoerhenne Is it possible that the doll-ya/dahl-yah etc way of saying it is an American way? The only time I've ever heard it said like that was when watching an American movie with characters from the South @tiffg RE: Phoebe I wouldn't worry about Phoebe from Friends. The show has been over for around5 yrs now, and I doubt that she'd have any problems at school. I don't think it'd be an association that her peers would have. It's kind of like Cheers, I know OF the show, but I couldn't name a single character in it to save my life. It will probably be the same with your daughter's generation. By the way, this is a hopelessly biased post as it is one of my fav names lol! Some more suggestions: Zinnea, Shelby,Elena, Aurelia,Aurora,Cassandra,Cleone/Cleonie, Zara Magdelena, Marguerite, Catriona,Done (with a diacritic mark on the e said do-nay),Rita Katrina,Rosamund, Beatrice, Bellatrix and Gretchen Some are stretches. If you hate them all, no problem :)

June 12, 2010 05:32 AM
In Response to Emmerich the Beautiful

Sol's_mom sorry! i've been typing in between doing other things, which is why i missed your latest post

June 12, 2010 05:30 AM
In Response to Emmerich the Beautiful

@Sol's_mom I get where both you and your husband are coming from. I think that both of you are right. It's all a matter of personal preference. If you were to have another daughter, would you feel inclined or forced to use another flower/nature name if you did use Violet Iris/Iris Violet? In a way, I do think that's it's a nice compromise as you both get to use names that you love, though it can be a bit much together for some (it depends on the specific combo for me).Plus, you will probably just have people think that you & your spouse really love flowers :) I think Violet Iris sounds gorgeous, but it does make me think of an eye colour. I'll vote for Violet Emily. Iris is very pretty, but it does also remind me of the 'eye' ( I have a thing for eyes actually).Violet is a lot fresher and sweeter than Iris. It sounds lighter, but will age well and it isn't intrinsically linked to any specific age group as Iris might be. I know a lot of people view it more as an older name or normally associate it with adults as opposed to kids. I 'think' it would probably be more popular in the US than Iris. So, Violet Emily, as she will have an alternative name of a different style to use one day if she wishes.But, I don't think that having a double flower name is awful. I do like Violet & Iris for sisters Overall, I think Lucubatrix summed it up beautifully and my personal approach to naming is pretty much the same as hers @Lucubatrix Thank you for your response! That was absolutely fascinating to read. I've actually saved your response and am going to show it to someone :) @tiffg Congratulations! How are you pronouncing Dalia/Dahlia? BNW lists it as DAH-lee-ə and that's how I always said it. Gosh, everyone else has give some great suggestions! Random ideas are (sorry if there are any repeats. I'm trying to think of names that haven't been suggested) Tamara Giselle Leonie Carys kah-riss Leilani Samaire (sah-meer-ah) Callia Hazel Ruth Sabine Soleil said so-lay Saskia Matilda Natalia Lola Esther Mara ..... might be weird with Naomi? Talia.... similar to dalia Marie Carmen Alessia Elysia Fiona Aven Tamsin/tamzin Penelope Phoebe Arielle aah-ree-ehl or r-e-l Ariella Nahla Jovie Nova Novie Aloma Beulah Ramah Bethsaida/Bethseda i've come across one Sedonie Callista Viola Sylvie Rania --- raah -nee -uh like in the word far sorry, apparently I can only think of 'ah' names today might be of interest to you

June 11, 2010 02:50 PM
In Response to Emmerich the Beautiful

Elizabeth T. That's great of you to do and an absolutely fascinating list ! @Laura A wonderful job as always ! It's incredible interesting @Awkward Turtle Ryk is actually a legitimate name on it's own said as RAKE. You make a good point

June 11, 2010 09:32 AM

@zoerhenne heheheh. I do appreciate the added 2 cents :) A person can never have too much change! I respect teachers a lot . They deal with many of the issues parents/parents-to-be/and people in general raise about names on a daily basis. So, I always find it interesting as to what a teacher or former-teacher says.The parallels and contrasts between their views on names

June 11, 2010 07:11 AM

lucubratrix In your opinion as a teacher, what are the most important aspects to consider when naming a person,based on your experience? In terms of the spelling,pronunciation, popularity,teasing etc

June 10, 2010 01:32 PM

Kimberley is a place, which is why I think of that spelling . Kimberley was also a favourite at one stage of my life :) It's a nice name Thanks for the info !

June 10, 2010 12:19 PM

@KRC and zoerhenne I didn't know that Kimberley was the British spelling. I always thought it was 'the' spelling. Nice names ,KRC !

June 10, 2010 09:27 AM

@ zoerhenne The person who invented Nevaeh was an Evangelical. I think he's actually a gospel singer or something.I read it in some old NY Times article I think the hoo ha made over that name is that a lot of people really don't like it Oh , sorry, turns out the post I made earlier did go through & I couldn't find it , so I re-wrote it for nothing.The repeat is deleted now. Oh well, at least the fingers got exercise and they'll stay nimble !

June 10, 2010 09:10 AM

RE: Clementine hhaha Good point. I did know that it was a type of orange lol Clementine has a running through a vineyard in France image , but I don't drink, which is why my mind probably switches to the next best thing. @zoerhenne You're a sweetheart for looking up Clementine! I knew it as a fruit. but not a Mandarin orange :) The names that you were considering for Natalie are all nice :)

June 10, 2010 08:55 AM

@Anna S It's a pity the numerologist didn't tell her to use a Budhhist name. I doubt they'd be throwing any eggs :) You'll probably find that the Egg-Throwers were a minority who felt that way within the Muslim community.Secondly, it's not the name of a god or something of outright offensive which is going against their religion or offensive to their God. Some names/places are linked to multiple religions .A lot of times, people even look up the names & don't even know the name has a religious or possible offensive link until AFTERWARD.Sometimes people just here a name & will only look up the meaning -if that ! At the end of the day,as long as it's not something like naming your kid something like Messiah/Jesus/Hitler etc then I think people should relax. You can't judge a person based on their name or their parents.To do so without knowing the facts is obnoxious & presumptuous. You don't know why they chose it or their personal history. It could be chosen out of respect for something or to honor someone. At the end of the day, to get angry over somebody elses' name is really silly to me.There are way more important things to focus on in life.If it's wrong for her to have that name, then I can complain about every atheist that has a name of a religious figure.I actually know a lady who is an atheist and ALL of her kids have names of some of the most important figures in the Christian Bible & she had no idea. I can understand why some people are upset but is it worth throwing eggs at her over something this minute when there are other issues in the world that are of greater importance? I agree with Eo.

June 10, 2010 03:53 AM

@Amy 3 You summed that up really well ! ''It seems we've found all types of Alistair pronunciations, which to me says each one is as valid as the next.''' I agree with that & your daughter sounds very pretty @emilyrae Cool Japanese story! I'm glad that you liked it & that you watched the video :) Lol, Wooster is actually a 2-syllable sound if I 'covert' it, but there are any equivalent sounds in English - each sound kind of sounds like a hybrid of two English sounds, hence the 4 syllables. Wooster looks JUST like an Afrikaans name/surname i.e. Venter,Vorster,Wessels,Wynand etc I get that you mean 'woo-ster' though lol A lot of things get 'converted' or affected because of the languages & accents in SA. E.G. this one girl is actually Stephanie, but she lives in Cape Town & they call her Stefani like Gwen Stefani! My first language is English & the second is Afrikaans, by the way. It's why I normally try & go through a couples of ways to say a name before I comment. It's actually a bit silly and can make it confusing, though RE: the orange ahahha ! You're right! Ironically, when I think of Sophie it's really similar.Clementine probably would have been running through a French vineyard if not for the fact that I don't drink - so the the subconscious picks the next best thing! I'm glad that you liked the description.I'm a bit odd that way, though I think a lot of other NE's also probably have it. What happens is when I think of a name in an abstract manner, slowly a visual starts to form of the setting/look/personality of the name because of it's vibes.The best analogy is that of when someone tells you to imagine a tropical island/beach, before you even think of adding in the details, your mind starts to add in the sound of the waves, the wind blowing the palm trees etc It's fun because sometimes the pictures of the names are completely contrasting to each other. A downside is that when I start writing it, it can look a bit pretentious ( hair like a raven's wing ) .... I mean, really, who does this girl think she is? Then I'm like, oh what the hek, I know I'm not pretentious so it's gonna get typed lol I write it as I think/see it lol

June 9, 2010 02:50 PM

@hyz (and female names that aren't too frilly. My name world is like Lake Wobegon--"where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average" lol). hehehhe. That made me giggle :)It sounds like a nice place @Kimberly nli I think that once again, hyz summed the initials up perfectly. Betsy 2 also made really good points Hey, if I know people who have the surname Kok & can get away with it - then maybe BRA isn't that bad? @zoerhenne I feel the same way as you do regarding the older names .I agree also how what you said regarding how a sibset just works. I do tend to have 2 categories of older names in my head, though: older (of another generation) & then geriatric The old ones I can still understand the appeal of (it's more a matter of just different taste).But, it's when they make me think of geriatrics in spandex teaching aerobics to the other members of the retirement village , that I start scratching my head . Then again,maybe those are just so fusty that they just might be cool to some . Oh well, whatever makes them happy No offense meant to anyone who reads this.MANY people think that I'm ridiculous for liking what I like and HATE my fav names. I'm using the 'stereotype' as an example here . By the way, zoerhenne, what were the other names that you were considering for Natalie? Astrid & Clementine descriptions without reading the others: Astrid has hair as black as a raven's wing (it's black, but u get those subtle colour variations like a dark-green black in it as well) & milky white skin. Her face has a striking, foxy type of beauty with her eerily blue eyes. Hmmmm, she seems like she'd fit well in Twilight Clementine Has wavy blonde & sun-kissed skin. She has a few freckles scattered across her cheeks & nose.She appears as very wholesome & Frenchy Bohemian. I imagine a girl running barefoot through an orange grove in a a billowing white dress.Basically, surf girl meets the gypsies? Sorry, I tend to get 'images' of names as people as opposed to just thinking of a personality type RE: Asialia Is it maybe AAH-saa-lee-aah? RE: Lo for Penelope Lo is really sweet as an nn.I like it a lot :) Could Polly also me a nn?

June 9, 2010 02:22 PM

@PennyX I agree with everything hyz said and that she summed it up brilliantly I know of someone who recently had a baby & she had two named prepared for him, but when he arrived, she was REALLY confused, as she said that he looked like a Michael - which was completely opposite to what she had in mind. Also, sometimes our idea of what a person with a specific name will be like is completely different to who they are. I think that when the baby is born, you'll know or pick up the slight differences in them , which will help to distinguish which name to choose. It will probably be more of a gut instinct as to which is right for whom. Your maternal instincts might kick in & that way you will know? The best that I can think of, is to go with your gut and what feels right when the time comes @Cathie You summed that up PERFECTLY! Afrikaans & Dutch are very similar.If you're fluent in the one, you can understand the other or at least get the gist of what the other person is saying. I also grew up with that story about the names. I.e. Van der Berg "from the mountain".I actually think that Van der Berg is a family surname on my one side of the family ! It's the same here with a lot of surnames - they are legitimate words/phrases .I get what you mean about the 'f/v' also ! @emilyrae Yeah, when I see 'Van der' etc, I automatically revert to the Afrikaans/Dutch because it's REALLY common here. I.e., take Wooster. I automatically read that as an Afrikaans name sort of said like fuh-oowa-ster .I had to try and invent a phonetic there, as it's really 2-syllable sound as opposed to the 4 that I just made. But, I'm pretty sure that you mean Wooster said how it looks in English Sorry if that was confusing ! Here is a random video which might help you get what I mean. It's just a rugby player (Schalk Burger) being interviewed . You don't have to watch it if you don't want & you definitely don't have to watch the whole thing - just a few seconds if you want ! But in terms of the sound, it might help you understand some of the influences of my accent and the 'Van der' etc questions

June 9, 2010 08:53 AM

Alistair I finally remembered the other Alistair that I know of . Alistair Hargreaves . I was trying to find them saying his name on youtube, but couldn't find any. I'm 99.9 % sure they say it as Alister because of Allister Coetzee anyway.I've only ever heard it as Alister That's him if you want to look.