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September 2, 2016 12:46 PM
In Response to Baby number ten

Also:  girls names of Sage or Rose.

Boys names: Ned or Hank.

September 2, 2016 12:44 PM
In Response to Baby number ten

So glad you get to use all those names, they're wondeful!

I agree, I really like Clara and Everett.  Maeve is great too. Some of the other ones on the list (like Isla) are becoming more popular, so it's nice to pick things that fit with the others in terms of familiar but not too popular.

I also love the name Skye!

September 2, 2016 12:39 PM
In Response to Baby #2 - Name Help

LOL I'm a mom of an Elsa. You're making a wise decision! And I think I'm going to use Margot next!!!

Looks like you're in search of two-syllable middle names?

One syllable options I like: Grace, Paige, Claire

Two syllable options:  Marie, Kara, Sarah, Haven, Carly, Morgan, Chloe, Amy, Nina

September 2, 2016 12:27 PM

Great questions, and no good answers!

My best friend and her wife chose to use two last names, no hyphen, for the entire family.  It is a total of four syllables, so I understand your concern with a long last name.

I like the idea of using the same middle name and last names for both kids.  That way, everyone in the family has the same middle & last and you could also choose to use middle & last for more than just important documents.  Would you & your wife consider changing her name, too?  Then everyone has the same names.

Would the Anglo-Saxon name make a nice first name?  Just a thought... it's all the rage right now, and maybe could work?  Jackson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Bowen, etc.?

I think it makes things easiest if siblings (and often parents) can be easily identified with the same last name.  Alternatively, I know a family who "made up" a new last name by combining elements of both names.  A "Bradgelina" name if you will (even though no one would ever know).

Also consider (for the adults) if you like your last name... there's the option to have one on official documents, but use your maiden name(s) socially.  Plenty of friends haven't changed their names on Facebook, email, etc. even though it officially has been changed.

For the kids:  if you decided to keep only one of the parents' names for the last name, agree on the ethnic origins for the first name.  For example, if you use the Anglo-Saxon last name, then the kids' first names' should all have Eastern European Jewish roots.  I don't think this is unreasonable, and also helps you focus on the first name search.  For example, my husband and I decided to use Scandanavian-ish names for first names.  It narrowed down our list!

A conundrum!  Do what feels best for your family and involves everyone!


I'm in for Beckett, too!  Masculine and strong.  I like unisex names but the nice "B" sound will ring well with a "W" last name.

June 29, 2016 11:18 AM

Jayden, Jay, Jordan, Jared, Jeremy?  Gerald?


Ackley, Ackerley?


I think "Jack" has a lot of flexibility in it.  You could probably go vaguely with any "j" sounding name or the Ackley-type stuff above (which is pretty original and cool sounding!).  We have a few Jacks in my family... great name, and agreed, all good guys!  Good luck.

June 23, 2016 07:29 PM

Wow, rockstars! Such great feedback and helpful thoughts, thank you all!  Lots of great Nordic names I hadn't seen much of on lists.  A few that pop out at me:  Barrett, Aspen, Odette

The first link is great.  A lot of Nordic names are just different spellings of the same popular North American ones.

And a few I love but we have family members or other reasons not to use them (so you're all right on point with these suggestions!):  Astrid, Eve, Simone, Sif/Siv, Marin, Artemis

Good thoughts on the Kristen singing Let It Go!  HA!  I hadn't thought of that one.  I'll continue to let it go...

Thanks!  I'll chime in if we have progress!

June 22, 2016 01:54 PM

A bit pretentious, but there are so few Winfields that this baby will probably "own" it in his/her own.  Boy's name or girl's?  If a girl, "Winnie" is cute (and Jimmy Fallon's daughter's name).  As a boy... Will/Willie/Win.  (I'm guessing boy but just checking!).

Would you use another family name for a middle name?  I like the one syllable.  Winfield Grant!

June 22, 2016 01:51 PM

Check popularity in your state at the SSN website.  Hazel and Helena are flying up the charts where I live!  I know at least 3 babies in the past year with both those names.  And a baby Sylvia.  Margaret (not Marguerite) is in the top 100.  So these might be on the brink of resurgence!

I think Tallulah sounds cool with Ezra and Lincoln!  Milly?  Sterling?  Charlie?  (It can be a nickname for Charlotte or used on it's own).

June 22, 2016 01:11 PM
In Response to Twin name for Kit?

I love Kit! It's on my baby list.  If you're using it as a full name, maybe consider a longer-ish name (for birth certificate) with other nicknames?  And/or names that commonly used as nicknames? I would avoid rhyming (like "Britt") and anything that suggests "Kat" like Kit-Kat (Kate/Kat, etc).

Skye, Claire/Clare, Brynn, Lex, Meg, Lucy/Luce, Paige, Brooke, Milly, Sloane, Shay, Syd/Sydney