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I'm a marketing and publications coordinator, wife of 10 years, mother-to-be (Marcail Echo is due in May), photographer, actress, NE and so much more. Yes, my real name is Crystal but I try not to admit it... I think being named something so trendy and time-stamped is exactly the reason I became a NE. I remember in the second grade I met a sibset named Ivy and Cameo. I desperately wished that my mother has been that thoughtful when naming me and names have been an obsession of mine ever since.

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July 10, 2010 12:18 AM

Interesting! Funnily enough, I know brand new babies with two of the common names listed and I know that their parents' options included some of the others Laura list here. For example, Oliver's parent's were seriously considering Tobias and Bennett (which is close to Benedict). And Peyton's mom had both Carter and Sawyer on her boy list. Meanwhile, the parents of the other two new babies in my circle (Jarin and Maeve) never considered ANY of the names on these lists to my knowledge. :). I adore the name Octavia as a replacement for Olivia. So beautiful. Also, I met a little Olivia this week who's family called her Via (Vee-uh) which I thought was a cute alternative to the usual "Olly" "Liv" or "Olive' nicknames.

June 3, 2010 10:52 PM
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I'm hopelessly behind on the conversations on the blog and I'm sorry because I don't think I'm going to get a chance to catch up anytime soon (I'm doing good if I can shower!) BUT I wanted to let everyone know that Marcail Echo arrived on May 20th. She's beyond beautiful and a seriously amazing baby. Thank you all for all your input on her name in the last few months. The nickname thing was a big issue for us so I thought you might like to know that for the most part we just call her 'M' (when we're not calling her Poppy Seed or Baby Girl or Sweet Pea...).

May 3, 2010 06:36 PM
In Response to Name Spotlight: Sawyer

Another Westerner (I'm an Oregonian) chiming in with Eenglish - in fact just repeat everything linnaeus and emilyrae have said for me. I love it when we start talking dialects and regionalisms in naming! Congratulations Namedaftermygrandmother! I'm excited to hear your name thoughts. Also, Congrats to Hyz, I saw on the last post that you were but I never managed to get a comment in on it. :). When are you due?! @Phillipa the First - I LOVE Elliot and think it goes so VERY nicely with both your last name and with your daughter's name.


@emilyrae - lol I never even connected the fact that you fit so nicely into the sibset I mentioned. I think it's funny too that you always wanted the middle name Faye. As for your questions about the names on the show Parenthood (love that show, btw), I have to admit that I just assumed Haddie was spelled Hattie and it was 'named after my grandmother' type of thing. I think it's cute but I can't think of anything for which it could be a nickname. Jabbar is the name in the show that had me most curious. I'd never heard it before at all. @Craig - You do sound upset and for that I am sorry but I feel the need to point out that Laura's original post addresses her audience as "Parents" not as "Moms" or "Women" or "Ladies". I don't think anyone here has ever expressed a 'men are bad' agenda or insinuated that fathers are unimportant in the lives of our children. However, I'm going to have to agree with Zoerhenne when I say that for MOST of us the naming experience has been the oppositie of yours, it seems true for most couples that the woman is more interested in names and the man holds veto power. This is not a man-bashing statement, more just something I've noted having been a NE and a contributor to this board. That being said, I always enjoy it when we get male perspectives on the board so I hope you stick around. @Larksong - I bet in 10 years only a few people will notice the similarity to the show 'Charmed' and most of them will be in older generations, not your daughters'.


Friends of ours had their third baby girl this weekend. Jenniff3r R0se joins sisters Cyndi R@e and Emily F@e. And no, the double FF is not a typo on my part. I totally understand the concept of wanting a unique name for your child but I'm not sure I'll *ever* understand how some people feel messing with the spelling of an established name gives them that new edge. All I see is that she will forever be "Jennifer with two fs".


A sibset of Sawyer and Fin would definitely suggest a Twain fanatic to me. And while Sequoia seems like a bit of a mouthful I think it fits nicely with the nature theme you have going and calling her Sal circumvents the issue quite well. Though I do want to say that I live in an area with a high ratio of Native Americans and Sequoia is pretty firmly male in that group.


I stand corrected. I looked Sequoia up in our student database and found 7 records (and more spellings than I expected) and it was actually pretty evenly split gender-wise: 4 male and 3 female.


@Philippa the first – I can’t believe your husband’s cousin named their child Rose. Even if you aren’t close a heads up to an exact name duplicate would have been nice. In which case, if I were you I’d use the names you like (Alexander and William are both nice) but just give the people who’ve already used them a courtesy call so as not to throw them. @Mirnanda – I really like Ursula nicknamed Lula. Since I’ve been a little behind on conversations here are you narrowed down to Ursula or Sylvia? I like the former better. @Jane MO5 – I actually saw your comment through my newsletter this week. Congrats on boy number 5 (WOW)! Good thing you got another ultrasound! I hope you don’t have too much pinkness to undo. I wanted to weigh in on your options thus far: I really like Cedric, Edmond, Miles and Milo. Of those, I think Milo goes well with your other names and has a very happy vibe to it. Also since you said you don’t like Ed would you be ok with Eddie – it fits nicely with Charlie and Jamie? And while I like Casper, Walter and Peter, I agree that the repeated ‘er’ CAN BE a bit much. Especially on Peter. Peter P@lmer sounds like a character from a nursery rhyme. Also I’m sorry to contradict other NEs but Harry is not a good choice in my opinion. Combined with your last name it could produce some pretty horrible jokes. I do like the suggestions of Theo and Quentin though – a lot actually! @Julie – Congratulations! L1nnea Marie is an adorable name. @Another Laura – I like all the names you suggested and think they go fine with your last name. I work with the public a lot and do sometimes get a bit confused when my clients have 2 names that can be either first or last names (William Scott for example) but it generally only takes one “You read that backward” for me to get over it. @Katharineeleven – I can’t believe your MIL said that! Talk about tactless! I do not get a low class vibe from Angelina. Though I do think Lily is a bit of a nickname stretch, I do like Lina though. As for Katharina – do you plan on pronouncing it with a hard ‘T’ cat-ah-ree-na? Or with the softer th sound “cath-ah-ree-na”? If you’re using the latter I think it might be a little too close to your name. NN options include: Kat, Katy/Katie, Kathy and Rina… @BubbleBee – Two syllable girl names you might like: Astrid Abril Anya Ingrid Isis Bronwen Gianna Matilde Frieda (or Freya) Vita Greta @Miriam – thanks for sharing the article. I like to hear stories of family members who came around since my family is still not keen on our choice.

April 13, 2010 12:00 PM

What a fun feature! How many of you found it hard to just pick your favorite names off the top of your head? I kept thinking, "Oooh and this one" or "Should I put THAT one?" I guess I'll have to log in more often. Granted, I've had almost no time lately, thanks to all the nursery prep. But hopefully I'll be back in the midst of all the great NE conversations soon!

March 17, 2010 11:20 PM

Jane - how were YOU pronouncing it? A- more-ETTE OR A-MORE-ay? Also, how do you pronounce the first A? If it's the former, I like Zoehenne's spelling - Or Miriam's longer Amoretta. For the latter what about Amore? FWIW, I like the hard ending better. I think it's charming. But I don't remember (even though I know you've told us, I'm sorry) what are your other daughters' names?

March 15, 2010 11:38 PM

@knp - You're totally right about Marky. I'm already over it. (Talk about a passing fancy!) I don't generally like names that end in 'ee' anyway, so I'm not sure why I liked that one, even briefly. Maybe just because people INSIST on asking what we'll call her. Apparently it's weird to call your child the name you call her... :). @Becky - I love the list from design blogs... so many names that are different!

March 12, 2010 10:45 PM

I'm watching the season premiere of ANTM tonight and had to share some of the names I saw: Anslee Alasia Tatianna Hallie Gabrielle Krista Angelea Brittany Naduah Danielle Jeanna Brenda Raina Simone Jessica Ren Nida

March 12, 2010 05:03 PM

It's the site. You have to actually sign in up top or you can't have any other name beside "guest".

March 12, 2010 03:04 PM

I LOVE the new Voyager. The computer at my office was always fussy about the old version but has no problems at all with the new one. It's fast and easy to use. ALSO, I really like how the new one 'morphs' the graph as you narrow things down. It's kinda cute.

March 12, 2010 11:41 AM

zoerhenne - I LOL'd at the idea that the only name your daughter likes is Crystal and uses it all the time. Her room sounds like a classroom from the late 80's. "You'll be Crystal G and you'll be Crystal P and you'll be Crys and you'll be Crystalina..." :) Anyway, I'm glad someone likes it, I complain about my name all the time - I counted the other day and I have 6 friends on FB named Crystal and 1 Christel.

February 24, 2010 08:59 PM

Also - I noticed an interesting sibset on my babycenter birth board this week: Aiden, Avery (g) and (baby on the way) Aowyn.

February 24, 2010 08:51 PM

Unfortunately, Benedict to me is much like Judas, being synonymous with 'traitor' but as we discussed a few post back, Judas has potential to break out soon - maybe Benedict does too. Which would be great since it's a beautuful name. Did you guys see this article today? http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100224/sc_livescience/parentschoosingmoreunusualbabynamesnow I thought it was 'interesting' in a 'wow look at all those statistics that don't relate to the end conclusion at all...' For those of you who are on phones or can't get to the link, the article asserts that 'unusual' baby names are on the rise in the US (and uses SSA data to back it up) and then asserts that this trend may lead to an increase narcissism in children.

February 19, 2010 12:07 AM

Why am I always behind! I don't have time to catch up on everyone's comments right now but I HAD to come and tell you guys about two names I saw on Babycenter posts today. Flair Elise and Kansas Jane/Linda (they hadn't picked a middle name for sure yet). People's reactions to both names were massively negative including one woman who commented that if she knew someone who was going to name a little girl 'Kansas' she'd have to stage an intervention.

February 14, 2010 02:00 PM

People ask me all the time what I'll do if our daughter doesn't 'look' like a Marcail. I've always thought that it was a weird question because I don't have a definite look for her in my mind as we haven't had any other children yet and between the two of us we have a wide variety of attributes to choose from. She could be blonde (platinum, strawberry or honey) or any of many shades of brunette and I think we have every eye color imaginable as an option. BUT reading Jane MOF's post I think I understand a little better. I do something similar with names, only instead of hearing physical attributes, I get personality vibes. To me Lacey is prissy and a little stuck on herself while Alexa is sporty and cheerful - even though I've never met someone with either name.

October 15, 2009 10:52 PM

@zoerhenne - I don't really know any more than the namipedia article says. I've heard the 'variation of Margaret/ means pearl (or little pearl)' on the few sites that include the name but mostly my husband and I liked it from the book series. What's funny is I read those books when I was probably 15 (which was actually probably a little old for the series) and LOVED them. I think I liked them because they were historical fiction & had good female characters (like Little House or Anne of Green Gables which were my favorites growing up). But I just recently went back and reread them and thought "WOW these are seriously religious" (which DH and I REALLY aren't). But I love the name too much to care.