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My son, born in the mid-nineties, once mentioned to me how many girls he knows, his age or close, who are named Alyssa.  No surprise it has had its time in the limelight and is now beginning to fade away.  It's still a pretty name.

May 10, 2013 07:28 AM

Cassidy would fit well with your naming style, as would the aforementioned Delaney.  I also like the suggestion of Everly. 


I knew when I named my son Liam in the mid-nineties that it was going to become popular.  (It was way down in the 200s or 300s at the time, but I had a feeling!)  He has been the first and only Liam in every class, every school, all his life, so oh well, at least we were sort of on the "vanguard."  Regardless of celebrities, it's a lovely name, one I highly recommend, and I'd use it all over again today, even if I were expecting now that it's at number 6.  It will be interesting to see if it makes it to number one, and also, how long it remains so popular. 


The only semi-regret I have is the middle name we chose.  My husband and I allowed input from our older boy, and ended up going with his suggestion, "Kyle".  Now I see that there is some celebrity, an actor perhaps, with this same name combination.  On the upside, he received a valentine at school from two girls who love One Direction, ostensibly because they like that my son shares his name with their lead singer.


I also notice that the name seems way more popular up north here than it did when we lived in the deep south.