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April 3, 2013 12:09 PM

You've given me more to think about, so thanks! Have definitely toyed around with using Samuel as a middle and I think Silas is under consideration as well. What do you think of Phoebe Caroline? I think I may love that. Also, can I ask what are of the country you are in? I don't currently know of any Quinns around us (MN).

Wanted to follow up on your Korean name question. Lee is quite common, but it was my husband's Korean surname before his adoption. His parents retained it as a second middle in his name and our thought was to continue that with our children. But I think your idea of using an other Korean name is also worth considering, especially since Lee doesn't work with all our first name choices. That way, we may happen upon something that works better with our chosen names but still acknowledges their heritage. For example, Dae seems cute: Olivia Dae or Phoebe Dae?

I'm not sure how my husband would feel about transliteration, but if he's okay with it (will ask him), that opens up a whole new list of possible names i.e. Park could be Parker or Bi could be Bea, as you suggested. Joon/Jun would be great if it was a girl's name (i.e. as variant of June). We'll have to check out the Korean names more thoroughly, it sounds like...

March 29, 2013 02:35 PM

Thank you everyone for your insight! You all are weighing in with the advice I knew to be true in my heart but still needed to hear.

In regards to name choices, love the feedback. Amelia Frances continues to be a top choice for me and its so fun to hear to positive reception to it. Discussed names with my husband again last night and I mentioned feeling like a name such as Olivia Grace sounds truly boring to me but changing the middle name to Quinn, for instance, makes it feel fresh again. Thoughts on this combo? 

I think Phoebe is our third choice at this point, but we're not sure what direction to go in for a middle name. I'd like something that would help ground Phoebe as a first name. 

As with Frances, I'd like to keep Laurel in the pool for now, as it too is a family name.

Right now my husband's preference for firsts names is: Olivia, Quinn, Phoebe, Laurel, Amelia.

For boy names, his preference is Leo, Silas, Levi. I like Leo best and Henry is a family name. I agree though that Lee sounds repetitive if included as a middle for Leo/Levi. Any suggestions for traditional/classic middle name combinations for these first names?

Thanks so much!!