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May 4, 2015 08:29 PM

That was exactly my first thought when I read the name. Clever, clever Kate. Well done. A beautiful, classic, appropriate choice.

March 26, 2015 12:39 PM

I doubt that Geneva is ready for a comeback due to the simple fact that when you say "Geneva" I say "Conventions" and from there it's a quick stop to torture.

On the other hand, I named my daughter Genevieve and when people hear her name I get gasps and 'oooh's. Everybody recognizes it, everybody appreciates it as a beautiful name (even people whose naming taste runs to other styles) but almost no one uses it.

It is on the way up (#219 in 2013), which may take it out of the running for some people, but if youl ike 'Geneva' but not 'Conventions,' Genevieve may be the name for you.

November 6, 2014 07:45 PM
In Response to Baby Girl Name Ideas?

Might I offer the name Seraphina as a possible honor for your sister? It has the sound 'Sarah' in it and is derived from the name of a type of angel.

I'm not a big fan of two middle names, so I would choose between Sarah and Marie, find a way to combine them, or find a name that honors one that I like as a first name. 

Combined ideas:


Sarah ideas:

Seraphina/Serafina (again)
Serena (Sarah sound, means peaceful)

Marie ideas:

Good luck! 

November 6, 2014 07:27 PM

Laura, could you find us some strong female names? The one that came to mind for me was Jane. I think there's support for that in the fact that a male character was given the name (Jayne! Firefly!) There have to be other names that are both STRONG and FEMALE. Whatcha got?


I think you missed a good one - Celia! It's very on-trend with old-fashioned charm and nickname options Cici and Lia, and the meaning of 'heaven' makes it a good option for name-enthusiast parents unhappy with the meaning of Cecilia (blind). Not to mention, its long history as a name gives it a stylistic grounding missing in modern word-names like Halo. 

March 7, 2014 07:49 PM

Love the gun-name stats, but I came on here tonight to talk about cartoon characters.

I was watching an episode of Lego Ninjago on Netflix with my boys and realized that the names of the (titular) ninjas are Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, and ...Lloyd. Even more interestingly, the first four (with names I would associate with the current generation of children) are presented as adults while Lloyd is a child - and the Chosen One, one of the central figures of the series. Lloyd. (This probably also explains why one of my sons suggested the name Lloyd for our newborn.)

To me, it sounds old and unfashionable. It peaked in popularity about the same time that my great-grandfather - Floyd - was born. To my boys, it sounds perfectly natural on another child. It's listed in the BNW book as a porch-sitter, but given what we know about name trends it's not surprising that it's coming back around. What I wonder is how long it'll be before it pops back up - will it be five years from now? 10 or 15 years from now, when the kids who are watching Ninjago have children? I'll be watching with interest, and I really wonder how many other cartoons are doing the same thing.

(I would love to see a post on this!)

August 19, 2013 10:08 AM

Looks like we've settled on Genevieve Eli@na - I'm floored, I thought for SURE my husband would think Genevieve was "too fancy" or something, but he loved it.

Now to wait till the end of the week and see if we get to USE the lovely, lovely name we've chosen. 

August 15, 2013 07:53 AM
In Response to Veronica

Just another point of view; Veronica sounds very 70s to me, and the nicknames (Vera, Ronnie, Nikka or Nikki) aren't doing anything to change that.

August 15, 2013 07:39 AM

Lucy is one that can be nicknamed Lu (to my ears, Lou and Lu sound the same...or you could always nn your Lucy 'Lou...' nicknames are very subjective).


August 14, 2013 11:12 AM

Gregory, David, James, and Elmer, respectively. I feel like I have to explain Elmer...he's named in honor of a much-loved, not-long-deceased relative. 


(I tell people that 30 or 40 years from now Elmer is going to be fashionable again, and his kids are going to be naming their kids after him, to the surprise of everyone older than themselves. No one believes me.) :) 

August 14, 2013 11:02 AM

We have an Alex@nder, a Nath@niel, a G@briel and a Ch@rles. Our last name is very short, so I chose longer names to try and balance it. (I love the name James - one of our boys has it as a middle name, where I think it performs excellently.)

And Elinor Dashwood is absolutely one reason I prefer that spelling. :)

August 13, 2013 07:56 AM

Have you considered Melisande? I've always liked that name. 

August 13, 2013 07:55 AM

Ooh, I had not thought of Cecily. I'm thinking now.

August 12, 2013 11:41 AM

Oh, I'm not looking for rare or exotic names, just unusual, probably not top 100. All of my boys have names in the top 100, but I think boy names are less mercurial, a name that's fairly-but-not-super-common will hover around the same area for a long time. Girls, now...they shoot up and down so fast that it's really hard to make a good pick that's not going to sound passe in ten years.


I wasn't aware that Violet had gone up so far... my area is full of Rylees and Kaylees and Haylees with a subset of Avas, Lilys, and Hannahs... I forgot to look outside at other data. :/

Cordelia is an interesting thought... 

July 15, 2013 08:38 AM

Let's see...


Durant (I know it's alliterative) - 'enduring.'

Stainthorpe - 'a valley with stony ground.' To me, that would indicate that she grew from rocky soil.

Dolan (another alliteration) - 'black defiance; challenge.' Could represent a refusal to stay down.

Fortier - 'stronghold'

Guillory - 'strong-willed, powerful will'

July 13, 2013 04:31 PM

Relax. You've gone too deep in name analysis. Ava Jean is lovely and no one is going to think of aubergine. :)

July 13, 2013 02:46 PM

I always say, if you can call a Margaret 'Peggy,' your nickname is probably fine. For Constantine with time and use you might end up calling him Con or Connie, why not Connor? Plus I think it goes well with Maximus/Max. "Constantine and Maximus, get your bottoms over here right now!" vs "Max and Connor did the cutest thing together today..."


Plus, really. Who's going to tell you it's not a valid nn for Constantine? All the many Constantines you will run into? ;)

July 11, 2013 08:02 PM

Also, you could use Connor as a nn for Constantine. It's the first one I thought of.

July 11, 2013 07:55 PM

How did I miss this thread!? So fun!


Boy's Names:

Charlemagne (Bonus: nn Charlie!)

Girl's Names:

I hope you like at least some of these...I may come back if I think of more. 

July 10, 2013 07:50 AM

I agree that the flow is iffy. For what it's worth, I think Harriet Hazel flows better, and I've known more people than one in my life that went by their middle name exclusively.

Another option is to add a second middle name to 'improve' things: for example, Hazel Anne Harriet. That might not seem like an appealing option, either.

I love Hazel. I love your reason for choosing Harriet. If you genuinely love Hazel Harriet ______, then go for it. I have a son with a massively un-stylish middle name (Elmer) to honor my husband's grandfather. After a few brief pangs over the missed style opportunity, I haven't looked back.