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November 22, 2017 06:46 PM

There is...

Tate (boy or girl)

Amoree - means love (girl)

Adlyn - unique twist on Adyn (girl)

Adyn - popular but special spelling of Aiden or Aidan (Boy)

Caslin - unique twist of Catlyn or Caitlyn (girl)

Aspen (boy or girl but i would choose Boy because it kind of has a raspy tone to it)

Gaton - actor on Stranger Things and it’s just the cutest little name for a boy



November 22, 2017 06:24 PM
In Response to Help With Quads!

For quadruplets, I suggest not doing a 1 letter theme because every kid is unique and I would want to give my children unique names to tell them how special and unique they really are. Some names for quadruplets if they were all girls would be would be Elecia, Miracle, Adlyn, and Amoree. For boys good names would be, Lichensky, Jarcon, Casil, and Alician. If you like these names and the genders of your quadruplets vary then u could pick between them, but these are just some unique names that would be really cute for littlw boys and girls.