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January 18, 2014 07:15 AM

I had a feeling light horse was a nickname. I didn't know he was Robert E. Lee's father, thats interesting! 

January 11, 2014 01:03 PM

I love it! It could be an issue at times, but I don't think it would be too bad since it's typically spelled Sydney for girls. It's about time people start reclaiming the boys names that have been taken over by girls! 

January 11, 2014 12:59 PM

I used to mispronounce Stephen and Sean too! And I also have a hard time remembering Leigh is LEE, not LAY. It really bugs me when I see names like Kayleigh and Marleigh. I always want to say KAY-lay and MAR-lay. A few others I've only recently discovered how to pronounce correctly:

-Nevaeh (ok, I don't think anyone would get this on the first try)

-Rosalia (I used to say ro-SA-lee-a, which is a legitimate pronunciation, but there's also ro-sa-LEE-a, which I prefer)

-Rhys (I used to pronounce it like the word rice)

-Jaden (Not sure if this really counts- I know how to say it, but I'm always tempted to say JAD-in, jad rhyming with had)

-Elisha (I used to say it like Alicia, which I suppose is used for girls, but it technically is a masculine name pronounced a-LIE-sha)

I know there's more, especially unanglicized Irish names, but I can't think of any at the moment.

January 8, 2014 03:43 PM
In Response to Help with the top 5

Willa and Rosalie are on my girls list, bit Willa is becoming more and more popular after quite an extended leave of absence from the top 1000, while Rosalie just sounds more classic to me. Honestly I got really excited when I saw it on your list- it's one of my favorite names. Rosalie Arline is a bit repetitive though, at least to my ears. What about Rosalie Frances, Rosalie Georgia, or Rosalie Norma? 

John Lennon was great, but using his surname as a feminine first name just doesn't seem right to me. Not to mention that Lennon sounds exactly like Lenin. Sorry if someone else already mentioned that- I havent read the other comments yet!

Sadie is nice, but it's pretty trendy, and Marie is a bit overused as a middle name. What about Sadie Georgie, Sadie Frances, Sadie Norma, or Sadie Arline? Harper is really not my style and I feel like it's so different from your other choices (except lennon). It's very, very popular, it's a surname, and it's a masculine name. But if you love it, go for it. 

In order from best to worst:

1. Rosalie 

2. Willa

3. Sadie 

4. Harper

5. Lennon 

hope I helped! 

January 8, 2014 03:36 PM
In Response to Emerson- girl or boy?

Definitely for a boy. But then again, I'm really not a fan of boy's names on girls. I love Emerson John :)

January 4, 2014 08:51 AM

Incorporating family names and some names I think would work well:

Noah: Noah David, Noah James, Noah John, Noah Benjamin, Noah Charles, Noah Henry, Noah Matthew, Noah Paul, Noah Peter, Noah Robert, Noah Samue, Noah Thomas, Noah Vincent. I think Noah Nicholas is a little much, personally. The only Noah whose middle name I know is a Noah Tucker- personally, I'm not a fan but I thought I'd put in down in case you like it. 

Andrew: Andrew Wade, Andrew David, Andrew James, Andrew John (I know a ltitle Andrew John- love this combo), Andrew George, Andrew Henry, Andrew Joseph, Andrew Michael, Andrew Miles, Andrew Nicholas, Andrew Peter, Andrew Thomas, Andrew Vincent, Andrew William 

Asa: Asa David, Asa James, Asa Benjamin, Asa Charles, Asa Daniel, Asa Frederick, Asa George, Asa Henry, Asa Michael, Asa Martin, Asa Miles, Asa Nicholas, Asa Paul, Asa Patrick, Asa Peter, Asa Thomas, Asa Vincent, Asa William 

Cohen: (I have never heard of this used as a first name... if you're aware of the risks of using it and still love it, then by all means go ahead. But I'd be careful- maybe Colin/Cullen would work? or maybe spell it Coen) Cohen James, Cohen John, chosen Andrew, Cohen George, Cohen Henry, Cohen Isaac, Cohen Matthew, Cohen Michael, Cohen Nicholas. Cohen Oliver, Cohen Paul, Cohen Samuel, Cohen Thomas

Gray (have you considered Grady as a full name? There's also 'Grayden', but I'd really advise against that). Here are some Grady combos: Grady John, Grady James, Grady Arthur, Grady Daniel, Grady Edward, Grady Isaac, Grady Michael, Grady Nicholas, Grady Paul, Grady Patrick, Grady Peter, Grady Samuel, Grady Thomas

Haddon (never heard of this one- pronounced HAD-in? I kinda like it!) Haddon Wade, Haddon James, Haddon John, Haddon Arthur, Haddon Charles, Haddon Daniel, Haddon Edward, Haddon Francis, Haddon George, Haddon Isaac, Haddon Joseph, Haddon Leo, Haddon Miles, Haddon Oliver, Haddon Paul, Haddon Robert, Haddon Thomas, Haddon Vincent, Haddon William

Macsen: Macsen Wade, Macsen James, Macsen John, Macsen David, Macsen Charles, Macsen Daniel, Macsen Everett, Macsen Edward, Macsen Henry, Macsen Leo, Macsen Oliver, Macsen Peter, Macsen Robert, Macsen Thomas

Simon: Simon Wade, Simon James, Simon John, Simon David, Simon Arthur, Simon Charles, Simon Emmett, Simon Francis, Simon George, Simon Henry, Simon Joseph, Simon Robert, Simon Thomas, Simon Vincent


Alice: Alice Elizabeth (have you considered spelling it Elisabeth? Then it kind of honors Elise and Elizabeth at the same time), Alice Caroline, Alice Eleanor, Alice Evelyn, Alice Emma, Alice Emily, Alice Josephine, Alice Julia, Alice Lillian, Alice Madeleine, Alice Mary, Alice Matilda, Alice Sophie/Sophia, Alice Vivian 

Charlie (besides Charlotte, it can be a nickname for Charlene, Charlotta, Charlize, or Charla- found these on the NameFinder tool) 

Isla: Isla Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Isla Beatrice, Isla Bridget, Isla Caroline, Isla Charlotte, Isla Frances, Isla Genevieve  Isla Jane, Isla Josephine, Isla June, Isla Katherine, Isla Matilda, Isla Mary, Isla Ruth, Isla Sophie, Isla Vivian 

Lilian: Lilian Elise, Lilian Alice, Lilian Charlotte, Lilian Eve/Eva, Lilian Emma, Lilian Eleanor, Lilian Frances, Lilian Florence, Lilian Isabel, Lilian Julia, Lilian Mary, Lilian Matilda, Lilian Mabel, Lilian Nora, Lilian Olive, Lilian Ruth, Lilian Ramona, Lilian Sarah, Lilian Sophie

Lila: Lila Elise, Lila Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Lila Beatrice, Lila Caroline, Lila Charlotte, Lila Dorothy, Lila Frances, Lila Florence, Lila Genevieve, Lila Helena, Lila Jane, Lila Josephine, Lila June, Lila Katherine, Lila Kate, Lila Mary, Lila Madeleine, Lila Ruth, Lila Sophie, Lila Vivian

Rose: Rose Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Rose Anna, Rose Anne, Rose Emma, Rose Ella, Rose Eleanor Rose Evelyn, Rose Katherine, Rose Louisa, Rose Mary, Rose Marie, Rose Sophia, Rose Victoria 

Rosalie: Rosalie Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Rosalie Caroline, Rosalie Charlotte, Rosalie Frances, Rosalie Helen, Rosalie Helena, Rosalie Jane, Rosalie Johanna, Rosalie June, Rosalie Julia, Rosalie Katherine, Rosalie Louise/Louisa, Rosalie Matilda, Rosalie Mary, Rosalie Madeleine, Rosalie Nora, Rosalie Vivian

Roselle: Roselle Elise (too many l's?), Roselle Carolina, Roselle Genevieve, Roselle Helena {ha-LAY-na}, Roselle Johanna, Roselle Katrina, Roselle Lucia {loo-SEE-a}, Roselle Louisa, Roselle Matilda, Roselle Malena, Roselle Marlena, Roselle Marina, Roselle Sophia   

*sorry, I used a lot of the same names for various different combos

I apologize for the length of this- I tend to get carried away...hope you find some you like! :)

January 4, 2014 07:13 AM

My favorite of your boy's list by far is Charles David "Charlie". So handsome and classic. My second favorite would be Emerson John-now that I think of it, I know an Emerson David-I think both Emerson John and Emerson David flow well together. Emerson Wade flows well too, but I'm not a fan of Wade. I've never really liked the sound of Asher and its a bit trendy for me, but I kind of like Nicholas Asher.

Of your girl's list, my favorites are Caroline Elise and Lucy Caroline. I love the way Lucy Caroline sounds together! Amelia is just ok to me, but I love Mary as a mn. Lila Rose sounds gorgeous, but I'm afraid that combo is super trendy right now, seeing as Lila is gaining popularity and I believe Rose is the most popular middle name. What do you think of Lila Beatrice, Lila Florence, Lila Josephine, Lila Mabel, or Lila Ruth? Or maybe go with another ros- name like Rosemary or Rosalind. I'm not a fan of Adaire-sorry! All I can think of is 'a dare'. And Rowan is way too masculine for a girl, in my opinion. But I'm just not a fan of androgynous names in general. 

Best of luck! 


January 3, 2014 12:20 PM

I believe its Irish, but I could be mistaken. I have a feeling that it mostly appears on the US records as a misspelling of Michael rather than purposely spelled this way. 

January 3, 2014 12:16 PM

I can't say I'm a fan of Zoe either, unfortunately... I think Charlotte Grace is way too classic to be paired with the more modern Zoe (I know it's technically not modern, but it's really only become common in the past 5-10 years). Quinn is androgenous and relatively newly used on girls, so I think it's also a little too modern paired with big sister's name. However, I really love Anthony John, especially with Charlotte Grace! And the nickname Lolly is too cute for words :)

January 3, 2014 12:08 PM

My favorites are Genevieve Victoria(it is a little 'V heavy', but I don't think its excessive), Evelyn Victoria, and Emily Victoria. Of course, Emily is a top 10 name and has been for years, but it's still a beautiful classic in my eyes. Plus, I know an Emily Victoria and I think its a gorgeous combo :) Evelyn is pretty trendy right now but lovely nonetheless. I like the way Evelyn Lyons looks too- I think it's the y's. Genevieve is super gorgeous and not yet super popular, which is a plus. I think it would be the most refreshing to hear on a little girl. Would you use any nicknames if you chose Genevieve?

January 3, 2014 11:57 AM

I love your girls' names! You and I seem to have a similar style, so I'll suggest some names I like and think go well with Audrey and Evelyn.






















*- appeared in 2012 top 100. 

Since Audrey and Evelyn are both top 100 names, I'm guessing popularity isn't a very big factor for you, which opens up a lot of great options :) I wasn't sure if you were bothered by repeating A or E initials, so I left them out, but I'd be happy to suggest some A and E names if you don't mind matching initials. Hope you see some you like, and good luck! 

December 31, 2013 12:31 PM
In Response to Krimson Tyde

Woah. Where did you get this one? I would also assume it to be feminine because of the K and Y, but it could also be a case of the parents not wanting to spell it exactly like the team and desiring something more 'creative'. I wonder if the child is called by both names or just Krimson?

December 31, 2013 12:25 PM
In Response to If It was Up to You

What about Alfred nn Freddie? Or Friedrich? I don't know much about welsh names, but maybe you could find one that Freddie can work as a nickname for.

I love Evelyn, Ruby, Matilda, and Isabel! And I think Millicent would be so refreshing on a little girl, and with the nickname Millie, it's definitely doable. 


December 29, 2013 09:53 AM

Mackynzie Faith

Michael James 

Marcus Anthony 

Matilda Catherine

Mabel Josephine

Madeleine Alice 

Molly June

Matthew John

Martin Charles

Margaret Ruth

Marlo Joseph

Miles Edward

Malcolm Arthur

Max David

Mason Frederick

Miller Vincent

Mavis Anne 

Mary Grace

Marina Louise

Marlena {mar-LAY-na} Ruby


December 28, 2013 09:09 PM
In Response to Baby name help!!

 Here's what I found-link to the site is below if you'd like to check it out




Constantine (Greek nickname is Costa, I believe) 


Isidore (could be assumed as feminine because of all the Isabelles and Isabellas)








My personal favorites are Augustine, Constantine, Markos, Milos and Yanni :)

If you want some more 'universal' choices, Lucian, Felix, and Silas are also Greek according to the site I used. 


December 28, 2013 08:54 PM

My favorite of you list is Wesley James. I prefer classic names, and for me, Zander, Evan, Zachary, and Luca are more contemporary. I also really don't like the idea of using Luca with a surname that isn't Italian.

I love Oliver, but it ranked #73 in 2012, so it's not exactly uncommon. Plus there's a song called 'Oliver James' that's kind of depressing so that's always my association. But it flows really well and I don't think too many people have heard of the song. Here are a few suggestions I came up with, possible nicknames in parentheses

August (Augie, Gus)

Arthur (Art, Artie)

Calvin (Cal, Vinnie)

Edward/Edwin/Edmund (Ed, Eddie, Ted, Teddy, Ned) 

Frederick (Fred, Freddie)

Leonard (Leo, Lenny-depending on how you pronounce it)

Martin (Marty)

Peter (Pete, Petey)

Stephen (Steve, Stevie) 

They're all relatively common in general, but they're classics. I don't know if you like this style, but it tends to be the one with the most nickname options. These names all sound great with James, in my opinion :) 

Good luck! 

December 28, 2013 07:54 PM
In Response to Old sounding name?

I think the style the OP was going for was more along the lines of modern/made up, in which case, I'd say Noralyn sounds the most 'modern', but Noralee is prettier. I personally am not a huge fan of either as I prefer traditional names to made up ones. I feel like this is a similar feeling to a majority of the people on this site. I say just go with Nora and maybe use Lee or Lynn as a middle name, or pair it with a more modern middle to sort of freshen it up in your eyes :)

I also prefer the spelling Kay to Kae.

December 28, 2013 07:50 PM
In Response to Baby name help!!

My favorites of your list are Jasper, Desmond (don't know if you want both names to start with D), and Harper. However, Harper has unfortunately become very trendy for girls, so people are likely to assume your son is a girl on a daily basis. You might want to think about that. Desmond is okay, but it's a little more contemporary. So, Jasper is the winner for me- it's cute, relatively old fashioned, and has a unique sound to it. I don't know if you'd be open to using Leonard as a middle name, but I really like Jasper Leonard. Otherwise, Jasper Leo or Jasper Lionel are nice too :)

If you're Greek and want something more culturally similar to Dmitri, I'd be happy to do a little research on greek names and let you know what I find!  

December 28, 2013 07:16 PM
In Response to Baby name help!!

Can you give us a list of names you like so we can get a little bit more insight on what your style is? 

The obvious choice to honor a Leonard would be Leo, but that's becoming quite popular. Leon is a little less common (at least it is if you live in the US) or maybe Leonardo? 

And by the way, I love Dmitri!  

December 28, 2013 02:16 PM
In Response to Brother for Benjamin

What about: 

Andrew "Andy" or "Drew"... Maybe even "Rew/Rue"? That would be kind of cute. 

Arthur "Art" or "Artie"

Charles "Charlie", "Chuck", or "Chaz"

David "Dave" (kinda dated) or "Davey"

Edward, Edwin, or Edmund "Eddie", "Ted", "Teddy", or "Ned". You could also call Edwin Win :)

Frederick "Fred" or "Freddie"

James "Jimmy" or "Jim"

John "Jack" or "Johnny"

Joseph "Joe" or "Joey" or maybe "Jos"

Louis "Louie" 

Lawrence "Larry", "Lawrie", or "Wren" 

Michael "Mike", "Mikey", "Mickey" or the less common "Miles" or "Milo" (might be a stretch)

Nicholas "Nick", "Nicky" "Nico", or "Cole"

Peter "Pete" or "Petey"

Robert "Rob", "Robby", "Bob", or "Bobby"

Thomas "Tom" (Sometimes people spell it Thom) or "Tommy

Vincent "Vin", "Vince" or "Vinnie"

I'm sure there were a bunch of repeats on this list, my apologies! Best of luck!