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June 25, 2012 05:09 PM
In Response to Camilla-popularity

I've never met a Camilla.  I think it's a beautiful name.

June 21, 2012 01:54 PM

Nice try at being funny but St. John pronounced sinjin is a traditional English name and not something I made up.  As an example you might remember the novel Jane Eyre in which there is a character named St. John.  You can see the name come up in English birth announcements sometimes.

June 20, 2012 05:32 PM
In Response to Gatsby

I think they are both silly.  More faux - pretentious than actually pretentious.  Some people act like when choosing a literary name there are only 5 in existence they could actually choose form.  I don't think they say, 'we are well read and intelligent' and instead scream, 'we were forced to read a book in high school once!'

June 20, 2012 05:01 PM
In Response to Cymbeline

Although I agree it sounds a bit feminine I would cringe to see this name on a girl.  It's completely masculine to me and quite handsome as well.  Probably not the best choice these day because again it does sound feminine to most people.

June 20, 2012 04:59 PM

I just posted them in that contest thread.   This is not even a complete list.



I have so many.


Thessalonica - this was the name of one of Alexander the Great's sisters

Sparta - the name of a nymph from Greek mythology but nobody would realize that

Philadelphia - again nobody would know that this started as a woman's name before the city was founded


Iphigenia (I might use this)

Agrippina (would probably use it)

Kilminta - love it but is starts with kill



Maria da Glora

Bienvenue - legit French name but most people will only think of the word

Dieudonnée - to French and over the top

Touissante - too French and too obscure

Hortense - I would never do that to a child but I have a positive association with this name

Theodolinde - so clunky

Polyhymnia - might use this

Jocasta - might use this one too


Ankhesenamun - my favorite ancient Egyptian name


Tanaquil - sounds like a medicaton

Semiramide - Italian form of Semiramis,  lots of pronunciation issues


Ptolemais - feminine form of Ptolemy


Pompeia (maybe I would use this)


Ryngałła - virtually impossible to pronounce in English

Januaria /  Janvière - Polish and French forms,  first sounds made up second has pronunciation issues

Gertrudis - too clunky but I have a soft spot because of the character in Like Water for Chocolate

Mnestra - too out there

Messalina - bad conotations although there were also saints by the name


St. John (pronounced sinjin) - to over the top and nobody would get the pronunciation

Agamemnon - over the top

Longinus / Longin - might use this

Ajax - love it but it's a brand of cleaning products in America

Agenor - might use this

Cato - too many moder cultural references overshadow the ancient figure but I might use the Polish form Katon in the middle

Sejanus - love the sound but it ends in anus

Orestes - sounds like arrest these,  love the Italian form Oreste as well

Pertinax - too much and some kind of product name in some countries

Winwaloe - way too obscure

Rama - probably not culturaly appropriate plus it's a word meaning gate in my first language

Indra -  again not culturally appropriate

Napoleon - maybe in the middle

Guilford/ Guildford  - couldn't bring myself to use a random surname as a name

Lytton - ditto

Actor - nobody would know this is a legit Greek name