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April 25, 2016 12:56 PM
In Response to Name help part two

I couldn't find that blog post, but I understand the st-S. And thanks, Walker is feeling better and back to preschool!

April 23, 2016 05:53 AM
In Response to Name help part two

Sorry I haven't had the chance to respond, family was visiting and then Walker got sick, I just didn't find the time.

I just noticed the whole gust-gra thing. Maybe change the middle to something like Elizabeth or Charlotte? These aren't really calling to me, but something like those? 

It looks like everyone likes Callum Thayer, though!

April 23, 2016 05:21 AM
In Response to Stuck on a girl name

I know two Elena's who both pronounce it e-LAY-na. 

April 19, 2016 07:39 PM
In Response to Name help


April 18, 2016 08:53 PM
In Response to Name help

I've never heard of this blog- and I'm not really worried about it. I guess you could call me Christain, but I only go to church on Christmas Eve, Easter, Ash Wednesday, and a couple random sundays a year. This assiociation doesn't bother me at all. 

April 18, 2016 07:20 PM

Kasey would be the obvious one, but here are a few others:






April 18, 2016 07:12 PM
In Response to Name help

My mother always went by Elise, except to her mom, who called her Beth. I like the sound of Arden Elise better than Arden Beth, though. Are there any more cosmetic companies I should know about related to Arden Elise? 


Arthur can be Art

Nathaniel can be Nathan

sorry that is all I have for now. 

April 18, 2016 06:56 PM
In Response to Name help

Julia is ot a family name, just one that my husband had suggested a few months ago, but I didn't really like it for a first, but as a middle it is just fine, but not my favorite. I agree, it stinks that there is a cosmetic thing, I really liked Arden paired with Elizabeth, and it's my mom's name as well. Isabelle is not really my style, for a first or middle name. 

April 18, 2016 02:48 PM
In Response to Name help

Thanks, I think that switching back to Thayer was a good choice as well. 

I love Payson Claire too! I am thinking Arden Claire, Arden Grace, or Arden Julia. Send feedback!

April 18, 2016 11:15 AM
In Response to Name help

The comany is called Elizabeth Arden. Uggh! This can be so frustrating!


April 18, 2016 10:39 AM
In Response to Name help

Hey guys!

I was talking with my husband, and he finally agreed to change the middle back to Thayer, instead of Sayer. 

Having said that, here are the choices now for boys in order from favorite at the top to least favorite at the botto:

Callum Thayer $e@toner

Breccon Thayer $e@toner 

Rupert Thayer $e@toner

Eamon Thayer $e@toner

Finnian Thayer $e@toner

Also, he agreed to have a feminine middle name for the unisex girl options and we came out with these. favorites at the top, least favorites at the bottom:

August Grace $e@toner

Payson Claire $e@toner

Arden Elizabeth $e@toner

Emerson Alice $e@toner

Emery Rose $e@toner

Most of the girl middle names are after close family members, except Rose. 

Are these names Ok? Now I'm becoming self-conscious of them. 

April 18, 2016 06:14 AM
In Response to Name help

That was one of the reasons I did not want to put Sayer in the first name spot. 

Thanks for your input on Thayer. I actually like it better too, but my hus prefers Sayer. I will talk it over with him. 

I have been thinking about your suggestion of using a more feminine middle name on the unisex names, and I might try something like that, it's just that when you first meet someone you don't ask for their first name. How about August Grace? Or Emerson Faye? Emery Charlotte? Just thinking ou loud.  

April 18, 2016 05:17 AM
In Response to Name help

I'm not really worried if people think she is a boy for some reason. My sister is named Andy(not short for anything)- and though this is a more popular then than August is now, only a couple people ever thought she was a boy. I know that was a bad example, but, I know that once they meet her they will know she is a girl, and I'm not going to get upset about what people who don't know her think she is. 


April 17, 2016 08:13 PM

Just wondering, did you like any of them? Sorry if I sound nosey.

April 17, 2016 07:13 PM

I perfer Max over Jack, Austin and Leo. 

Here are some other names you might like:

















April 17, 2016 06:29 PM
In Response to Name help

Thank you for helping!

April 17, 2016 01:03 PM
In Response to Irish twins

I think that you should comprimise and find one Irish name and one other name.

Going with the comprimise I just made, here is my opinion: 

girl girl: Thalia Faye and Alaina Ever

boy boy: Baylor Noble and Seamus Thatcher

girl boy: Alaina Ever and Baylor Noble

I have to say, I like your list a lot, and his not as much. 

April 17, 2016 11:59 AM
In Response to Irish twins

I think it does. Lol

April 17, 2016 11:55 AM
In Response to Name help

Thanks! And, yes I believe Callum is Irish. You are one of few people who like August Elliot and think that it sounds feminine.