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December 11, 2018 10:56 PM
In Response to Twin Girls Names!!!

I like both Isabelle and Abigail, but I would not pair them for sisters, especially twins.  I just feel like I'd constantly be tripping over the names and calling them Isagail and Abibelle or something.  

How do you feel about Claire?  As soon as I heard Paris, that was the first name that popped into my mind.  Twins Paige and Claire would be a great sibset.  Ben, Paige, and Claire. 

If you like the shorter, crisper name style, other options that might work well for you and also go nicely with Ben (and Paige) might be:  Anna, Eva, Charlotte, Zoe, Margot, Clara, Maya, Elena, Lila, Juliette.

July 11, 2017 12:54 PM
In Response to Opinions of Enid?

I've never met an Enid but the association for me is 50/50 between frumpy Grandma, and a best-friend character in the 80s teen romance series Sweet Valley High.  I always thought Enid was quite a strange name choice for the SVH character -- all the other teens had names like Jessica, Elizabeth. Lila . . . and then there was Enid.  But if an Enid can be a star in a teen romance series, she can certainly be an adorable little girl!  I say go for it if you love it.  

As others have commented, I find Enid Ethel a bit too much, both tongue-trippy-wise and stylistically.  I'd probably err in favor of giving her a very mainstream middle name that she could use if Enid turned out not to be a personality match, or if she just wanted to blend in a bit more.  Enid Katherine or Enid Charlotte, that sort of thing.  But that's not really your style!  From your most recent list, I feel like I'd choose Enid Miriam or Enid Rachel.  


July 5, 2017 07:28 PM
In Response to Ideas for a sibling

I'm not sure I agree that a brother named Leo makes Milo and Hugo unusable.  Theo I do agree is too close because it's a direct rhyme.  But the others seem OK to me.  They all end in the "o" but they have different vowel sounds that make them sound pretty different overall.

Think of it this way:  If you had an Anna, I don't think you'd automatically rule out all the other two-syllable girls' names that end with "a," would you?  I doubt anyone would blink twice at sisters named Anna and Laura, or Mila and Nora, or Sara and Jenna.   I don't think Leo and Hugo are any closer to that, other than the ending being a bit more unusual.  

July 5, 2017 05:37 PM
In Response to First baby...

I also don't care for August on a girl, but I do like the Arden suggestion for you.  

And I wonder if there are other girl names you might like, too.  Riley, Harper, and Avery all seem similar stylistically -- spunky, modern, a bit gender-neutral -- and make me wonder if you might also like any of these:  Bailey, Piper, Kendall, Darby, Quinn, Sydney, Kelsey, Kinley, Hadley, Ainsley, Delainey, Marley, Casey, Reese, Rory, Teegan, Ridley, Sawyer.  

June 22, 2017 02:09 PM
In Response to Second Child Names

I actually love Woodrow and prefer it to Walden.  We have a family friend named Woody so the nickname doesn't bother me either.  

I too worry about the popularity of the Finn names right now.  I may live in a pocket, but it seems like I encounter little Finns ALL the time.  I also feel like it's not quite a style match with Graham, but as we frequently discuss on the board, sibling style matching is really not that important if you love both names.  

Other boy ideas:  Wallace, Walter, Walton, Colin, Forrest (kind of has the natury Walden vibe), Malcolm, Duncan, Owen, Emmett, Garrett, Wesley, Wilson, Barrett, Miles, Sawyer.  

I know a little girl named Brighton.  Her nickname is Briggy.  It is not my style at all, but it's pretty adorable on a little girl and it's grown on me.  I think it's totally usable if you still love it!  

May 11, 2017 12:24 PM
In Response to Alexa?

If you're worried about it, you could always give her the full name Alexandra,  with Alexa as a nickname.  Then if the association with the Amazon product turned out to be an issue, she would have the longer name as an option.  

May 8, 2017 12:16 PM

While I agree that Eveen will get you a lot of "Eh-Veen" pronunciations, I am not sure that Eaveen will fare all that much better.  Looking at it, I get hung up trying to make sense of the "a" in it and would guess "Ay-Veen."

Eeveen or Eevene would be the clearest for pronunciation for me.  

April 19, 2017 12:45 PM

Melody is not really my style, but I can see the appeal.  I like the music reference, and I also like both Mel and Mellie for nicknames.  Bonus that Mel is gender-neutral if she wants a less girly nickname.  I know some other posters aren't fans, but I once knew a Mellie (short for Melpomene, in her case) and I always thought it was a very appealing nickname, with similar feel and spunkiness to Callie.  

My one question would be whether if you/your partner are very musical, and your daughter doesn't turn out to be, whether she would feel awkward about it as a girl named Melody.  I am a singer, and one of the names I considered for my daughter was Shira, which means song or tune in Hebrew.   The name felt meaningful to me because singing is so important to me, and honestly, I did hope it was something I could share with my children.  But then I thought, what I name her that, and she isn't musical at all?  Might she feel pressure to be something she's not, or like she's a disapointment to me, or not living up to some image I had of what she would be?  That wasn't the only reason I didn't use the name, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that the name would be somehow limiting for her, or too much about ME rather than leaving her freedom to grow in any direction she wanted.  I still don't know if that was reasonable to be concerned about or not . . . but as it happens my daughter can't carry a tune, so I do think I'm glad I didn't go with the name for her.  

April 19, 2017 12:26 PM
In Response to Allynn for a girl??

Another option for you -- I know a little Ailyn (girl, pronounced Ay-Lynn).  

April 17, 2017 02:10 PM
In Response to Sib for Ivy & Charlie

Lucy, Hazel, Violet, Elise, Annie, Kate, Lila, Nora, Lily, Ruby, Daisy, Fern, Rose, Iris, Mila, Jane, Ella, Alice

Henry, Jack, Miles, Eli, Max, Leo, Owen, Sam, Theo, Cole, Tate, Jake, Luke, Milo, Arlo

April 10, 2017 02:56 PM

Me too.  Plus I love Max!

April 10, 2017 11:50 AM

Not from the book, but here are some more suggestions for you:

Micah, Jesse, Joel, Adam, Aaron, Simon, Jonah, Solomon, David, Max/Maxwell, Samuel/Samson, Nathan, Asher, Mark, Matthew, Bennett, Beckett

Anna, Samantha, Sara/Sarah, Abigail, Lila/Lilah, Nora/Norah, Leah, Naomi, Maya, Mia, Rebecca, Sylvia, Charlotte, Ruth 

March 30, 2017 12:29 PM
In Response to Theodore

My extended family had a dog named Ben, and then a child named Ben.  We called them Ben-dog and Ben-boy.  It was no big deal.  I definitely would not let that stop you.  

March 29, 2017 05:24 PM
In Response to Suggestions please!

I don't have any additional advice about the negotiating-with-your-partner aspect, but maybe one of these alternatives to Lane, Gage, and Ben will strike your fancy:

Grant, Zane, Cole, Bryce, Jake, Henry, Noah, Finn, Drew, Tate, Gray/Grayson, Liam, Owen, Leo, Reed, Sam, Colin, Gabe, Gus, Ryan, Adam, Ethan, Alan, Joel, Dan, Ian, Theo, Ari

February 23, 2017 02:09 PM
In Response to Name for our son!

What about a middle name that starts with Br to honor Brian but let you choose something you like more?  Bryce, Braden, Braxton, Brad, Bradley, Bradford, Brendan, Brett, Broderick, Brent, Bram, Brewster, Brady, Brody, Brennan

Brett in particular would be fitting as kind of a Brian/Scott mash-up.  

February 23, 2017 02:44 AM

Nora, Sara, Abby, Anna, Jessa, Ivy, Charlotte, Grace, Leah, Rosie, Tessa, Cora, Clara, Maya, Claire, Hannah, Sadie, Katie, Julie, Zoe, Brooke, Megan, Joy, Jenna

February 21, 2017 01:22 PM

Girls:  Piper, Kendall, Quinn, Paisley, Teagan, Ridley, Megan, Brianna, Violet, Lucy, Lola, Juniper, Delaney, Ivy, Sabrina, Cassidy, Phillipa/Pippa, McKenna, Danica, Ramona, Tess/Tessa, Rory, Ruby, Clover, Shelby.


I especially like Piper, Lola, Juniper, Ramona, and Tessa with the sibset.  


I don't have much of a sense of your style for boys, but I'll throw out:  Miles, Owen, Sawyer, Cooper, Samson, Beckett, Bennett, Dashiell, Wyatt, Tate, Cole, Emmett, Gavin, Parker, Tristan, Tucker, Oliver, Zane, Theo, Maxwell


January 16, 2017 12:12 PM

Reagan and Rowan would be too similar for siblings for me.  Not just the shared inital, but also the overall similarities of the names.  I just think I'd be tripping over my tongue all the time.  YMMV

My daughter is Norah so I think it's a quality choice!  Maren is not quite my style but it is nice too.  Norah is also more distinct from Reagan, which would be a plus for me.  

January 10, 2017 03:04 PM

Sara(h), Lila, Nora, Rebecca, Jessica, Jane, Claire, Clara, Anna, Rachel, Ruby, Abigail, Lynn, Kate, Sophie, Lucy, Stella, Zoe, Ella, Grace, Ava, Emma, Laura, Leah, Ivy, Elise

Simon, Joel, Paul, Peter, Karl, Charles, Michael, Clark, Noah, Miles, Owen, Adam, Alex, Ethan, Asher, Mark, Colin, Alan, Matthew, John, Joshua, Max, Blake, Scott, Kyle, Andrew

January 5, 2017 01:27 PM
In Response to WDYT of these sibsets?

Lainey, Nella, and Dash are the names of the children of a popular blogger and author, Kelle Hampton, who writes about her kids a lot.  I'm not a writer, but I think it would be weird and slightly creepy to use that exact sibset in a story.  I think the reference would be noticable to a lot of people -- it's not exactly a common set of names.